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Jahi McMath: No News on This Case

 Jahi McMath
Source: Facebook - Keep Jahi McMath Alive Page
UPDATE 3/28/2014
LA Times Now Article - Mother of brain dead Jahi McMath says daughter is "still sleeping" 

March 26, 2014
I want to thank the many T&T readers who have emailed me, to keep me up to date with the latest postings from Jahi McMath's family.  I apologize if I have not responded to you personally. Real life responsibilities to Mr. Sprocket's business, my own business, and lastly, the several Los Angeles County murder cases I'm covering have been taking up all of my time.

Reality check: there is no news on this case. Jahi McMath is still brain dead. We don't know where she is (buried or hooked up to machines in a health facility) or what is the current condition of her body.

Anything the family (mother, uncle, aunt, siblings, friends) says at this point -on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.,- about brain dead Jahi McMath is not credible information.  Even if the family issued a statement via a public relations firm or an attorney, those statements would not be credible either. They cannot be believed. Many of the statements are shocking and draw lots of commentary, but they are meaningless in light of the brain death diagnosis and issuance of a death certificate in December 2013. I believe the statements by the family are self serving and need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Back to reality. There has not been an independent evaluation of Jahi McMath since her medical condition was tested by a court ordered physician. End of story.

Also keep in mind that nothing we say or do, will have an impact on the family's behavior at this point.

I went over the comments in KZ's last post, and have added all the links to news articles that readers provided to the Jahi McMath Quick Links Page. If there is an article I've missed, please leave it in the comments on this story and I will add it as soon as I can.

In the comments, T&T reader Jenny McLelland offered to write "...a guest post addressing what trach and trach-vent kids really are."  Jenny, if you're still reading, please contact me via email.

I have not forgotten about posting that timeline I mentioned last month. My reality is, I have not been able to devote any time to reviewing and verifying the accuracy of the timeline. I apologize.


Tezi said...

Thank you for the update Sprocket. I can't believe that three months later this is STILL happening!

Britt said...

I just watched a very interesting clip of an interview of Jahi's mother by a news station in Philadelphia, in reference to the Shiavo foundation award.

In this video, she speaks about her current condition.

Some notable comments:

1. She claims that Jahi is "moving", even bending at the waist

2. Jahi is not hooked up to any IV's, does not take any medication, is not catheterized ( is that the right word?), and her nutrition is supplemented with vitamins and fish oil. ( guess she really took notice of the 10k Facebook messages promoting fish oil)

3. She is not in the state of California

4. Her ventilator is set to "room temperature" - what does this mean.

I had emailed you about that Joe guy that is affiliated with new beginnings and Brendan house, and how he made a comment about her doing better, but that was all he could say publicly. That combined with her interview is making me think she is in NY.

Here is a link to the video:

Could you explain what the room temp setting means on the ventilator?

Also, assuming her mother is telling the truth about the care she is receiving, what condition is her body probably in? If she isn't Catherized ( is this the right term?) I'm assuming that its a nightmare under the sheets.

Thanks again for the in depth info you provide! I would have been totally lost without it.

Ps. One of the comments posted under the interview mentions a court date in April. Is there something scheduled? Maybe it's just misinformation.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I think it's more likely if they're on the east coast that they'd be in New Jersey. If I understand New Jersey laws correctly, Jahi might not be considered dead there which would presumably make the care she's receiving eligible for Medicaid.

Anonymous said...

Found on facebook today

Sprocket said...

IMHO, Syndicated News is not a credible news source.

They make a statement as to where Jahi's body is, but they provide no substantiating evidence of support.

Anonymous said...

I read the SyndicatedNews piece which seems to merely be an opinion and that opinion is that Jahi is at the New Beginnings facility in Long Island having been airlifted there courtesy of the GoFundMe money.
There simply cannot be that many
people in this country/world that have enough money to fund the maintenance of a corpse much longer. The money has to dry up soon so that that poor kid can be laid to rest. The family must be trying to keep this charade going until the civil court date when they will begin the attempt to sue CHO for the negligence they, themselves are actually guilty of.

Tanya said...

I am guessing that she is suggesting this has something to do with Jahi maintaining her body temp. However, Respiratory gas humidification is a method of artificially conditioning respiratory gas for the patient during therapy, and involves humidification, warming, and occasionally filtration of the gas being delivered. If these three measures are not performed to compensate for the natural conditioning of air by the respiratory system, pulmonary infections and lung tissue damage may occur. This is particularly problematic in high gas-flow therapies such as [mechanical ventilation], in patient populations with highly sensitive respiratory tracts (i.e. asthmatics), or among those requiring ventilation for longer periods of time. It is possible that the facility does not have access to the appropriate equipment and is using a short term machine with only passive moisture.

Anonymous said...


You heard right about another date in April.

April 2 at 3pm there is a case management conference scheduled.

We may hear some news about this case tomorrow evening or Thursday morning.

Here's a link to the court document

The statements and any disclosures by lawyers on both sides would have already been submitted to the court.

This is not going to decide any fault or $ passing hands, it's just to decide the merits of the case and whether it should be tried. It's all very preliminary. So it's possible we will only know a new court date after this conference.

- Cherlyn

Sprocket said...

I've added the document to T&T's SCRIBD account. A link to the document is on T&T's Jahi McMath Quick Links Page under the heading DOCUMENTS.

Sprocket said...

I don't believe Nailah is completely aware of what all is being done to maintain her child's body.


Whatever she says is through the lens of a parent in deep denial.

Brain death is death. What is left of Jahi's brain is, by now liquid soup. Sad, gruesome, but true.

