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Casey's Struck Out Again!

Casey Anthony, rearrested.

Guest Entry by ritanita!

Casey Anthony Arrested Tonight During Protest in Front of Parent's Home.

The sight of Casey Anthony being led to a police car tonight was the culmination of two very tense days.

Thursday, August 28th:

A sheriff’s official announced that the air samples tested by the Body Farm indicated that a decomposing human body had been in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.

Cindy Anthony, accompanied by Tim Miller of EquuSearch stopped by the Orange County Sheriff’s office. She’d invited the group to search for her missing granddaughter.

Cindy went outside and hammered many "No Trespassing" signs into her front lawn while excoriating the press. She calls them maggots and a lot of other things. She defended her daughter and said that she had personally spoken to a guy who said that the car had no odor of decomposition. This is possibly the guy who stated to LE that he had a bad cold that day and couldn't smell anything.

Friday, August 29th:

Orange County State Attorney Lawson Lamar indicated to the press that the DNA evidence recovered in the case indicates that Caylee is dead.

Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez, managed to convince bounty hunter Leonard Padilla to allow Casey to remain out on bond for a while longer. Perhaps it was to get Casey to cooperate with the police in the location of her daughter.

The prosecutor’s office released e-mails which show that Baez had asked for limited immunity for Casey to provide Caylee’s location back on July 25. They’ve extended the offer until Tuesday, September 2.

Earlier today, George Anthony lost his cool and went after people sitting in lawn chairs on the public easement in front of his house. George's pastor had to separate him from the much smaller man.

A group of protesters picketed the house with their signs.

Tonight on Nancy Grace with guest host Jane Velez-Mitchell, a group of police cars pulled up in front of the house and one pulled up onto the lawn. Investigators entered the house.

Casey was taken from the house in handcuffs on live TV!

At a press conference later in the evening, it was announced that Casey had been arrested for forgery using friend Amy’s checks in a Target and a bank. The videos of these transactions showed that Caylee was not with her at the time. The bond for these offenses is $3000.

Because she was already out on bond, Casey will have to appear before a judge Saturday morning at 11:30. This judge may review her current bond situation and make changes.

YouTube Video Tribute to Caylee Anthony by sukirue

My Fox Orlando Live Web Cam on Anthony Home


Phil Spector's Attorney Defended Kiddie Pornographer Bernie Ward

I was so stunned when I finished reading this CNN.Crime article I immediately picked up the phone to call donchais and tell her that former talk show host, family man and now convicted child pornographer Bernie Ward, was represented by none other than Doron Weinberg. She was as stunned as I was. After she stopped laughing and composed herself, she replied, "Get Out!"

From the article:
Weinberg has said Ward downloaded the child porn for journalistic research.

"It's clear that it ended in a dark place," Weinberg said. "Bernie Ward is a good man."

Yeah, sounds like a reasonable defense to me. So just how does "journalistic research" explain Ward's online internet exchanges with a Stanislaus County woman where he told her, "...he was aroused when his daughter walked in the bathroom while he showered..."?

It ended in a dark place
? What in the world does that even mean? A crime is a crime is a crime.

As many know, Doron Weinberg (along with Dennis Riordan and Chris Plourd) is the lead attorney representing Phil Spector in his retrial for the murder of Lana Clarkson. Wow. From kiddie porn to murder, Weinberg appears to be the "go to" man. Bloggers and message board posters alike are anxiously awaiting the start of Spector 2. It remains to be seen if this new group of lawyers lives up to the Cirque du Soleil performance we observed from Spector's first legal team.

Somewhere in my head I can hear Judy Collins singing, "Send in the clowns - don't bother, they're here."

Jersey Abuse Scandal Just Keeps Getting More Scandalous

The Sharp Report!

I have long wanted to read this independent report that was authorized after the conviction of a child abuser who was a teacher at Victoria College. The Jersey school routinely ignored child abuse claims for years.

Jersey authorities said the report would be published despite the possible airing of dirty laundry!

I’m sure the authorities had a collective heart attack once the report was completed! The man they hired, Stephen Sharp, did an extremely thorough review of documents, police files and conducted numerous interviews. The Sharp Report is extremely candid and damning.

Authorities did an about-face and deemed the report not suitable for the public. They suddenly claimed they couldn’t release it because it identified victims – no, it does not! This wasn’t a little fib they told; it was a bold-faced lie!

The real reason for burying the report is the names that are mentioned – many former and current members of the government!

Many thanks to Stuart Syvret and Justice4Survivors for providing access to the report!

Billy - the clown - Baillhache

You all have probably figured out by now, I despise Attorney General William Bailhache - the clown who laid out the rules for the arrest of suspects in the abuse investigation.

The clown who appointed part-time UK lawyer, Simon Thomas, to whom police have to submit suspect files before they can make an arrest and only then would they be given permission to make said arrest.

The clown who has insured that nobody can be even taken in for questioning unless the he gives his approval.

The clown AG who has control over whether or not a case is even brought against suspects and if it passes muster, he then decides if it goes to trial.

Well, the clown is back to using The Rag to defend himself.

JEP Fri 22 Aug 08

AG: We are not slowing down inquiry
By Diane Simon

In response to recent claims that his department have been sitting for months on files submitted by the police for prosecution in this major inquiry, Attorney General William Bailhache said that of the six files which the police had put forward, three had led to prosecutions.

'Two of the others are still being considered and the other is the subject of further police investigation,' he said.

Mr. Bailhache is also assuring complainants of child abuse that their statements will be taken very seriously. Well, we've already seen that really isn't the case.

In an interview with the JEP, which is being published tomorrow, he said that he had been alarmed by claims that some of them believed Island authorities would prevent the police from carrying out the investigation.

‘I give them my absolute guarantee that their statements will be taken very seriously,’ he said.

Before a prosecution took place the lawyer considering the file must believe that there was enough evidence to lead to a court or jury, when properly directed, being more likely than not to convict, he said.

He said that the extent and skills of the team he had assembled for the job showed the seriousness with which he had taken the investigation.

The prosecution team he has put together includes Crown Advocates Stephen Baker and Robert MacRae.

Both of them are in private practice and have experience of criminal prosecutions when they were barristers in the United Kingdom.

He has also appointed two lawyers from leading criminal chambers in the city of London. ---

If everything is proper and above-board, why does Bailhache have to keep defending himself? Or, does he just really think people are stupid and don't see through his line of bull?

Senator Stuart Syvret Blog

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Duncan victims, Shasta & Dylan Groene, Haut de la Garenne, and Caylee Anthony

What is Happening to Our Future And Our Vulnerable Children - Caylee? Groene? Haut de la Garenne?

Yesterday, a jury sentenced torturer and child killer Joseph Edward Duncan III to death and he smiled as the verdict was handed to the bailiff.

Although I have never been a proponent of the death penalty, it's hard to argue with the jury's decision in this case. This was a case that deeply affected me when the details of what these two precious children endured were revealed in the press.

During Duncan's federal trial, it was difficult for me to read the updates. With each new revelation of the terrifying torture and pain inflicted on Dylan and Shasta Groene, the tears would flow. Even thinking about the last hours of Dylan's life overwhelms me.

Now that this trial is over, it appears Duncan's next stop might be Riverside California, where he could stand trial for the murder of Anthony Martinez. If that does happen, I will try to attend some of that trial.

Since February of this year, Donchais has been covering another abuse and potential murder story, involving scores of children on Jersey in the Channel Islands. It goes back decades - it's the story of Haut de la Garenne and the wide-spread abuse scandal.

What makes this story even worse than Duncan's is the political corruption that continues to thwart the police investigation at every turn!

Donchais makes no bones about how abhorrent child abuse is to her - hence her continued coverage of Haut de la Garenne.

Details and reports show that the judicial and political sides in Jersey have obstructed and interfered in the investigation.

Now, we also know that a decomposing body was present in Casey Anthony’s car. Occam's Razor tells us the only logical answer to that evidence is that little Caylee is no longer alive. Investigation Discovery blog is now reporting that sources inside the investigation are confirming that preliminary DNA tests performed on the material found in the trunk prove Caylee Anthony is dead.

As a society, we need to own up! God bless these poor victims and God help us as mankind!

Special thanks to donchais for details on the Haut de la Garenne story. Sprocket. Caylee Anthony case blog


Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret's Blog

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More Sanctuary City Stories: Part II

Update: See the Jamiel Shaw story

Sanctuary Cities: Part II. Guest Entry by CaliGirl9

Part I appeared yesterday, here. Sprocket.

“Boxcutter Gutting,” San Mateo County, California

San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy has plenty more former juvenile perps who graduated to violent, gang-related adult crimes.

