Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Michael Jacques Trial (Brooke Bennett) QUICK LINKS

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Brooke Bennett

Michael Jacques, victim's uncle

Short Synopsis:
Brooke Bennett, of Braintree, disappeared June 25 and was found dead a week later. Her disappearance triggered Vermont's first-ever Amber Alert, and state residents were shocked when her body was found in a shallow grave July 2. Bennett was kidnapped, raped and murdered. Her uncle, Michale Jacques was charged with her murder.

UPDATE 8/27:  Jacques plead guilty to murdering Brooke.

T&T CASE COVERAGE - (donchais reporting)

07/07/08 Brooke Bennett Funeral to be Held Wednesday
07/08/08 Brooke Bennett's Death Ruled a Homicide
07/11/08 Brooke Bennett - Does Vermont Get It?
07/15/08 Brooke Bennett's Death - Keep the Politics Out of ...
07/17/08 Brooke Bennett's Former Stepfather Indicted
07/23/08 Brooke Bennett - I Think About Her
07/24/08 Brooke Bennett - Vermont Continues to Send Mixed Messages
07/27/08 Brooke Bennett and Jessica's Law
07/31/08 Feds Request Extension in Brooke Bennett Case
08/09/08 Brooke Bennett's Uncle to Appear in Court Finally
08/12/08 Vermont Court Giving Help to Michael Jacques!
08/13/08 No Court Appearance for Michael Jacques
10/02/08 Michael Jacques Indicted in Brooke Bennett's Kidnapping & Death
10/03/08 Vermont Dismisses Charges Against Bennett's Former Stepfather
10/06/08 Jacques' Arraignment Scheduled
10/07/08 Michael Jacques Faces New Federal Charges
10/08/08 More Disturbing News About Michael Jacques
10/18/08 Another Arrest in Brooke Bennett Case
11/08/08 Of O.J. and Michael Jacques
02/23/09 Brooke Bennett's Stepfather Seeking Deal
04/13/09 Bennett's Ex-Stepfather Pleads Guilty to Porn Charges
04/29/09 Of Michael Jacques and Melissa Huckaby
06/25/09 Remembering Brooke Bennett
06/26/09 Brooke Bennett - What of Jacques and Gagnon?
08/26/09 Bennett Murder to be a Death Penalty Case
09/11/09 First Steps Towards Justice for Brooke Bennett
12/09/09 Attorneys for Michael Jacques Want Federal Indictment Tossed
01/09/10 Defense Wants Kidnap Charges Tossed in Bennett Case

Other Media
Continued Case Coverage on CALLS FOR JUSTICE

08/27/13 ABC Jacques Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping and Killing Niece
08/27/13 Burlington Free Press Jacques Admits Murdering Niece