Thursday, August 23, 2007

Guest Entry by CCA: Being Followed

Thursday, August 23rd.

At the end of the day today, I was delayed inside the courtroom a few minutes, so by the time I did get down to the first floor I was rushing to catch the Red Line. Only then did I realize a tall white-haired man carrying a back-pack I have seen in the courtroom hugging Phil Spector, had been watching me much of the afternoon. He came down to the subway platform at Civic Center and appeared to be checking out the other people, as if looking for someone in particular. I think it's possible he did not see me behind two men also wearing suits.

I got on my subway car near the back end, so I could see the others getting on my car. The whited haired man was not there.

When I got off my car at Hollywood and Highland, as I walked back a few feet to get on the up escalator, I noticed the man rushing toward me. He pushed past several folks behind me, until he was touching me. It was just noisy enough on the lower escalator that I was not sure what he said. Since I am recovering from a recent surgery, I walked as fast as I could toward the next up escalator, and this man followed. Now it was quiet enough I could hear him asking me why I attend the trial.

Not knowing for sure who he is or what his interest is in the outcome, I only told him I follow the science and provide my impressions to people who want it. Up on the Hollywood Boulevard sidewalk, as I waited for the westbound 312/212 bus, he told me his name and asked mine.

The funny thing is this afternoon another trial watcher seemed to follow me to the Red Line, too. This person did get on the same subway car, but continued past Hollywood and Highland. While we were waiting for the correct train they keep looking at me, but said very little. Maybe they actually do routinely take the North Hollywood Red Line, and had, up to now, just been on a different one than me.


What a frightening situation CCA! Sounds like the Zodiac Singer to me.

P.S. And Kim of The Darwin Exception has a new entry up. It's rip-roaring hysterical!


Unknown said...

OMG CCA, this reminds me so much of the movie, "Runaway Jury."

If this white-haired Phil hugger actually took your train, and ran after you to inquire why you're there, then, I shudder to think of who is on the payroll, hired to flesh out the jurors' most private lives...

Anakerie said...

Ohhh... CCA, that sounds absolutely bizarre! That fellow sounds like someone to watch out for! Write his name down!! Not here of course.. lol.. But it wouldn't hurt to have the information written down and placed in a somewhat prominent place in your home.

houdini said...

wow...the male equivalent of anita talbert follows trial watchers. wonder why he didn't just talk to you in court? pretty odd behavior from a macrobiotic, astrological singer.

Unknown said...

Oh my!
Please, please be careful CCA!
This is so sinister. Really, who could make this stuff up? Your posts are so very much appreciated. I always enjoy reading your insights. Take care of yourself!
Anna a/k/a bluwater

Carol Nickell said...

Dear CCA
Sounds like time to report harrassment. This isn't done for someone coming to watch a trial. Trials are open to the public to watch w/o being harrassed. Of course asking why are you attending so bogus and gathering information for someone.

I feel so bad for Sproket to what happen to her thoroughly understanding her decision. However, just discussing the issue someone is violating your right to attend the trial and write about the trial. I have no idea what having a press pass having anything to do with sitting in the back row.

The defendent is entitled to all his constitutional rights for a judicious trial; however, his rights does not entitle him, those he hires or family and friends to deny the rights of others attending a public trial and writing about the trial.

Hang tough, don't let these type of attorneys to ever let you rights be denied. They remind me over and over why rape victims are afraid to go to trial because of the extend they will go to dessecrate and mutilate the victim.

May your journey be full of grace and spirit cloaked in the light of protection in a perfect way.

BJChand said...

I would definitely snap a picture of both of this people. Just for future reference.

I know you can't have cells phones on in court, but afterwards, I'd use mine to get their photos.

Anonymous said...

CCA this seems to be very strange behavior to me. If this man was just curious & asking questions to satisfy his own curiosity then he would have done it @ or near the courthouse. There was no need for him to follow (stalk?) you. I would notify either LE or the court or both of this incident. Please be very alert & careful. I really enjoy your observations.

lucky said...


I was in the hallway yesterday and saw the "tall, white-haired man with a back-pack".

I, too, thought he was acting a little strange. I remember him because he walked by in a hurried fashion as if "on a mission". I wondered who he was and where he was going. He was not the "Zodiac Singer" who has been in court many times.