Eric Antonio Uc-Cahun, now aged 19, came into the United States illegally about 4 years ago to join his siblings (immigration status not mentioned in media reports). His criminal history begins on August 13, 2006, at the age of 17, when he was arrested along with two additional suspected gang members in the assault of a man at Dolores Park. The victim was hit over the head and threatened with a gun after the trio demanded to know his gang status. At that time, Uc-Cahun refused to tell police where he lived, and at that tie, had been identified as a Sureño gang member with a street name of “Tweety.” Tweety had enjoyed plenty of prior contacts with SF law enforcement.

He was taken to juvenile hall, charged with felony assault, and placed on probation and eventually freed from juvie. Shortly after his release, on October 18, 2006, he was arrested for being part of a group that attacked a person and ripped a chain from his neck. He was again charged with felony assault, and did another four months in juvenile hall, was released in February 2007 after turning 18, and was put on a year’s probation.

While still on probation for incident #2, Tweety and his homeboyz are accused of jumping a man who was waiting for a ride in Daly City, in neighboring San Mateo County. The victim was accused of being a rival gang member, was beaten with a broomstick, and in the scuffle, was cut by Uc-Cahun with a box cutter with a two-inch blade. The victim was cut in two places and essentially gutted like a pig, according to San Mateo County Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstafe. (The media is not identifying the victim for reasons you will read below.)

Uc-Cahun, who was ultimately identified by his victim who managed to survive his horrific injuries, was arrested in September 2007, remanded into continuous custody, and has been ordered to stand trial.

We’re not done with Señior Uc-Cahun yet. In October 2007, he allegedly wrote a letter to a friend, providing the name and address of the gutting victim, suggesting he “take care of things.” The letter was found by SF police, who were executing a search warrant this past May at a house thought to be used by gang members.

Uc-Cahun is now also charged with witness intimidation along with attempted murder, robbery and other gang-related offenses.

Jamiel Shaw, Los Angeles, California

In March 2008, high school junior Jamiel Shaw’s future was unlimited. A star athlete, Jamiel was actively being courted by both Stanford and Rutger Universities to play football. His mom, Army Sergeant Anita Shaw, was on her second tour of duty in Iraq. The 17-year old, who attended church every Sunday, had contributed greatly to the success of his high school football team, LA High’s Romans, to last year’s Southern League title.

Jamiel was three doors away from home, walking home from the local mall and talking to his girlfriend Chrystale Miles on a cellphone, when a car carrying two Latinos pulled up, jumped out of the car and asked which gang he was with. When Jamiel didn’t answer, he was shot. While Jamiel was dying on the sidewalk, he was shot a second time.

Pedro Espinosa, a member of L.A.’s 18th Street gang since the age of 12, was arrested for Jamiel’s murder. Police have since confirmed that Espinosa is in the U.S. illegally. He is accused of committing the murder a day after he was released after being held on a weapons charges consisting of exhibiting a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon and obstructing an officer. While in jail he claimed to not know where had been born or where his family was. He was in custody for four months.

Espinosa was arraigned in July, and could face the death penalty because of the gang undertones—Jamiel was in “Blood” territory.

What the hell was Espinosa doing on the streets? Are weapons charges something to take lightly? Why wasn’t he deported when he failed to produce proof of citizenship or a green card or passport?

Jamiel had planned to be a sports agent.

Update: August 28th, 2008
Since this story was published, T&T has received confirmation that Shaw was an associate of a rival gang, Rollin' 20's Bloods. His murder is most likely gang related and not racially motivated. Sprocket.

Breanna Slaughter Eck, San José, California

On June 12, 2008, 12-year old Breanna Slaughter Eck was on her way home from the last day of school, riding her bike in the crosswalk when she was ploughed over by 31-year old Adriana Fierro De Marin. Fierro De Marin was driving a Ford Bronco and made a left turn, and not only failed to see the little girl, but also continued to drive several hundred yards before she figured out something was wrong.

Breanna’s only crime was not wearing a bike helmet, which she was saving money to buy. Fierro De Marin’s crimes included being an unlicensed driver—one who has never been licensed in California because she is here illegally.

The emphasis in local press has not been Fierro De Marin’s immigration status—it has been the ongoing issue “why not give driver’s licenses to illegals?”

Fierro De Marin has lived in the U.S. since her early teens. She has anchor baby daughter who attended the same school as Breanna. As of the end of June, the Santa Clara County DA has not yet decided if charges will be filed. Fierro De Marin was initially arrested at the scene for suspicion of felony vehicular manslaughter and driving without a license, but was released by police. Breanna’s autopsy is still “pending.” Nevermind that chunks of the little girl’s hair was left on the street.

According to an article in the Merc, poor Ms. Fierro Del Marin is not driving, has been suicidial and is undergoing psychiatric care. Oh, and according to her attorney, she was in the process of becoming a legalized citizen.

Let’s simplify this: An unlicensed diver who has been driving as an unlicensed driver for some time ran over a little girl who had the right-of-way. Said unlicensed driver no doubt was uninsured and unlicensed for a very good reason—she was in the U.S. illegally.

How many of us have family or friends who came to the U.S. on a visa and decided to stay and become permanent residents and ultimately citizens? What is one of the first things they are cautioned about? “Keep your nose clean. Don’t commit any crimes, it will jeopardize your quest for residency and citizenship.” Here is a perfect opportunity for the U.S. government and ICE to redeem themselves—if being here illegally isn’t enough of a crime for you, try driving without a license (probably uninsured driver) and run over a kid in a crosswalk in broad daylight!

Before you begin to stutter, “But, but anyone could have done these crimes! Immigration status is not relevant!” It sure is. If the five perps in the previous five stories had NOT been in the United States in the first place, whether due to the failure of law enforcement stifled by sanctuary city status, spineless district attorneys who are worried about the Latino vote, understaffed ICE who is also somewhat hamstrung about weak federal government support and policy, and even U.S. government at the highest levels who apparently like the nice cheap labor provided by illegals, four innocents would not have been victims. Sara Cole would have finished nursing school instead of still undergoing painful rehab and using a wheelchair for ambulation, Officer Nick Erfle would have played with his children this summer, a resident of San Mateo County would not have two huge gashes and the trauma of remembering his guts falling out of his body, Jamiel Shaw would have been working through double sessions in preparation for his final high school football season, and Breanna Slaughter Eck would have bought her bicycle helmet and be looking forward to starting junior high in a couple of weeks.

And I also know that most illegals are good people and their only crime is being in the United States illegally. My hope is that by the time the perps in these stories do their time, the U.S.-Mexico border is sewn up tighter than one of Sprocket’s hems on her tote bags. That is, for those perps who may see the light of day like Lucio Rodriquez, Adriana Fierro De Marin (if she is charged at all!), and gangbanger Eric Antonio Uc-Cahun (scary thought that he may be out someday). Hopefully Pedro Espinosa gets to meet Richard Allen Davis, Charles Ng, Richard Ramirez, Michael Morales and Scotty Peterson—and the killer of Officer Erfle, Anthony Sanchez, is hopefully already in hell.



The Homicide Report

Gang Member Arrested

Mercury News Stories:
Driver in bike-riding girl's death is illegal immigrant
Breanna not forgotten by many
Mercury News readers opinions
Breanna's memory story 1
Breanna's memory story 2

Is Justice In Jersey Scandal Nothing More Than A Cruel Joke?

Jersey's AG William Bailhache has decided there is "insufficient evidence" to bring a prosecution in one of cases related to the abuse investigation.

In June, the Bonners were arrested and questioned regarding claims from three victims of ‘excessive corporal punishment’ between 1967 and 1977. The allegations were of physical, not sexual, abuse.

The evidence was given to prosecutors on July 18 and was examined by a Jersey Crown advocate and a London law firm. They decided there was not enough evidence to prosecute and the file was passed to Bailhache to consider.

Law officers on Jersey said there was "significant conflict of evidence", some alleged victims questioned denying they had been abused and praising the care they received.

According to the BBC: Bailhache said, "The evidential test has not been passed, and it would be simply wrong to bring the prosecution."

The attorney general said: "I realize that this decision will come as a disappointment to the complainants in the case and possibly to others who have made statements to the police or are considering doing so."

He said he was making a statement about the case because of criticism about its handling.

"I am obviously aware that assertions have been made, without any basis or foundation, that justice will not be done in the child abuse investigations that are taking place.

"Indeed, it is for that reason that I am making this full statement as to why a decision not to prosecute has been taken in this case."

He added that he wanted "all those who have any relevant evidence to give in the current child abuse investigation to contact the police and to make statements".

