Monday, August 13, 2007

She recognized "us"

"Are you Sprocket?" she asked. We were stunned. "Yes, I'm Sprocket," I replied. "I love your blog and read it all the time!, she said excitedly. Addressing houdinisback (dini), she exclaimed, "I recognized your photo with Beth Karas! And you, (addressing CCA) must be Dr. Adams! I thought it might be you when I read the reservation book."

But let me back up to earlier in the day before I spoil the surprise. dini told me that a Court TV poster, KatyDid, wanted to treat me, dini and CCA to a complimentary dinner. I was very skeptical at first. I just didn't feel right accepting an expensive dinner from someone I did not know. dini assured me that KatyDid was planning on coming to Los Angeles to attend the trial, but since real life issues kept her from traveling, she wanted to treat us to a special meal. It was then that I said okay. dini wanted to know where I wanted to go to eat. Since Mr. Sprocket and I don't eat out at fancy restaurants that much (that special diet ya know), I told dini that as long as I can get a steak and some green vegetables, you and CCA pick the place we're going to eat.

I drove to court so that it would be easy to just take my car into West Hollywood to CCA's condo, and depending on who took dini back to her hotel, I could easily drive home from the restaurant. It wasn't until court was almost over that dini told me where we were going to eat. We drove back to CCA's place, and were very lucky to find parking on his street. dini and I hung out on the Court TV Phil Spector forum for a couple of hours, joint posting about the testimony today.

CCA still wasn't feeling that well, so I drove to the restaurant. When we got seated at our table, we didn't know for sure but we were hoping that she still worked there, and that we might see her, or even a bigger secret wish of mine, that she would be our waiter. We were disappointed when our waiter was a totally different person. However, after our order had been taken and we had been served our table bread and wine, I spied her walking past. I immediately alerted dini. She was here! When she walked close to the table, we made sure to stop our conversation about the trial testimony. At the same time, we were amazed at how tiny and petite she is. Myself, I couldn't believe how naturally beautiful she was in person. Way prettier than what she looked like on TV. We were quite excited when she first brought our salad dressing to our table, and then came back with our salads. It was after she brought our salads that she totally shocked us by asking me if I was Sprocket. We were dining at The Grill on the Alley, and our waiter was Kathy Sullivan.

Kathy said she reads the message board and the blogs. She also asked about what happened with testimony today, because Court TV was having trouble with the online feed, and she wasn't able to watch as much as she liked. She wanted to know how Mrs. Clarkson held up on the stand, because she really thought it was terrible that Donna was called by the defense to the stand. Kathy told us that she has worked at The Grill for over sixteen years, and she really likes her job as a professional waiter. We asked her what she recommended for dessert. "The Key Lime pie," she said. Since she had just gotten off shift when she stopped by, we had a wonderful time visiting with her, and answering her questions about the trial.

We got Kathy to take some photos of us all sitting together at the table, as well as autograph a menu for us to send back to KatyDid as a big "Thank You" for treating us all to the wonderful meal.