Thursday, February 19, 2009

Phil Spector Retrial: Day Forty-five, Jury Site Visit

February 19th, 2009

Defense Witnesses:
#10 Detective Richard Tomlin (LA Co. Sheriff, Homicide Division, lead detective on the case; under first cross)
#11 Marc Hirschfield (Former casting director for NBC Entertainment Network; testimony complete)

Accredited Press inside the courtroom: Harriet Ryan of the Los Angeles Times; Linda Deutsch of the Associate Press for a short time in the afternoon.

Breaking News!

Before court resumed for the afternoon session, Judge Fidler informed the court that he has received a note from Juror #5 that, "He has been paying out of pocket to stay on the jury." He can no longer afford to do that. He also has to take care of his father who is ill. He is asking to be excused from further jury duty. At the end of court today before the jury was excused, Judge Fidler informed the juror that they would take up this issue Monday morning at 10:00 am.

I will be updating this story covering the jury visit later tonight. Wednesday's testimony and this days testimony will be updated over the weekend. Tomorrow will be the second Spector Q&A.


Anonymous said...

What is the profile for Juror #5?

Anonymous said...

What is the occupation of Juror #5?

Anonymous said...

It seems a weird time to inform the judge that you want out. But I can understand that this must be terribly hard for some people.

Anonymous said...

wow. i was wondering if the alernate(sp?) jurors were are at Phil's houses also?

Sprocket said...

The Jurors
I made a conscious choice NOT TO get copies of the juror questionnaires. My reasoning was, if I was in the same position, I wouldn't want my personal choices and thoughts and family drama out there in the press.

Also understand that during voir dire, I missed Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning of that week. Some jurors were seated during those times and I did not hear their questioning, specifically.

I do not know the occupation or profile of #5. I have put in a request to a reporter friend to see if they know.

Yes Scarlett, all 18 jurors went to the site visit.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will inspire Fidler to move the case along. Of course Weinberg will try to drag it out further. Weinberg's gotta remember he's got another big case on May 11th up in San Mateo County - the Dr. Ayres child molestation case. He has already been reprimanded by the judge up there for his questionable delay tactics.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes they need to move it get rid of defense witnesses who don't contribute anything to your side (once neutralized)....Barons and Schapiro were as sizzling as a couple pieces of soggy toast.

Anonymous said...

Oh no ... Sprocket where are you?! I've checked in so many times today and no Sprocket! :(

Hope you are okay (just busy sewing)!