"That is the only way the prosecution will be able to reach a fully informed decision on the evidential test in the various cases that come before us for consideration."

Ok, ya with me so far?

In a complete departure from standard practice, Jersey police, after submitting the evidence to lawyers, were given the go-ahead to arrest the Bonners.

What you read above is Bailhache’s spin on the matter.

Now, here is what Lenny Harper has to say: At 5pm Simon Thomas declared to the investigators that he had revised his view and said he did not want the couple charged. The officers were extremely surprised and not a little frustrated.

He said he had revised his opinion because of new evidence that had emerged during the day. I asked what that evidence was and he gave me three “developments.”

1. Mrs. Bonner was unwell. I explained the situation in respect of her and that the Police Doctor thought she was feigning. I explained that she was obtaining the woman’s medical notes and would further advise at 6.30pm. In the event, the Doctor declared the suspect fit for detention and interview. I questioned however, whether this could be said to be new evidence which affected the decision to charge.

2. Simon then told me that a witness called Drake had rung the Custody Officer and said we had made a mistake, and that we had the wrong people in custody. I pointed out that Drake had made a witness statement which Simon had seen and which he had taken into account when recommending which charges should be preferred. Drake had not added any new evidence to what was in his statement.

3. The Bonners' children had telephoned and said their parents were good people and that they (the children) were now flying to Jersey. I asked Simon how that was new evidence as opposed to character evidence, and he said that they might have evidence relevant to the allegations as they lived in the same house. I pointed out that he knew that previously and also that they lived in a different part of the house.

So, evidence be damned, witnesses be damned, and what the hell – no need for a trial – Bailhache obviously believes he, and he alone, can determine a party’s guilt or innocence! He alone is judge and jury!

But, wait – there’s more! Remember the Maguires? That evidence file has been sitting on someone’s desk since April 29! Wait till you see what is happening with that!

For a real eye-opener, the entire Lenny Harper confidential report to Bailhache can be found on Senator Stuart Syvret Blog.

As livid as I am, I cannot fathom the anger and frustration being felt by the victims. The Jersey police, Stuart Syvret, Lenny Harper and countless others have put blood, sweat and tears into this investigation only to have to deal with the likes of that clown, William Bailhache!

Bailhache has made a laughing stock of himself and any so-called justice that may be found on Jersey.

Oh, and by the way Billy, just so you clearly understand – the assertions that justice will not be done in the child abuse investigations – they are made with solid basis and foundation!

As Senator Syvret so aptly put it, “It’s difficult to know what to make of this madness anymore.”

BBC audio with Lenny Harper and John Hemming MP

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More Sanctuary City Stories: Part I

Guest Entry by CaliGirl9: Sanctuary Cities --This Time NOT San Francisco!

T&T is proud to bring you a two part entry by CaliGirl9. Sprocket.

With the actions of illegal alien and former juvenile offender Edwin Ramos in San Francisco, more people are becoming aware of just how costly the “sanctuary city” policy can be on our citizens in terms of lives lost (or profoundly affected) and has rendered law enforcement impotent.

Edwin Ramos was not the first repeat offender to benefit from the United States’ piss-poor immigration policy and law enforcement. Here is the story of five individuals and families whose lives were irrevocably changed or even destroyed by illegals enjoying the benefits of residency in a sanctuary city.

Sara Cole, San José/Santa Clara County, California

Sara Cole, a 44-year old mother of two and nursing student was loading her son’s bicycle into the back of her SUV on Sunday, September 9, 2007, at Los Gatos’ Baggerly Field at 5:30 p.m., when she was hit by a car driven by 27-year old Lucio Rodriquez, an illegal alien. (I’m sorry, “immigrants” are people who follow the laws and come to the U.S. after having followed legal procedures to be allowed into the country, like my German-born mother and her parents, and my Irish-born paternal great-grandfather.) Rodriquez continued on his merry way until he was apprehended by police about 4 miles away. Rodriquez was so drunk he was unable to stand, and a blood alcohol level drawn 90 minutes after Sara was hit was a 0.16, twice the legal limit in California. Rodriquez claims to have had two beers an hour and a half prior to running over Sara. Must have been two big ‘ol beers!

How many crimes have been mentioned thus far? Rodriquez was in the U.S. illegally (crime #1) and because of his illegal status, driving without a valid drivers’ license (#2) and therefore driving without insurance (#3). He was drunk (#4) and left the scene of the accident (#5).

What the reader does not know is that Rodriquez is actually a repeat offender who benefitted by living in a sanctuary city (San José). He had been convicted of drunk driving in March 2007 for a January 2007 arrest, sentenced to 10 days in jail and ordered to pay $1600 in fines. Yes, he was in the hands of law enforcement and the courts and never once was his immigration status asked. If he presented a drivers’ license at the time of the January arrest, they were no doubt acquired with fraudulent documents.

So what we really have is an illegal alien (#1) who obtained fraudulent documents to get a drivers’ license (#2) and has been arrested of drunk driving (#3) who was also driving without a valid license (#4) and most likely no insurance (#5) at the time of his first incident earlier in 2007. Add the Sara Cole hit-and-run and we can add: no driver’s license (#6), drunk driving repeat offender (#7), with no insurance (#8) who hit Sara Cole (#9) and left the scene of the accident (#10).

This gets better. During his 10-day vacation in Santa Clara County jail, Rodriquez told jail officials he wasn’t a citizen. Media reports don’t say if jail officials failed to notify ICE or if ICE just didn’t care to pursue the matter (San José’s main newspaper, the Mercury News, is very pro-Hispanic illegal alien), but at any rate, Rodriquez did his time and went back to his job at Una Mas, a local Mexican food restaurant.

Naturally Rodriquez also has an anchor baby at home, a now 5-year old son. He was sentenced to five years in prison this past March, and faces deportation once he has served his sentence.

In an informative article written by the Merc’s Javier Erik Olvera in the wake of the Sara Cole incident, there are many opportunities for failure at ICE’s end. There is a dearth of agents available to interview inmates, and with the short sentences many offenders enjoy, ICE just can’t get to the jail in time. However, the main reason for failure is local law enforcement agencies NOT informing ICE in the first place.

Four years ago, San José Police Chief Rob Davis imposed a policy that prohibits officers from asking crime victims and misdemeanor offenders about their immigration status. The reason for this policy is that it “might discourage crime victims from cooperating with police or reporting other crimes.”

This policy has cost Sara Cole a year of pain and an uncertain future rehabbing from two severely fractured legs. Her sons witnessed the accident.

Sara Cole’s supporters have a Website: Sara Cole The Website does not mention the immigration status of the man who ran her down. Her ex-husband, Bill Cole, is working toward the passage of “Sara’s Law” (California DUI AB 1882), which would result in the deportation of illegal immigrants who are convicted of DUI.

You mean that’s not on the books already?

Police Officer Nick Erfle, Phoenix, Arizona

On September 15, 2007, eight-year Phoenix police officer Nick Erfle was gunned down by 24-year old Anthony Sanchez, an illegal alien who had already been deported for numerous crimes, including cockfighting, theft and drug possession, but thanks to the porous border, popped right back into the good old U.S of A at will.

Erfle and his partner had approached three people for jaywalking and obstructing traffic and after a records check, learned Sanchez had a misdemeanor warrant for shoplifting in Tucson. When the officers attempted to arrest Sanchez, the perp drew a handgun and shot Officer Erfle in the face. The officer died a short time later at a local hospital. Sanchez ran a short distance and hijacked a car, sitting in the passenger seat. Witnesses were able to give police a description of the car and surveillance soon ensued. The car was boxed in at an intersection, and while Sanchez held his hostage at gunpoint, police shot and killed Sanchez.

Officer Erfle, a two-time cancer survivor, leaves behind a wife and two children.

Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon was quoted in the Arizona Republic following Officer Erfle’s murder:

“This individual that took our officer’s life is a perfect example, a poster child, of our failed Washington policy for securing our borders.”

Gee, Mayor Gordon, you are only half-right. What about Phoenix’ sanctuary city policy? Why was Anthony Sanchez even walking the streets, a known illegal and repeat criminal? Obviously Sherriff Joe never got his hands on the guy …so what’s with your court system?

Los Gatos


Officer Down Memorial Page


Diggers Realm

Look for Part II tomorrow, that will cover the stories of Eric Antonio Uc-Cahun, Pedro Espinosa and Adriana Fierro De Marin.

So - Its Not Just Harper Who’s Mad About Haut de la Garenne Scandal

Retired DCO Lenny Harper’s scathing comments about the Jersey legal system really didn’t come as a surprise to most folks.

