Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Club No One Would Want To Join ~

June 6, 2007

Being the parent of a murdered child is not a club anyone would want to join. Parents of murdered children have found comfort though a shared understanding of what this loss is like, and have often bonded in their sorrow. Dominick Dunne has made a name for himself writing about the very public fall of the rich and famous with his monthly column in Vanity Fair, his best selling books and his show on Court TV, Power Privledge and Justice, but they often forget that it was the murder of his daughter Dominique that totally changed the direction of his life. He knows all to well what it's like to be a member of that club.

So it's interesting to note that when Lana Clarkson's mother passed Mr. Dunne on the street outside the criminal court building the first day of trial in the death of her daughter, her words were anything but kind. Ms. Clarkson's family made it clear early on, that they would not speak to the media, and six weeks into trial, that has not changed. Mr. Dunne sits practically right behind Lana's mother every day in court, but to see the chill between them, they might as well be on different coasts.