Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spector Case Featured on True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

Set your VCR's or DVR's. True Crime with Aphrodite Jones featuring the Spector case will air on the ID (Investigation Discovery) channel at 7:00 pm EST on April 1, 2010. I'm not positive, but I believe there might be some air-time with DDA Alan Jackson.

Several of you have written me about a recent online article concerning Phil Spector being assaulted while in prison. When you read something online, you always have to consider the source. For those of you who have lived in a cave the last few years, Phil Spector was convicted April 13th, 2009 of second degree murder in the shooting death of Lana Clarkson in the foyer of his mansion like home on February 3rd, 2003. His first trial ended in a hung jury.

Here are my thoughts on the article. First off, this appeared on the "Gossip" page of the NY Daily News and the source was Steven Escobar, a friend and pen-pal of Spector. What does that tell you? It was not reported on CNN, the New York Times or the Associated Press.

Secondly, this event supposedly occurred back in November or earlier of last year. If it did happen, it's very old news.

Third, the article states that back then a "spokesperson" for Spector's wife, Rachele Short initially corroborated the report but Short later denied it.

Was Spector roughed up by another inmate? Who cares? My opinion is that the entire point of the article was to mention this little blurb:

The former Playboy model also says he's excited that an album they worked on before his conviction will come out June 8. "I do lead vocals," she chirps.

"My husband is so proud of me, and I'm so proud of him for withstanding what he's withstanding."

To some people, any kind of publicity is good publicity, regardless. If Spector does have an album coming out and there is income from the sale of that album, expect the attorney's representing Clarkson's family in the civil suit against Spector to include this new album in their forensic audit of Spector's assets.


katfish said...

For goodness sake, these people have no moral compass or from what I hear talent.

I will watch Aphrodite's feature....just in case that cutie patootie Alan Jackson makes an appearance. Really the story wouldn't be complete without him although I suppose they could show a clip of him from the first trial.
Thanks for the heads up!

shari said...

sprockie, your "who cares?" comment cracked me up. I cannot believe Rachelle is still hangin' in there. Does anyone know if she is living in the house??? or the status of the house and assets??? He owed sooooooo many people money that I find it hard to believe his assets have not been seized, or that "wifey" is not having to fend for herself. Any news on that?

Anonymous said...

If Attorney Ring does intend to forensically examine the income from Rachelle’s music CD, he had better hire an expert with a rather large magnifying glass :).

Seriously, does anyone think that a CD release featuring Rachelle Spector’s lead vocals is going to generate enough net case to even justify $400 for one hour of an expert’s time to look into it?

Now THAT’S funny.

Anonymous said...

Betsy these nutty stories just keep comin'......PS tweeting in jail, Manson passing notes, now this assault story (all denied by authorities). It is so comical that nobody takes anything serious anymore. Even the PS fans are turned off (he has stopped writing back to them, according to their internet comments). People are quickly forgetting about Phil Spector, in sum.

Can't wait for the civil trial....still on for this year?

I never heard of this particular cable channel, somehow I don't imagine that there will be millions of viewers. To me, it shows the interest level.
Wes J.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, the show on PS will air at 10pm Eastern and 9 pm Central. It is to air at 7pm Pacific due to the multiple time zones. ID channel is a true crime based channel which airs on Dish at Channel 192.

Just a heads up for your readers in other time zones. Thanks for letting us know about this. A friend in Texas.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't just online. It was in the print edition of the Daily News. I know George Rush from the Daily News, and he's very very good at what he does. I tend to believe this is true.

Anonymous said...

Can any inmate with independent means be allowed out, with security, to go to private doctors?

I saw a promo of the show on the network, I think this may be part of the Discovery Network, not sure, but honestly, he in the brief clip came across as vile and disgusting. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I taped and watched the show (watched a couple of times in fact). His wife Rachelle is never mentioned, yay. Phil has Michele record him and talks about his straight A daughter, not a word about his sons. The one drawer being pulled out carries alot of weight in his conviction...more than I thought at the time. Same for the white jacket back in the closet that he had been wearing.