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Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 17

Day 17 – 1/30/08

First up today is Quinn Yorton (before becoming a stockbroker, Quinn was in LE). Klug told Yorton about his conversation with Jensen.

Yorton had met Jensen at Stifel. Klug spoke to Yorton a week or two after Jensen was arrested. Klug told Yorton about the conversation that happened in the bar about doing away with spouses.

The conversation came up because Ed was astonished that Mark had been arrested.

Yorton told Klug that he should contact the DA’s office and let them know.

A week or two weeks later they spoke again and Klug wanted additional confirmation that he should contact the DA. Klug still wasn’t sure he should get involved. Again, he told Klug to call the DA.

Jensen was charged in March 2002 is that what you remember? 2002, yes.

Had you heard about Jensen’s arrest from other sources? I can’t recall.

Did you keep any notes of the conversation? No.

You spoke with Det. Ratzburg in Aug. 2007? Correct.

Did you advise Klug to only tell part of what he knows to the DA? No.


Was Mr. Klug aware of your LE background? I believe he was.


Your LE experience was 15 years prior to your conversation with Klug? I was in LE in the mid 80’s.

State calls Bernard Bush. Oh boy, another jailhouse snitch!

Bush was convicted of 5 crimes. Charges are pending in Kenosha County. He is testifying without being offered anything by the state.

He met Mark in Kenosha County jail after Mark had been there a while. Bush says Mark only spoke to select people. He spoke with Clayton and David Thompson.

Bush heard Thompson and Jensen talking and Thompson told Jensen that he knew people who could take care of things. They were talking about a ransom note. For the right price he could take care of something for Jensen.

Jensen wanted some people to disappear. Jensen asked Bush if it was possible to make things happen like Thompson said. Bush told him yes if you have the right money.

Bush kept one of the notes that he had written to Thompson. Mark crumpled the note and threw it in the toilet. Bush retrieved the note and gave it to LE.

Mark got cold feet about the ransom and asked Bush what would happen if it backfired.

Jensen spoke freely to people and was real open. Mark told Bush about giving Julie something to make her die. They spoke about antifreeze.

Did Jensen ever tell you who he wanted “sat on”? A guy and a girl from Appleton.

Thompson said he could hold them for the length of the trial.

Mark asked Bush how that could be done. Bush said if it’s the right money people could do it.

Jensen told Bush that Julie left a letter because she was trying to frame him.

Mark told Bush that he had given Julie a large amount of antifreeze, but not in one dose.

Mark never told you he killed Julie? Not right out.

Albee up on cross......

Thompson hit Mark in the face - Bush didn't go and help Jensen.

"Mr. Bush do you recall Mr. Thompson saying 'you were going to do it for me, but you lied”.

Bush never found out why Thompson hit Jensen. "I don't believe it was my business to ask".

Albee asking Bush questions about the "intimidation" going on from Thompson to Mark Jensen in jail.

Bush said Jensen was talking to lots of people about certain situations.

Bush had also made a comment about "they were all men" in jail. Albee asks him if some men were more accustomed to jail, and some weren't? Mark Jensen wasn't.

Mark talked to people about his case, and maybe some people made up things in order to get favor from the DA? Bush says he doesn't know about what they do.

Bush is up on charges for beating up other inmates and stealing food. Albee says it's Bush's assertion that the inmate lied - OBJECTION!

Legal wrangling - Albee seems to be want Bush to incriminate himself about the charge of beating up another inmate. Jambois doesn't want Albee to ask questions about this.

Albee says "Jambois" was getting "Cute" in asking Bush a question. Jambois is mad about that. Judge doesn't care about Jambois' resenting that statement.

Jambois says he hasn't offered Bush one single thing for his testimony in this case. Albee bitches. What else is new?

Judge says Albee is not going to be able to bring in if he has been accused for murder. He can ask about if Bush is accused of a crime that might get him a life sentence that could be whittled down to seven years.

Albee brings up charge of "Battery upon a prisoner". Bush doesn't deny striking the prisoner, hasn't pled and hasn't been sentenced. Faces 14 years for this charge! Yikes!

Also attempted robbery by use of force - as a repeater, he faces 11 and a half years for this one.

Bush wants to answer these questions and that's obvious.

Bush is accused of hitting the other prisoner to steal his food. Bush doesn't deny hitting the dude, just that he did it for the food.