The Guernsey Press has now contacted the Jersey police and has been told by a police spokesperson, “The police view is that what was described as ‘the top end of the judicial system’ is slowing matters down by sitting on crucial files and refusing to allow charges to be brought.”

The editorial goes on to say: For an independent police force to be openly critical of a supposedly independent prosecution service, trust and confidence must have broken down to a significant degree.

If something as serious as alleged child abuse and even homicide that has been painstakingly uncovered in the full public gaze could be hampered by the establishment, the thinking will run, what else has been covered up in the past?

Such suspicion – whether valid or not – exist here, especially among victims of child abuse.

Perhaps an independent inquiry into the whole Jersey investigation is the only way of demonstrating that the islands can do these things properly.

Det. Supt. Mick Gradwell will take the reins from Lenny Harper and lead the investigation into the former Haut de la Garenne children's home.

Gradwell has 30 years experience and has worked on several large-scale investigations.

He was invited to become a member of the European Homicide Working Group and in 2006 he won the highest national Criminal Justice award – the Justice Shield.

The Guernsey Press
Lancashire Evening Post

A Child's Sad Life and Casey Anthony, Queen of Lies


~Little Caylee

Guest Entry By Ritanita

I have to admit that I prefer watching and reporting on trials a lot more than following the case of a missing child. A trial has a beginning, middle, and an end. All the information is organized and presented to a jury to make the ultimate decision. A trial may contain upsetting information and terrible grief for the family of a victim. But with a missing child, there is the constant, gut-wrenching reality that a helpless one is somewhere out there. There is the realization that the outcome may be the sad realization that there is nobody to save the life of an innocent.

In the case of missing Caylee Anthony, there doesn’t seem to be a clear beginning. Casey Anthony originally reported that her little girl was kidnapped by Zanny the Nanny on June 9, 2008. Her parents said they hadn’t seen her since that same date, until the video taken on June 15th turned up. Suddenly, June 16 became the date Casey and Caylee apparently went AWOL from the family home.

As for the middle? Well, that’s where things get complicated. The PDF files released yesterday by the DA’s office show that Casey spent the night at Ricardo’s with her mother. Others reported seeing Caylee with her mother the 12th, 13th, 14th, perhaps. Who remembers every time you see a friend with her child? Who remembers the dates?

The police surely have spent many hours not only perusing the 400 plus pages of information now in the public domain, but phone logs, pings, documents we can’t even imagine exist at this point. They’ve put the dates down, noted inconsistencies, noted similarities. They have certainly noted Casey’s lies. And there are so many more lies presented in these documents than have been seen before. On top of the apparent lies, there are probably more lies within the lies. Only the Anthony family could possibly separate fact from fiction. At this point, however, one can only wonder if even they are capable of separating fact from fiction with their daughter under their roof, probably spinning yet more lies.

In the middle of this case, there remains one overwhelming question. What was Caylee’s life like outside of her beautiful little room at her grandparent’s house? There doesn’t seem to be any "Zanny the Nanny," and there aren’t any statements from those closest to Casey during the "middle" that they baby-sat the child. There are mentions of Caylee spending the night in bed with her Mother of the Year and her current boyfriend. She is reported visiting a tattoo parlor with her mother. She spends time with watching cartoons with mom’s boyfriend’s roommate while she and the boyfriend "hang out" in the "other room." Aside from these rather distasteful sightings and innocent walks with friends, there are so many gaps in Caylee sightings here that the grandparents couldn’t possibly fill.

Where was she? Take a good look at the picture. You see a beautiful little girl with the saddest eyes. What had those eyes seen? Where had she spent so many hours to make them so sad? What kind of life had her thoughtless mother given her?

At this point there is no end in sight. Do we believe bounty hunter Leonard Padilla that she was kidnapped? Do we believe the cadaver dogs that alerted on the back yard and the trunk of the car? Do we believe Jose Baez that his client is innocent of all the charges against her and those that well may follow? Or do we go back a read and re-read all 400 pages of documents and draw our own conclusions?

Police Documents Part 1
Police Documents Part 2
Police Documents Part 3


New Document Links:

Link #1

Link #2 part one

Link #2 part two

Link #3

Haut de la Garenne Victims Being Victimized Again?

In it’s infinite wisdom, Jersey’s government is blocking claims for compensation to victims!

Negotiations between attorneys for some of the victims and Jersey’s law officers have failed to establish the right to compensation for the victims.

This failure can only add to the perception that Jersey cares not for the victims and that Jersey continues to refuse to confront it’s murky past.

The criminal injuries compensation board of Jersey can make awards only for injuries sustained after 1 May 1991, and claims for damages in the civil courts have to be filed within three years of a victim turning 18 - Haut de la Garenne closed in 1986.

England, Wales, Ireland, and Canada have all made changes to time limit laws regarding historic sexual abuse claims. Jersey law officers have given no indication that they see this as a solution.

As Lenny Harper said recently, "The legal system has to accept the reality of the situation. They are not trusted at all by the victims. They are held in contempt by the vast majority of the victims."

No, no amount of money will erase the horrific memories carried by the victims. It would however, bring some small sense of closure that the States of Jersey acknowledges the abuse and has heard the voices of the victims.

No matter how often and how loudly William Bailhache asserts, “Justice will be done” - I think not!

The Independent

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Rag On Haut de le Garenne and How Senator Syvret May Dismantle Life in Jersey

~Senator Syvret

Known as the mouthpiece of the ‘oligarchy’, the Jersey Evening Post or The Rag is the only newspaper on the island of Jersey.

Stuart Syvret has posted a great blog on the JEP’s latest editorial! He provides a very thorough deconstruction of the article, it’s rather tiresome attempt to gloss the scandal over and it’s continued attack on him.

Note: Bolding is my emphasis!

“It is undeniable that the present investigation into alleged historical child abuse at Haut de la Garenne and elsewhere has cast a dark shadow over Jersey and its people.”

“However, in spite of what some critics seem determined to assert neither the great majority of Islanders nor our political and legal establishments can be damned by awful events which, as far as we can tell, unfolded decades ago and clearly involved a restricted number of people.”

Sorry, the abuse wasn't decades ago - it went on for decades and continued up to at least two years ago. Maybe the JEP forgot about Simon Bellwood !

“It is possible that the Haut de la Garenne scandal could produce lasting effects that go beyond the scars that it will leave on the collective psyche of this Island. If Senator Stuart Syvret’s attempt to force the hand of British Justice Minister Jack Straw through a legal action calling for the intervention of English judges and prosecutors were to be successful, a constitutional precedent would be established.”

“This is not to say that the imposition of English judges would mark the immediate end of our status as a Crown Dependency – in fact, there are occasions when, for reasons of its own, the Royal Court calls in UK assistance in certain cases – but it would signal that the established order is not beyond challenge.

“It is, though, highly unlikely that the Senator is unaware of the possible far-reaching consequences of his foray into the English courts and of its potential for spurring a catastrophic reordering of not only the legal but also the political, social and economic life of the Island.”

It is very interesting to see The Rag’s spin. Their vocabulary is chosen with the greatest of care – notice, it’s all about the island, the ‘oligarchy’, and the demon that is Senator Syvret – no mention of the scores of victims, their suffering or the scars they have and will always carry!

To me, the rhetoric indicates the 'oligarchy' and JEP are the deer caught in the headlights.

As the good Senator says: “No critic, nor survivor, no campaigner, no politician – not even any national media - have stated that the ordinary people of Jersey are to be dammed for the awful events.”

“Only a fool or a liar could possible come to any conclusion other than that the Jersey oligarchy has – entirely – been the author of its own misfortune in this matter.”

Precisely Senator!

The entire article can be found here - Senator Stuart Syvret Blog

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lenny Harper Slams Jersey’s Handling of Abuse Scandal

~Lenny Harper

Now that Lenny Harper is retired and off the island of Jersey he is speaking frankly to the media about the way the island's legal system is handling the scandal.

He blamed "inexplicable delays and decisions" by the States of Jersey lawyers for some cases failing to reach court.

So far, only three people have been charged in the Haut de la Garenne investigation yet there are more than 80 suspects being investigated.

A suspect’s file was given to the Attorney General’s office back in April and nothing has been done with it yet.

William Bailhache, Attorney General, said he would not comment on individual cases, but of the six files sent to his office three had resulted in charges, two are under review, and one is still the subject of police inquiries.

Harper told the BBC:…officers had to wait "months and months" for decisions, and the decision making process for prosecutors in Jersey seemed to be, "whenever, wherever".

Describing repeated delays in the legal process, he said there were a number of occasions where officers felt "the goalposts were being moved".

