Monday, September 22, 2008

Dominick Dunne Rushed To a Local Las Vegas Hosptial

Earlier today at the OJ Simpson robbery trial in Las Vegas, Dominick Dunne, well known diarist for Vanity Fair magazine was complaining that he was in severe pain and wanted to return to his hotel. Court personnel called paramedics and he was rushed to Valley Hospital.

"I'm okay," Dunne told a CNN staff member about an hour later, ""But this probably means that I will have to go back to New York in the next few days."

Dunne has been battling the reemergence of his cancer since 2007 while attending the Spector trial. His career as a crime writer didn't begin until he was 50, after the death of his daughter Dominique at the hands of her boyfriend, John Sweeney. He became an advocate for crime victims by writing.

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