Another "Battery of a prisoner" charge on prisoner Trenton Grey. Felony intimidation of a witness is in this one. Faces a possible 14 years on this one, due to the repeater fact.

Also a charge of "Felony bail jumper" - faces 10 years on this one.

Albee jumping around to all the charges, probably to confuse Bush.

Also facing charges now of "Armed robbery", as a repeater. Facing six charges of A.R. Up to 46 years on each A.R. charge! YOWSERS!

Albee brings out criminal complaint - 40 years on each A.R., plus up to 6 years for being a repeater.

Also charged with false imprisonment, as a repeater - six charges of that. Each charge is 10 years max.

Also charged with possession of a firearm by a felon - that lil' baby gets 14 years.

Also charged with 1st degree reckless endangerment - 18 years for that one. Based on claim that someone he was with was shooting at someone they were robbing.

Bush is facing OVER 400 YEARS IN PRISON!

Albee going into situation when Bush lied to police about not knowing about a shooting that occurred while Bush was involved in a robbery......Bush lied to police about being in Racine, about knowing "Marvel" (the shooter). Bush drove the getaway car in the robbery in which George Mitchell was shot and killed by Marvel Willingham, who was in the car. Bush didn't know Marvel personally, he said.

Albee is done.

Jambois on re-direct

Were you offered anything for your testimony? No

Did Mark Jensen know about the charges against you? Don't believe so. Did Mark know how to act in jail? No. But people were advising him as to things he should/shouldn't do - people of all colors.
They advised him not to say do certain things or say certain things.

Albee objects to words not even said yet! He's a mind reader.

Funniest line of the day from Intrepid: Craig Albee, Psychic Defense Attorney!


Advice to Mark Jensen from the inmates in the know:

Don't talk to people! You might say things you shouldn't say. Mark ignored this advice and talked to lots of people about his case.

Not only Thompson hit Jensen, but another inmate struck him too. Before Thompson hit him!

Mark didn't seem afraid of Bush, and he didn't appear to be afraid of Thompson either - "they were conversating fine". Mark didn't appear to be afraid of anyone while he was in jail!

Bush never saw anyone walk into Mark's cell and look at or take Mark's documents while Mark wasn't there. Mark had white bins with lids for his paperwork.


Albee is back. Is it respectful to hit other inmates? Depends on the situation. They're men, and both have their reasons.

Albee is probing the murder charge against Bush, which has apparently been dismissed and he was given a lesser charge because Bush gave testimony against another criminal.

Bush is shown a copy of the statement he gave in the murder charge. Were you promised something for the statement? No. Was your lawyer present for this statement? Yes.

Judge tells Bush you’re being asked what your lawyer said. You don’t have to answer.

Bush says the lawyer was careless and claims he made the statement on his own.

In cross, you were asked if you are going to get a benefit for testifying. Why are you testifying then? Because if Jensen had nothing to hide, he wouldn’t have been having conversations about ransom.

Do you know what Mr. Jensen is charged with? Killing his wife.

You’re telling the truth here. Yes.


Didn’t you lie to the police about the murder? Yes.

Albee is going on and on about Bush being a liar.

You know you may get consideration for testifying here. No, I don’t know that.

Bush is released.

State calls Mike Graveley, Deputy DA in Kenosha County. He is prosecuting Bush and his co-defendants.

Bush’s case is postponed? Yes, so he could testify in this case.

Did you offer anything for Mr. Bush for testifying here? No.

Graveley has never offered any benefit to Bush for testifying. He hasn’t even had a conversation with Bush.


Bush’s attorney asked for his case to be held over? Yes.

And Bush’s attorney may come back and ask for consideration for Bush’s testifying here? Yes and I expect he will.

You will also take into consideration past consideration Bush received in a previous case? It depends upon the situation.

The consideration in the other Bush case was made well before Bush decided to testify here.


There is no agreement in this case, but is it based on the testimony being truthful. Yes.

You’re not likely to call me to ask if the testimony was truthful. No.

State calls Stacy Bauer. She worked at Stifel on Appleton. She worked with Klug.

Did Klug take to you or any other secretaries about his conversation with Jensen? Yes, about wanting his wife dead. It was the day he got back from the conference.

Did you hear that Julie was dead? Yes, from Ed Klug

Do you remember what Klug said? Not verbatim, but something to the effect that he hated her and wanted her dead.