"If it hadn't have been for what I would see as inexplicable delays and decisions, then yes more people would be before the courts at the moment I believe," he said.

Mr. Harper also claimed the legal hierarchy in Jersey was "absolutely held in contempt by the vast majority of victims".

Harper faced serious obstruction and received numerous threats during his tenure as lead investigator. His retirement was certainly welcomed in some Jersey circles, yet for many, his departure brought renewed fears of doing things the “Jersey way” – if we close our eyes - we won’t see it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jurors Forced to Watch Duncan Torture Dylan Groene

Every time I read more horrific details about the tragic death of Dylan Groene it's difficult to keep the tears from coming; my heart just about breaks.

Against the wishes of Steve Groene, father of Shasta and Dylan, prosecutors played a video tape for the jury of Duncan torturing and raping Dylan. On the tape Duncan can be heard saying, "The devil is here boy, the devil himself. The demon couldn't do what the devil sent him to do, so the devil came himself."

Jurors were visibly upset, crying and looked away from the video that showed, among other things, Dylan being hanged until he passed out, forced to perform a sex act and whipped. Even Duncan's standby attorney's couldn't watch the horror.

Read the latest at CNN.Crime.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Casey Strikes Out!

An Editorial by ritanita

Anthony remained jailed late Wednesday and will likely be released Thursday.

Yes, Casey Anthony is now out on bond after a week-long circus including Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire, Tony Padilla the Bondsman and various and sundry Florida bail bonds people. They’ve plunked down $50,000 and guaranteed the rest of the half-million bond. The other $200 in bonds are chump change for these dudes.

Now, Casey is going home to Mom and Dad. She’ll be welcomed like the Prodigal Daughter, at least at first. After all, except for a brief stop home on June 24 to get some clothes and have the stolen gas cans in the trunk of her car discovered by her father, they haven’t seen their Princess in person since July 16, the day she was arrested on charges of child abuse and not telling the truth, and nothing but to law enforcement officers.

What will Casey find when she gets home? First, there will be the monitoring device firmly clamped onto her ankle. There will be a new phone line in the house, just for her. Too bad she won’t be able to call her friends on it. Nope, that phone will just be there to keep her in the 150-foot radius.

Now, she could go out to the front yard. Whoops, no, she can’t. There are a bunch of reporters with their trucks and tents out front ready to get a scoop from her. She could also go into the back yard and take a swim in the pool. No, that might bring up some bad memories for her. She could dig the bamboo out. No, Caylee’s not around to step on it.

Next, there will be her bondsman baby-sitter to make sure she doesn’t run. Excuse me, Leonard Padilla said it was for her and her family’s safety! There are a lot of threats out there. Personally, I’m not worried about her security or her safety. The aforementioned press presence should thwart anyone who might want to get to her. The news helicopters overhead should keep the back yard safe, should she choose to venture there.

Of course, the 24/7 bondsman baby-sitter will need a place to sleep. I’m thinking he or she could sleep in Casey’s room. Casey can curl up in Caylee’s bed. She can spend her nights taking in all the toys and pictures of her missing child.

Then there’s the matter of Family Dynamics. We’ve all seen the meltdown of her parents. We can all agree that Cindy’s constant battles with the press were bizarre and frequently contradictory statements made for good news bites. Her father’s loss of composure at the thought that his granddaughter is dead was evident to all. These two people have had to deal with such a dichotomy. Deep down, they know that Caylee is dead. They both smelled the death-stench in the car. They both know their daughter is a foul-tempered liar. Yet, they feel the need to defend and support her.

We’ve listened to the 911 tapes and the tape of the call from Casey that first day in jail

"There is something wrong...I found my daughter's car today, it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car," Cindy Anthony yelled into the receiver.

"Whose fault is it you're sitting in jail?" Cindy Anthony said. "Are you blaming me you are sitting in the jail? Blame yourself for telling lies. What do you mean it is not your fault? What do you mean it's not your fault, sweetheart? If you would have told them the truth and not lied about everything..."

"Do me a favor and just tell me what Tony's number is," Casey Anthony said. "I don't want to talk to you. Forget it."

This is where you see the true family dynamics in action. This is what the bondsman baby-sitter will be able to observe in person once the short "honeymoon" period wears off.

Cindy and George will want to know the truth, and Casey won’t give it to them. She’ll repeat, ad infinitum, "Jose says I can’t talk to you about it." Tempers will flare. Hopefully, some truth will emerge in the emotional explosions. We can only hope.

I’ve come to the point in this case where I really don’t care about Casey and the Anthony family. Let them live out their own drama.

What I care about and where I’m putting my faith is in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. They have gone quietly about their business. They are not playing to the media and they’re keeping key evidence already in hand to themselves. I know that if Caylee is to have justice, they have it for her.

They aren’t giving Jose Baez anything upon which to hang his proverbial hat. On August 18, he stated on Greta VanSusteren when asked if there might be more charges added stated:

BAEZ: Well, if they're going to add the charges or increase them, our way of looking at it is -- you know, what we want to do is -- what could be a positive outcome of this is if they decide to file, obviously, more serious charges, we'd be forcing them to do something that they are not exactly ready to do yet. And any time you can get them to do something they don't want to do, it's certainly a wise move, and we're looking at that as a positive aspect of this.

Well, Jose, it didn’t work. You can have Casey "free" and they’re not going to give up any of their information to you until they’re good and ready!

Thanks to Kathlb for helping me find my info!

Fox News
Local 6

Update by Sprocket:
A slew of press surrounded a silent lipped Casey Anthony as she was released from jail this morning. Will this latest publicity stunt by bounty hunter Leonard Padilla actually result in a resolution to this story and find missing Caylee? Time will tell.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Beheading Suspect, Vince Weiguang Li Has An Attorney

Vince Weiguang Li, at last court appearance.

It is unknown what happened to change the situation since Li's last court appearance where he declined counsel, but according to the Cape Brenton Post, Li will be represented by defense attorney Alan Liebman with Legal Aid Manitoba.

After Li's last court appearance, he was moved to Winnipeg's only secure psychiactric ward at Health Sciences Centre for his court ruled mental evaluation. Liebman, who would not comment on his representation of Li, has yet to speak to Li's wife stated he would not be making a bail application for Li.

Phil Spector: Prosecution's Argument to Admit New PBA (1101(b)) Witnesses

The prosecution is trying to get several 1101(b) incidents admitted into Spector 2 that were ruled inadmissible in Spector 1.

Back on February 17th, 2005, Deputy District Attorney Douglas Sortino, presented a motion to admit several witnesses/incidents under the 1101(b) statute into evidence for Spector 1. This is a 58 page document and it's quite a bit of detail to go through.

Those witnesses/incidents were:
1.) Pg 12, ln. 13 A. The 1972 Possession of a Loaded Hand Gun
2.) Pg 13, ln. 3 B. The 1975 Assault at the Beverly Hills Hotel
3.) Pg 14, ln. 1 C. The 1977 Brandishing on Leonard Cohen
4.) Pg 14, ln. 12 D. The 1978 Brandishing on Alan Sacks and Cathy Henderson
5.) Pg 15, ln. 14 E. The 1988 Assaults on Dianne Ogden
6.) Pg 17, ln 12 F. The 1991 Assault on Melissa Grovesnor
7.) Pg 19, ln. 8 G. The 1993 Assault on Dorothy Melvin
8.) Pg 21, ln 8 H. The 1995 Assault on Stephanie Jennings
9.) Pg 25, ln 2 I. The 1999 Assault on Debra Strand
10.) Pg 26, ln 1 J. Spector's 2003 Terrorist Threats at Starbucks

The arguments used in this motion to admit all 10 events were:

1. Evidence of Uncharged Crimes to Prove Relevant Facts other Than the Defendant's Criminal Disposition

2. Uncharged Firearm Assaults Upon Women is Admissible to Show Common Plan or Design.
A.) The charged and uncharged offenses are similar.
B.) Probative value is not outweighed by prejudicial effect.

3. Evidence of All of Spector's Uncharged Gun-Related Violence is Admissible to Prove Implied Malice
A.) The uncharged crimes are relevant to show knowledge
B.) Probative value is not outweighed by prejudicial effect

4. Evidence of Spector's Uncharged Firearm Assaults Upon Women is Admissible to Show That Clarkson's Death was not Accidental and was not Self Inflicted
A.) The uncharged crimes are relevant to show lack of accident.
B.) Probative value outweighs prejudicial effect

The first defense team filed a motion for the exclusion of the prior convictions (A & B) on October 8th, 2005. I can not tell from the court documents what Fidler's ruling was on A & B (if anyone has a link to a news report, it would be much appreciated), however, the prosecution did not present this evidence during Spector 1.

