Friday, November 20, 2015

Ka Pasasouk Convicted of 4 Murders at a Northridge Boarding House

Ka Pasasouk, from his Facebook Page

November 20, 2015
Yesterday, the LA County District Attorney reported that a jury deliberated less than two ours before convicting Ka Pasasouk, 34 of gunning down four people just outside a Northridge, California boarding house two years ago. Deputy DA Daniel Akemon who prosecuted the case said the killing spree began as a robbery.

Pasasouk was found guilty of gunning down Teofilo Navales, Robert Calabia, Amanda Ghossein and Jennifer Kim on Dec. 2, 2012. Jurors found the special circumstance of multiple murders to be true. Pasasouk also was convicted of one count of attempted murder, five counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Exactly three years after the quadruple murders, jurors will return on December 2, to hear testimony in the penalty phase of the trial. Pasasouk is facing the death penalty.

I attended Pasasouk's preliminary hearing at the San Fernando Courthouse in July 2013. It appeared that several of the witnesses were afraid to testify about what they heard and experienced.


Mort Snerd said...

At least Judge Larry Paul Fidler had an easier case. Has there been any mention if Ka Pasasouk is a refugee?


Sprocket said...

I believe Pasasouk is Filipinio. I do not know if he was fleeing persecution in the Philippines, and therefore would be considered a refugee.

Anonymous said...

H's from Laos but runs with a defunct Filipino gang.For someone covering the trial you should of have known that.

Sprocket said...


Thank you for the information as to where Pasasouk is from.

You are mistaken. I did not cover or attend any part of the trial. I covered the preliminary hearing, which was held in 2013. The preliminary hearing only presented enough evidence for the court to rule on whether he could be bound over for trial. At the prelim, there was no evidence presented as to where Pasasouk was from or what gang he ran with.

Anonymous said...

Neal states that the defendant did not have his own vehicle, but that he left with "Cartoon." ("Cartoon" is Howard Ledesma Alcantara. Sprocket.) There is testimony that the defendant was "in a gang." TGP is mentioned. Akemon asks her if that Tau Gamma Penoy, and Neal corrects him and states the spelling is "P I N O Y."
Judge Giss interrupts her testimony to ask her how she knows the defendant was in a gang. "Because, he said he was with TGP." The defendant left in a light beige car.
what defense he putting up during the penalty phase?