Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Press Release!

What a shame. I didn't receive an email press release from Rachelle Short, wife of the defendant last night, but several individuals at Court TV did. (Beth Karas, Lisa Bloom, Vinnie Politan) Does anyone else out there find it absolutely hysterical, that this 26-year-old former playboy model and wanna be actress/singer is the one who is sending out (not one, but TWO!) press releases as to the status of the attorneys working on her husband's MURDER TRIAL?

From the way the Court TV personalities were talking about it this morning, they could barely contain themselves. I've always been quite impressed with Beth Karas's professionalism. If it was me, I'd be, like I am now, rolling on the floor laughing my arse off!

Court TV's Harriet Ryan's reporting on the emails.


Unknown said...

Friends don't let friends dial drunk. Or text. Or email.

But Rachelle has no friends - so........

craigtamy said...

It's not hard to see where the third grade antics were coming from in the courtroom. Sounds like RS was the ringleader. What childish and embarassing behaviour. I wonder if she realizes everyone is laughing at her. It really is pathetic. You, on the other hand, took the upper road. Good job!!!