On April 3rd, 2007, prosecutors filed a motion to admit the testimony of another witness, Debra Robitaille who was allowed to testify as a prosecution rebuttal witness in Spector 1.

On July 14th, 2008, the prosecution filed a motion to admit the testimony of a newly discovered witness, Norma Kemper for Spector 2. The arguments used in that motion appear almost identical to the arguments used in the February 17th, 2005 motion. (This document does not appear to be in the Court's web site. A partial transcription is available here.)

The arguments presented in the August 11th, 2008 motion to revisit the admissibility of the other gun incidents addresses only those incidents which were not admitted during Spector 1.

1. The 1972 possession of a loaded handgun.
2. The 1975 assault at the Beverly Hills Hotel
3. The 1977 brandishing on Leonard Cohen
4. The 1978 brandishing on Alan Sacks and Cathy Henderson
5. The 1999 assault on Debra Strand
6. Spector's 2003 terrorist threats at Starbucks

The first section of the new motion (Evidence of Uncharged Crimes to Prove Relevant Facts other than the Defendant's Criminal Disposition) is virtually the same as the February 17th, 2005 filing.

The second section, (The Doctrine of Chances) introduces a new argument and two cases not referenced in the prior motion. People v. Robbins (1988) 45 Cal.3d 86, 880 and People v. Kelly, (2007) 42 Cal.4th 63. (You can read the details of these case arguments in my entry here, pages 8-10.)

The third section, (...Modus Operandi) is similar to the 2005 motion and cites many of the same cases.

The fourth section of the August 11th, 2008 motion (Evidence of Uncharged Gun-related Assaults are Admissible to Show Identity) is a new argument. The new cases cited for this argument are People v. Kipp (1998) 18 Cal.4th 349, 369;, People v. Haston (1968) 69 Cal.3d 233, 244 and People v. Gordon (1990) 50 Cal. 3d 1223. (You can read the details of these case arguments in my entry linked above, pages 12-14.)

The fifth section of the 2008 motion (The Doctrine of Corroboration) appears to be a new argument supported by a case heavily referenced in the 2005 and 2008 motions, People v. Balcom (1994) 7 Cal.4th 414. (Pages 14-17.)

The sixth section (Probative Value Not Outweighed by any Prejudicial Effect) is similar to the 2005 motion but does cite a new case, People v. Karis (1988) 46 Cal.3d 612, 637.

At the August 14th hearing, Weinberg appeared to be quite upset about this motion. He reminded the Court that the prosecution did exactly what the Court told them they could not do. During Spector 1, according to Weinberg's argument, the prosecution could only present certain witnesses to show motive. The problem with Weinberg's frustration is that in response, Judge Fidler stated that Spector 2 is a whole new trial. We are starting over. If there is a new argument presented, he's obligated to consider it.

What do you think trial watchers? Will the prosecution's new arguments sway Judge Fidler in admitting any new 1101(b) witnesses?


I hope T&T's readers didn't actually think the motion the defense filed on Wednesday, August 13th, and subsequent appeal to the State Court of Appeals for an "indefinite stay" of Spector 2 on the grounds of "Double Jeopardy" would actually get some where. Did you think they would? Please! The indefinite stay was denied on Friday, August 15th.



Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County

Phil Spector Case Document List

The Motion referenced above is dated 2/17/2005.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cesar Laurean - Missing Files Press Conference

~Robert Sharpe

Onslow County Sheriff’s Department charged Robert Sharpe with embezzlement and misdemeanor larceny on Friday. Sharpe is accused of taking investigative files, law enforcement reports and other written and electronic information related to the Laurean case.

At a press conference yesterday, District Attorney Dewey Hudson said Sharpe attempted to sell copies of the documents to an undercover officer posing as a Newsweek reporter for an "astronomical" amount of money.

Onslow County Sheriff's Department, Captain Rick Sutherland became suspicious when reading comments about the Laurean case. The comments were posted on Daily News reporter Lindell Kay's blog and Sutherland realized the comments were from someone who had more detail than what he should have had.

An undercover officer, claiming to be a Newsweek reporter called Kay for possible sources of information about Laurean's sexual preferences.

With the source's permission, Kay provided a phone number, but did not provide the source's name or any other identifying information to the officer.

The Sheriff's Department asked Kay to reveal information about his sources, and he refused, citing North Carolina's "shield law".

Thursday, deputies intercepted Sharpe leaving the office with numerous paper and electronic files. Deputies later searched Sharpe's car, home, and computer.

It was emphasized there is no evidence any of the information contained in the files was released to any media outlet or that any documents were compromised.

Jacksonville Daily News

Will the High Court Intervene in the Haut de la Garenne Abuse Scandal

This past week, Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret and UK MP John Hemming began action in High Court against Lord Chancellor Jack Straw and Minister for Justice Michael Wills. Syvret and Hemming want Straw and Mill to intervene in the Haut de la Garenne child abuse investigation in Jersey.

They want independent prosecutors to handle the abuse inquiry because of fears that victims are not coming forward due to a lack of faith in the Jersey judiciary’s objectivity in the matter.

The High Court action has been brought due to reports of abuse cover-ups and obstructions in the investigations.

Syvret said the judiciary’s top priority is to appear objective, but under the current structure in the Channel Islands, that is impossible. Syvret is calling for a clear separation of power, with the judiciary and prosecutors answering to an external authority.

Now that the legal papers have been filed with the High Court, Syvret and Hemmings have seven days to notify the defendants. Straw and Willis then have three weeks to respond - providing their own evidence. The High Court will then decide whether or not to grant a judicial review.

If the review is granted, High Court judges will hear the evidence from both sides before making a judgment.

Willis has refused to say why the UK has not intervened.

When asked what happens if they lose, Senator Syvret said: We appeal the case – all the way to Strasbourg, the European Court of Human Rights.

To lose in Strasbourg – would require the European Court of Human Rights to overturn and abandon a mountain of established ECHR case law – dozens of its own precedents.

This Is Guernsey

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cesar Lauren Case – DA Intern Arrested

~Cesar Laurean

Robert Sharpe, an intern with the Onslow County DA’s office has been arrested on charges of embezzlement and misdemeanor larceny for stealing documents in the case.

The documents are part of the prosecution of Marine Cpl. Cesar Laurean, charged with murder in the death of 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach.

Sharpe is accused of taking investigative files, law enforcement reports, and documents while working for District Attorney Dewey Hudson.

Laurean fled to Mexico where he was apprehended and being held, awaiting extradition back to the US.


Casey Anthony - Of Cell Pings and Other Things

~Casey Anthony

More musings from ritanita

The news that cadaver dogs are searching the land around the Orlando airport ratchets up the case of missing toddler Caylee Anthony. Apparently, pings from this area off mother Casey’s cell phone have brought the police to the area to investigate. Since Casey won’t talk about her whereabouts in the days after her daughter’s disappearance, her cell phone will have to speak for her.

In a televised interview, Tony Lazzaro’s roommate, Clint House stated that he had not seen Caylee at Tony’s apartment since he returned from visiting his father on June 15th, Father’s Day. His information about Caylee and Casey tightens the time line. House also said that Casey would tell him and Tony that Caylee was with the "nanny" or with her parents from June 16th until July 1. He also verified that Casey was partying at Fusian on the 20th. It was there, he knew the photographer. He is an excellent potential witness.

Casey’s parents are showing the clear signs of the terrible strain they are under. George lashed out at the media yesterday for even suggesting that his granddaughter is dead. Cindy, ever the defender, went after the offending reporters with a vengeance, intimating that the media was hindering the investigation by frightening off people who want to report tips.

With all the latest signs of progress by law enforcement in their search and an ever-tightening time line, let us all hope that this case is resolved soon. While we always need to hold out the hope that the little girl is alive, as time goes by, the odds of her survival grow dimmer. Caylee’s grandparents need resolution as to what happened to their granddaughter. Casey’s "friends" who have been terribly deceived need to move on with their lives. Casey needs to face the music. Most of all, there needs to be justice for little Caylee.

Fox News

Phil Spector Pretrial Hearing August 14th, 2008, Kazuhoshi Miura, Cameron Brown and Dominick Dunne

With so much going on in the Sprocket household these days, I decided to drive into downtown LA for Spector's pretrial hearing so I could get back home, faster. I was hoping that I might run into Dr. C. Carroll Adams for an update on what's happening in the Cameron Brown case and as luck would have it, Dr. Adams was in the hallway on the 9th floor, waiting for Judge Pastor's courtroom to open at 1:30. He is currently watching a retrial of a case he first started watching at the end of Spector 1. He could not talk about it above a whisper at all (I barely heard what he said), since jurors from that trial were in the hallway all around us.

