Sunday, November 11, 2007

Inside The Castle

TMZ has a series of photos from inside Phil Spector's Alhambra Castle.

Here is a link to the photos at TMZ
. The captions are hilarious. How in the world did Linda Deutsch ever describe this place as "ornate, and in pristine condition" is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

The only word I can used to describe the photos is "fetal". He uses the house to wrap him-self inside. No wonder he has issues.


Anonymous said...

Very trashy!!

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show - very trashy!!

wendylouwho said...

As Bette Davis once said "What a dump!"

Bad copies of antique furnishings arranged with extreme bad taste. Phil, you have to throw a few real pieces in there to at least try to fool 'em.

Oh yeah, and a cleaning woman.

Anonymous said...

I have worked as an appraiser of household contents for over 20 years and have photographed the contents of hundreds of homes of both wealthy and middle class people. Thus seeing this house made me recognize a "type" who goes with it. Someone without much creative flair and also someone who is extremely tight fisted with his money and who also controls the decorating. Not the wife. The white French provincial look was in in the early 60's. The knights in armor by the dining room look I have never seen. For someone with that much money I am frankly surprised at the quality of the furniture as well as the arrangement of it. The dog and cat in the cages made me so sad. Red is often the equivalent of Black, I am surprised the whole place isn't black and white but I guess that might make it too contemporary looking. What a miserable place, can you imagine being trapped there or having to live there? It makes me depressed just seeing the meaninglessness of it all.

Sprocket said...

It's definitely not "average" lol!