Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You're NOT Going to Believe This Shit!

Hey! It could be coming to a neighborhood near you! Take a look at the worlds' first "toilet shaped house."

Freshome described the house as:
The Toilet-Shaped House has a very unique design, and was built by Sim Jae-duck, the chairman of the organizing committee of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association, and he hopes his toilet house will highlight the global need for better sanitation.. The Toilet-Shaped house is in fact named Haewoojae, which signifies in Korean “a place of sanctuary where one can solve one’s worries“. Sim Jae-duck will open what is billed as the world’s one and only toilet house on November 11 to mark the launch of his World Toilet Association.

donchias and I are laughing hysterically at the comments that were left with the story. You just MUST go read them all, but here are a few gems.

"Not great Feng Shui... but incredible Dung Phew!"

"The family dog has got to be...Shih-tzu."

"It's a crappy house."

"Just goes to show ya that must cost a shit load of $ to live like the tidy bowl man."

Just goes to show you where our Internet surfing goes when there's no trail to cover. Down the toilet.


SK0963 said...

Please, Dear Lord, don't let too many men read this story. They already think of the toilet as a place of worship, can you imagine if you tell them they can also solve all worries there also?

Anonymous said...

So did they name it "Flushing Meadows"?

ritanita said...

Having been born in Flushing, I resemble that remark! I'm rotflmao! Wonder if this guy has a wife?

Sedonia Sunset said...

"A place of sanctuary where one can solve one’s worries", huh? That sounds like that Scrubs episode about the Epiphany Toilet on the roof.

When I was a child I was always afraid at night that a cyclops-style giant was going to look into my window. What's Sim Jae-duck going to do when a giant strolls by and sees this perfectly proportioned Epiphany Toilet just WAITING for him to use it?

And is that a foot-operated flusher on the right side of the bottom center of the house? Also, there's a bunch of brown stuff on the left side on the ground. Did the giant miss or was there an overflow problem?

sk0963 said...

And you know a man designed it, look at it, there is no way a man is going to hit that tiny opening, no way, no how. Bet we see his wife up there shortly scrubbing away....ughhhhhh.