Friday, December 17, 2010

Casey Anthony Hearing Monday, December 20, 1:30 PM

Ann Finnell will be arguing her motion to seal the mitigation witness list. Rachel Fugate, representing the Orlando Sentinel has written her response to the motion. It is an awesome read and one of the most detailed Fugate has written. It will be interesting to see these two attorneys face off before Judge Perry. Yet another thanks to Muzikman!

In the meantime, I've been reading the defense's mistitled Response To State's Motion For Clarification Of Expert Witnesses and the attached Exhibits.

Most informative is the "report" aka "affidavit" filed by the defense expert, Jane Bock (pp. 5 and 6).

As for the material in the response itself, it's quite sparse on specific information. If Judge Perry considers that what Baez has written is the sum and substance of their testimony, it will be interesting to watch them in action in the trial!

See you at the hearing Monday!


FRG said...


Thanks for the update!

I just read Mrs. Fugate's Motion, she never disappoints. Unlike in the Motions filed by the defense, she cited "laws and cases". I find it hard this list be sealed, unless JP will come up with the "death is different" which is becoming old, with all due respect to Your Honor!

First of all, I would like to remind people if this case had no publicity involved, media scrutiny, and PR hired by JB to keep the case in the media, JB would not have sold Caylee's photos/videos (the victim) for $200,000 for ABC.

Second of all, this same media, AF is saying will possibly harass their witness was used by the defense team to state that Mr. Kronk should be considered a suspect without any proof.

It's pretty unfair to me this list will be sealed but what do I know right?

ritanita said...

I think the timing is just wonderful for this hearing. Today is a doc dump and we have the weekend to go through it!