Monday, October 8, 2007

Steven Mikulan's Latest Article

Steven Mikulan, staff writer for the LA Weekly has a new piece up in the aftermath of the Spector non-verdict. If you don't know by now, I'm a huge fan of Mikulan's writing. He interviewed Juror #9 (I got that connection for him), and his piece is titled Spector's Dark Victory. Check it out.


Unknown said...

Hi Sprocket,
Good article and alas, we all are left with that sunken feeling in our stomachs (whether pro prosecution which I am) or I imagine pro-defense also. Such a let down and no where to go, but to sit back and wait for those wheels of justice to kick in and hopefully, some people who can define "reasonable".. which is my biggest fear.

If one goes on the CTV boards or KTLA (which is more of a social hour) which I admit to trolling, but not commenting usually, we can see how "little" most people really pay attention.....most do not and others are there just for social hour I think. I am just saying.....

I just hope JF pushes this along swiftly....probably not…its sheer agony.

Jessie31 said...


I have been an avid reader of your blog and the ctv message board. Which leads me to my purpose...

Juror#9 has been under attack there. Perhaps since you speak to him often you could guide him as to which threads to avoid ?
I read a new thread created over the weekend and feel so sorry for the way he is being attacked. [I am not a member there, I just lurk and read]- the thread that should be deleted/monitored is "questions for juror #9" - apparently set as a trap by the NG camp so they can call him a liar and bait him.

Sorry, a little off topic on your link to Steven Mikulan's article - but wanted/needed to get your attention if possible. I feel so badly for the man.