Dr. Adams mentioned that Spector's defense team was at the courthouse yesterday, appearing before Judge Perry in Dept 104. This had to do with the double jeopardy issue and the motion for an "indefinite stay" in Spector's trial that the Associated Press reported on yesterday.

We talked a bit about this motion for an indefinite stay filed by Spector's defense team. I will explain it a bit here since I've received a few emails and comments on the blog about the "double jeopardy" motion filed by the defense and people are confused about it. First, you need to read the defense's motion , titled "DEFENDANT'S NOTICE OF MOTION IN LIMINE, BASED ON PLEA OF ONCE IN JEOPARDY, FOR ORDER PRECLUDING THE PROSECUTION FROM DISCUSSING IN ITS OPENING STATEMENT, INTRODUCING EVIDENCE OF, MAKING CLOSING ARGUMENTS ON, OR SEEKING INSTRUCTIONS ON ANY LESSER INCLUDED OFFENSE OF THE CHARGED CRIMES OF SECOND DEGREE MURDER." It's available on the LA County Court's website, here. After that, I recommend reading the prosecution's response to that motion here, on T&T. I did not copy the entire document and the Court's website has not yet uploaded a copy of the document.

At the end of Spector 1, once both parties rested and the jury instructions were hammered out. (Do you remember that torturous process?) At that time, the Court ruled that since no party presented a theory that would support a lesser included charge (manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter), then the jury would not receive any instruction to consider lesser included. They were only given the option of second degree murder or not guilty. The defense is now trying to say that since the Court instructed that in the first trial, that amounts to an "acquittal" of a lesser charge of manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter. Consequently, because of that ruling, the prosecution should be prohibited from being able to present any arguments for lesser included charges in their case in the retrial, because if they did, that would be "double jeopardy" for those lesser charges.

On July 29th, the motions mentioned above were argued before Judge Fidler. At that hearing, Fidler stated that he would not rule on the defense motion at this time because it's too early. The Court does not know what the evidence will show. He would not make a ruling. There is no decision on this yet because the trial evidence has not been presented to a jury. However, the defense went before another judge requesting an "indefinite stay" so they will have ample time to "appeal" this issue. The problem is, there is no ruling to appeal. Fidler hasn't ruled on their initial motion. My thoughts are (and one reporter I spoke to agreed with me) that this stay will fail because how can one appeal a nonexistent ruling? Here is what I think is happening: Spector is trying to delay the trial by any means possible and Riordan and Weinberg are just following Spector's marching orders. If Riordan is half the appellate attorney he thinks he is, he knows this latest stunt will not fly.

The Cameron Brown case, Dr. Adams tells me that the trial has been delayed until sometime in early October. He did not have an exact date for me in his notes. Geragos is off the case and Pat Harris has officially taken over as lead counsel. According to Dr. Adams, apparently, Geragos has not been paid and that appears to be the main reason he's no longer representing Brown. The next pretrial hearing in that case is scheduled for September 5th, and the count reset to 0-45 from that date. From what Dr. Adams told me, Harris is currently in trial on another case and that is delaying the Brown case. At the last hearing it was agreed by both parties and the Court that Harris doesn't have to appear on September 5th; someone can stand up for him. I won't be attending that hearing but thought I would report on the new dates for those who are interested.

While I'm talking to Dr. Adams, Allan Parachini arrived and so did the AP reporter and another reporter whom I don't know. They are chatting away about the Miura hearing tomorrow in Torrance. Almost at the same time, Ciaran shows up as well as Robin and Sherri. It's about 1:25 pm and Courtroom 106 isn't open yet. There is a cameraman talking to Allan, and for a moment I think he's going to cover the proceeding but then he says his goodbye's to Allan and the other reporter's and takes off. There will be no video coverage or photos of today's rulings. Two distinguished gentlemen arrive and stand near the end of the hall. I get the feeling they are from the DA's office because they are not carrying briefcases but I don't know for sure.

Weinberg arrives without Riordan. Spector has waived his right to appear which means Rachelle Short, the trial bride has missed another photo op. Weinberg comes up and shakes hands with the AP reporter and says hello to the group of reporters. A few minutes later the prosecution team arrives. It's Alan Jackson, Truc Do, Ric Ocampo and a few others I don't recognize. The team greets the reporters and walk past them to shake hands with the gentlemen who arrived earlier and are standing a bit behind the press. I didn't see Sandi Gibbons walk up but she's here. The courtroom is finally opened and everyone slowly files in. Once inside the courtroom a familiar face who was at the prosecution table operating the Elmo shows up and says hello to everyone. She takes a seat on the "defense" side of the room. If I'm recalling correctly, I believe her name is Sudi.

The man I don't recognize with the prosecution team sits directly in front of me beside Ric Ocampo. I'm in the second row, about two seats in, leaving plenty of room for the AP reporter who likes to sit on the end of that row. The reporter is right there ready to sit down and I think I mention to Sherri or Robin that this is where the AP reporter likes to sit. she smiles and I tell her, "That is your reserved seat." Sherri and Robin sit in the row behind me. The AP reporter is kind enough to update me on Dominick Dunne. I knew that the surgery was cancelled but I didn't know that the book he is currently working on is his memoirs. I thought he was still working on finishing his last Bailey book. The AP reporter said that he went to the Dominican Republic for stem cell treatments. While he was there, a big party was thrown for him. He may go back and get another round of treatments there. That's just like Dominick to have a great time in the midst of his health issues. I said to the reporter, "Dominick has so much to offer the world. It would be so sad if he's not with us much longer." Please go to Dominick's Diary page, and leave him some positive thoughts towards a swift recovery. You could also send him a card, care of Vanity Fair and it will get to him.

Jackson and Truc Do are at the prosecution table, and Jackson is speaking to the reporter I don't know, who is sitting beside Ciaran. Jackson and the reporter exchange a few words about the Miura hearing in Torrance tomorrow, where Jackson will be presenting arguments to continue the extradition of Miura to the US. Jackson then looks over at me and asks how I'm doing. I don't hear his question clearly, and I think he's asking about Mr. Sprocket (but I realize how could he know about his injured arm) and then I think I hear the words carpal tunnel. I don't know why but I'm embarrassed. He's asking about my writing at the keyboard. I'm a little befuddled because I'm now wondering if he is referring to all my typing of recreating the prosecution's motions for the blog, but I'm also wondering if he was referring to the fact that I don't have my laptop with me. I smile and say I'm fine.

As I look around the courtroom, I see Pat Dixon in the third row, way off to my left. He's busy studying a small section of newspaper. Jackson, Truc and Weinberg all go into Judge Fidler's chambers and are there for a few minutes and after they exit, court is called into session.

Fidler states that since the people have presented two motions they should go first. Jackson starts off by mentioning something about a filing that the defense made that ". . . purports to be a declaration, but it's not a declaration. It doesn't establish any evidence or facts...but it does state argument...." Since I don't know what document he is referring to, I'm immediately lost. I then regain my footing just a tad. It has something to do with the defense making a statement, something to the effect of, the Court has ruled the PBA witnesses could not testify. That didn't make any sense because they were admitted, but maybe the defense motion is about the one's who were excluded. I'm lost again.

Jackson then moves on to present the argument of his motion to admit all 12 PBA's, and his argument is the Doctrine of Chances and the Doctrine of Corroboration.

AJ: "1101(b) doesn't require that level of recipe, that all 1101(b)'s are on a date . . . the defense said this is not consistent because it's not similar enough . . . they are relying on a civil case, Bowen, and not a criminal law case." Jackson explains the case, and says that the Court ruled correctly in that case to exclude all eight PBA's. "(In this case here) . . . in every one of our incidents, the exact same weapon was used . . . that distinguishes our case from Bowen . . . a single common marker . . . and in our case. . ."

Weinberg then stands up to interrupt Jackson. He's objecting to Jackson's motion. He's upset that Jackson is arguing a motion that they did not have time to respond to. That in the last hearing, time lines were agreed upon as to when motions would be filed. The prosecution was supposed to file by August 8th, and they filed this motion they are arguing on August 11th. And, the prosecution has not responded to their motions about the PBA's or Kemper. It's Weinber's understanding that this was all agreed to in the last hearing. You can tell he's quite perturbed that the prosecution has not followed the agreed upon filing dates, and has not made any formal response to their motions.