Mrs. Winkfield may be able to keep the shell of what was her daughter functioning for some time, even years but Jahi's body will not rise from the dead.

These muscle movements that she talks about have been documented many times over in other brain dead bodies. It's not evidence that Jahi still has a brain worth saving.

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious as I have followed the Stephanie Lazarus case via your blog; do you know if her husband divorce her yet? And how is their adopted daughter????? Lives thorn apart for everyone involved.....the victims and suspect and families. SAD!

Sprocket said...

Anon @2:54 PM

Lazarus case
I'm pretty certain that Lazarus' husband has not filed for divorce.

They do share an adopted child together.

It's a good guess that Lazarus' pension goes to cover her care.

Anonymous said...

Here's a possibility …

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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iwoks98 said...

I see Uncle Omari is milking his time in the media for all it's worth. I guess because he is Jahi's Uncle & has done such a remarkable acting job, he warrants a tv series? He is now bragging on his webstagram account how he is going to be on TV series. Here is his exact words.

From iamomari: "Everyone Please Be Sure To Tune In On June 2nd at 10pm Est/Pst on the Investigation Discovery Channel (ID Channel) as I make my debut in a television series!! The Episode is called GOT To Be A Ladies Man #UpAndComing #Acting# Actor
#HardWork #hollywood

I did some checking & it is going to be on the 1 hour long show of "I Almost Got Away With It", with the Episode being the 1 mentioned above. Go figure. I guess it's true - anyone can be given a shot a TV stardom, even though I'm sure his part will be minuscule.

Anonymous said...

Latest update on the condition of Jahi's body on the keepjahionlifesupport facebook page:
Thank God for His great blessings, mercy and love shown through a lot of people to Jahi, Nailah and family. The picture below show a few of these lovely and kind hearted people, who made it possible for Jahi to be moved out of Children's Hospital Oakland and for that, Jahi survived and is doing very well. The highest glory goes to God, then a big thank you to Judge Evelio Grillo, Attorney Christopher Dolan, the Terri Schiavo life and hope Network, the care facility and staff where Jahi is residing, all who donated to the family to help move Jahi, all who marched peacefully for Jahis right to live, all the supporters sending their love and prayers everyday for Jahis healing, all those who have helped care for, and make Jahis life better. Nailah stated on her last update that Jahi is still asleep but physically stable, no pic lines, no catheters, no I.V, she maintains all her vitals on her own, no medicines needed. Jahi is given lots of vitamins and fish oil through her feeding tube. She moves around so much that pillows are put around her bed. She responds to pain, cold and touch. Jahi can turn her head from left to right and her ventilator is set to room air temperature so she is not getting any extra oxygen like she was before. Jahis skin is flawless and she gets a manicure and pedicure every week, done by Nailah. Jahi gets physical therapy three times a week and never has a stiff joint, all organs are healthy and fully functional. Jahi is such a fighter. Remember she didnt get any nutrition for 28 days from the other hospital and she recovered from that quickly. Prayer is so powerful. Nailah makes Jahi aware everyday about all the love and support she has been receiving from people all over the world. God bless you all for your kindness and prayers.

Anonymous said...

The post from Anon on May 25 showing the latest "update" from the (beyond delusional) FB site "keep jahi on life support"- proves/shows, just how mentally impaired those believers are!!
Scary to think there's more than one of these fanatics who rabidly believe in their "power of prayers" will enable Jahi to "rise."
Not only that, but they believe the outright impossible and implausible B.S. about Jahi moving around so much, blossoming as a normal teen does, glowing skin, the picture of health, breathing....

"Latest update on the condition of Jahi's body on the keepjahionlifesupport facebook page:"

Anonymous said...

Here's the latest: The family is lobbying for Jahi's middle school to award her a graduation diploma.

Sprocket said...

Thanks for that Anon @2.46 PM

The level of ridiculousness never seems to end with this family.


Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear that Mr. Sprocket is healing well.

For those that continue to be interested, there is a new photo of Jahi's face being kissed by her mother on the keepjahi facebook page:

Sprocket said...

GoldenShellback1 posted this comment on a wrong entry about Jahi McMath:

Sprocket: I read your blog about Jahi's cardiac arrest theories and I disagree.

1. Blood transfusion is not usually done for T&A and UPPP in the OR, and they don't give blood until the hemoglobin is down to 7. AABB's blood transfusion recommended guidelines is followed by hospitals, so I don't believe Jahi received any blood at all. And I also don't believe that blood loss was the reason for her cardiac arrest.

The story about 4 units of blood being given is nothing but pure speculation.

Are you familiar with POPE/NPPE and acute upper airway obstruction? I suspect airway obstruction was the reason for her cardiac arrest rather than PTH, especially with laryngospasm. When blood enters and contacts the vocal cords, they reflexively close. The result is acute upper airway obstruction and NO oxygen being delivered to the body especially the brain. Cardiac arrest follows soon after. It happens quick and develops more rapidly than cardiac arrest due to "hypovolemic shock."

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind: The cerebral blood flow test or SPECT test performed on Jahi is not 100% accurate. It DOES NOT detect microcirculation and the only way to find out if the brain is truly dead is that if you do a METABOLISM STUDY of the brain.

18F-FDG-PET scan should be performed. This test is a glucose uptake study where they inject glucose directly into the brain. A PET scan is then performed and it will show glucose utilization within the brain if the brain is not dead.

If the brain can utilize glucose then we can conclude that the brain is not dead.

This is the type of test that should be done on Jahi. It may even convince the family that Jahi is truly brain dead.

Anonymous said...

The attorney has just filed court documents to get the finding of brain death reversed.