Weinberg is upset about the prosecution's latest motion to admit the PBA's under a new theory, the Doctrine of Chances and the Doctrine of Corroboration. . . these are totally contrary to what where the Court ruled in the first trial, that the PBA's needed to be linked by motive. "What the Court said is motive. The Curt identified that as the basis . . . no way that this evidence flies as motive . . . they are trying to do exactly what you told them not to do.

Jackson steps away from the podium and sits down. Weinberg continues: "There's no response (from the prosecution) to the "motive" motion (they filed) . . . Riordan is not here today to brief it, and there are no motions in reply."

Judge Fidler then says, "This is a new trial. I'm not bound by any of that. I'm not bound by anything in the first trial." He goes onto explain that we are starting fresh here. If a new argument is presented, a new theory for admitting evidence, he's obligated to consider it.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Dixon motioning Ocampo in the first row to come over to where he is sitting.

Jackson gets up and explains to the Court that, "We didn't respond because our thought is, we didn't think it was necessary. We thought it was ridiculous. We felt we didn't need to (respond)."

Jackson goes onto explain that these arguments are all interconnected. We don't concede motive. We don't concede Kemper. We are seeking 12 witnesses.

Unfortunately it's not clear in my notes but I believe this next part is Weinberg speaking.

"They presented the Doctrine of Chances; the Doctrine of Corroboration . . . under that theory . . . our motion was to exclude this evidence on motive . . . our motive is that there simply is a misconstruction of motive of 1101(b). . . with Kemper . . . that was presented as a common scheme or plan, not motive."

Jackson leans over and whispers to Truc as Weinberg is speaking.

Weinberg goes onto say, "There are so many things wrong here. . . In order to add Kemper, they are suddenly changing their scheme . . ."

Jackson stands up and says, "Mr. Weinberg says he's not prepared . . . not prepared to argue Kemper. . . and then he argues Kemper . . . we could have saved several pages of Diane's transcription (the court reporter) . . . and the court's time . . ."

Judge Fidler finally says something to the effect of, that all these arguments should be addressed at one time and not in piecemeal. All parties agree to that and a new trial date is set for September 15th at 1:30 pm. The admissibility of Dr. Pena as a witness is brought up and whether or not that will be argued then but I believe the Court indicated that this would be held over until October 2-3, or right before trial starts.

And that's it. Court is over. The reporters are commenting a bit that there is no headline today. The AP reporter says that in a few days (I think next week) she's going to Vegas to cover the OJ trial, so she may or may not be here for the start of Spector. As we all slowly head toward the elevators, Weinberg answers a few questions off the record. As we wait for the elevator, I ask Mr. Weinberg if he is flying home this evening. Sherri, Robin and I ride the elevator down with him. He is polite to Sherri and Robin, asking who they are, what is their interest in the trial and making a correct guess that they are not here, "for" Spector. I had the devilish urge to introduce myself as, "the woman your client tried to get permanently removed from the courtroom in the first trial," but I censored myself and didn't say anything.

On the way back to the parking lot I gave donchais a call and tried to explain what happened today; basically nothing. I think both sides came to the hearing unprepared, but for different reasons. I have to say, it didn't appear to be a very good excuse that Jackson gave for not having filed any responses to Weinberg's motions. From what transpired, it looks like the prosecution is presenting an entirely different theory for Spector 2, as to why all the 12 1101(b) witnesses should be admitted into evidence. Whether Fidler will be swayed by their new arguments remains to be seen on September 15th.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spector Pre Trial Hearing - A Total Bust

Nothing was decided!!!!!

Defense claims prosecution didn't respond to motions.

Pros says the motions weren't worth responding to.

Defense claims they were blindsided by the new theory thrown at them -Pros motion for PBA's under new theory of Doctrine of Chance.

Fidler said this is a whole new trial and pros can present new theories.

We'll be back in court Sept 15th at 1:30pm!

Sprocket will update later!

Trial Coverage As We Want It!

As all you trial fans know, gavel-to-gavel coverage has been abysmal since the demise of CourtTV.

Several months ago, Michel Bryant took the bold initiative to fill the shoes of the deceased CourtTV and we are excitedly waiting for the launch!

Michel and team are working furiously to bring us not only gavel-to-gavel coverage, but also many, cool new features we have never had in the past.

Here’s an update from Michel:

The site you see is NOT the site we will launch. There are similarities but the site now in place is really just a placeholder so that we have the welcome video and some presence.

We've made so many changes I can't itemize them all, but we're on track for the OJ launch and we may load the new version a few days ahead of time to let you play. We had hoped to do that much earlier but...such is the dynamic nature of what we're attempting.

Thanks for your patience. It will be worth it.


So, hang in there folks – we’re almost there! Woohoo!

Haut de la Garenne DCO Furious and Senator Syvret Initiates Court Action Against the UK

~Lenny Harper

Today, papers are being registered with the High Court of London against Jack Straw. Straw has the power to order the UK to intervene in the child abuse scandal and even though he has been publicly and privately asked to intervene, he has remained mute on the subject.

From Stuart Syvret: Jersey’s Attorney General, William Bailhache – brother of Bailiff, Philip Bailhache, has pro-actively obstructed and delayed the charging and extradition of suspects against whom there are well-evidenced cases.

…under the banner of Families for Justice – John Hemming MP and I initiate our court action against the UK government for its failure to ensure the rule of law and the good administration of justice in Jersey.

And such is the strength and clarity of the case – I’m very confident we will, ultimately, win.

In a memorandum supporting the court action, retired DCO Lenny Harper had much to say about politics and justice in Jersey.

From the Times Online: A furious memorandum from the senior detective in the Jersey child murder and abuse investigation claims that it has been hampered by prosecutors, destroying victims’ faith in the justice system.

Lenny Harper, who found the remains of five children in a former boys’ home, says that it is getting harder to persuade witnesses to come forward because of fears that alleged perpetrators will not be put on trial.

Mr. Harper claims that the island’s Attorney General and his office are held in “total contempt” by victims of child abuse after repeatedly failing to bring offenders to justice.

The memo is part of the evidence in an application to the High Court in London today by the Justice for Families group, co-founded by John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP, and Stuart Syvret, a Jersey senator and campaigner. The organization is demanding that Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, take over the investigation. It claims the memo is further evidence that such a sensitive investigation should be taken out of the hands of the island’s tight-knit coterie of senior officials because of what it claims are their perceived conflicts of interest.

Mr. Harper’s memo gives warning that potential witnesses are keeping silent because suspects are being freed without charge on apparently spurious grounds. “This is illustrated by a briefing I have had from the NSPCC counselor working alongside us,” he states in the memo seen by The Times. “He has received a text message from a victim (which he has shown to me) to say ‘It is a joke. Another two walk away. No wonder no one will come forward’. ”

Mr. Harper’s report discloses that William Bailhache, the Attorney General, decided to appoint a prosecution barrister, Simon Thomas, to the police inquiry. Police claim that Mr. Thomas advised them that a 70-year-old man and his wife, 69, believed to have been former foster parents, could be arrested and charged with grave and criminal assault. The report notes that Mr. Thomas denied having given such advice. They were taken into custody on June 24 but at 5pm the barrister told detectives he had revised his view, citing as reasons that the wife was unwell, a witness had rung police to say they were holding the wrong people and the couple’s children said their parents were “good people”.

Mr. Harper wrote: “I could not work out, and am still unable to work out, what really did prompt the change of heart and the revision of the advice.” Mr. Thomas did not respond when asked by The Times about his alleged change of mind.

In another child abuse case, Mr. Harper writes, the police experienced delays after sending a file this April to Mr. Thomas about Jane and Alan Maguire, who had run a care home. A previous prosecution against the Maguires for assault was dropped for lack of evidence in 1998 by Michael Birt, QC, then the Attorney General.

Mr. Birt is now the second most powerful judge as Deputy Bailiff.

“Naturally, as I was Attorney-General at the time, I would not sit judicially in any case which may be brought in the future involving the Maguires,” he said this week.

The Maguires retired to France and no extradition has yet been sought.

The Attorney-General told The Times: “I do not agree that there is any actual or perceived conflict of interest which prevents me from performing the functions I have, which I intend to perform to the best of my ability and with the integrity which the office requires. I am absolutely determined that cases of child abuse will be prosecuted where it is right to do so.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice in London said: “This is an internal matter for Jersey’s government.”

The arrogance of the Bailhache’s, Birt, and others is appalling. I fully understand the anger and frustration of Lenny Harper, Stuart Syvret, and most importantly, the victims.

I applaud and support Stuart’s persistence and confidence, yet I fear the UK is intrinsically tied to this scandal and will do nothing.