Who else was present at the conversation with Klug? I think just the two of us. Conversation lasted a couple of minutes.

You worked with Klug at Stifel? Yes.

5 months ago you met with Det. Ratzburg about conversations with Ed Klug? Yes.

You talk to Ed Klug about Mark being arrested? No, I didn’t know Mark had been arrested.

Det. Ratzburg wrote up a statement that you signed and it reflects what you said at the time.

There was gossip about Mark having an affair? Yes, everybody talked about it.

And that information came from Mr. Klug? Yes.

When Klug told you Julie had died, you all thought she committed suicide. That’s what we were told.

Klug told you about Julie being depressed? Yes, after she died.

For nine years after the fact, did you have continuing conversations with Mr. Klug? Not really because we didn't see each other after I left Stifel.

Albee is back to semantic gymnastics and piffling minutia, geez.

Stacy doesn’t remember exactly what was said, but she definitely remembers what it was about in context.

When you found out Mrs. Jensen was dead, you had a reaction? Yes.

Your reaction must have been because of what Klug told you? Yes.

Stacy just snapped at Albee for his snarkiness! Go Stacy!

When Ed told you that Julie died, was the conversation fresher in your mind then now? Yes.

What did you say when Klug told you Julie died? Oh my god, he killed her.

Based on what? The conversation we had right after he came back from the conference.


You never heard that Jensen said he wanted to kill her? Right. He wanted her dead and he wanted to kill her are two separate things.

Stacy released and court takes a break.

State calls Det. Ratzburg, next. (This ought to be really dicey on cross! Bet Albee accuses him of falsifying stuff.)

Det. Ratzburg, on the evening you were at the scene, you were going to treat that as a death scene? Correct.

Ratzburg knew of Julie thinking Mark was going to harm her so Ratzburg called Jambois. Jambois was at the scene for 45 minutes to an hour.

Ratzburg told Jensen he was going to search the house, he was worried someone could have broken in. Jensen told him that wasn’t the case. Now HTH we he know that????

Jensen told him that Julie was depressed and on medications. Ratzburg has been on the case since the harassing calls and porno being left around.

Jensen gave consent to the search of the house. Lt. Hunter took the photographs of the home. Jensen signed the consent to search and for obtaining information.

Ratzburg did video of home. They seized the home computer. They seized crackers and mac’n cheese in bowls. OMG, the food is now gone because mice got into the evidence room!

Wojt gave Julie’s letter to Ratzburg so, the computer was sent to the state crime lab to be analyzed.

You were at the autopsy? Yes.

Did Dr. Chambliss have an opinion as to cause of death? No.

Ratzburg sounds credible to me. Jambois is getting into, is it acceptable to lie in a report or in testimony? No.

Is it acceptable for police to lie when questioning a suspect? Yes.

Jambois just laid the foundation to close the door on what I assume Albee is going to try to do to impeach Ratzburg!

Albee is objecting every 2 seconds and is being overruled!

Mark lied to Ratzburg about Kelly and him having sexual relations in the weeks and months prior to Julie's death.

And so did Kelly! (So, will Kelly be charged with perjury at the end of this??

Albee keeps objecting!

More fun tomorrow!

Intrepid and ritanita contributed to this entry. Thanks!

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Moment of Truth: Will Drew Peterson be a contestant?

Just when you think that there is no way that Drew Peterson's behavior could sink any lower, it does. is reporting that Drew Peterson has asked to be a contestant on the new FOX show, Moment of Truth. Unforkin' believeable. Drew Peterson is a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

From the article:

"Moment of Truth" to Catch a Killer?

A well-placed source tells TMZ that reps for suspected wife killer Drew Peterson have contacted the producers of the new show "Moment of Truth" asking to hookup their client to a lie detector test on national television.

Peterson's fourth wife Stacey has been missing and presumed dead since last October. Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio, was found dead in a bathtub in March 2004. At the time, her death was ruled accidental, but since Stacey's disappearance, Savio's body was exhumed for forensic examination and officials determined her death to be a "homicide staged to look like an accident."

Stacey's family has continually asked Drew to submit to a lie detector test -- which he has repeatedly refused to do, until now.

Peterson denies any involvement in Stacey's disappearance, insisting she left him for another man.

A FOX spokesperson had no comment.

NY Daily article on the same story.

Peterson, you might as well confess already, since your behavior is right in line with you being guilty.

Guest Entry: ritanita’s Musings About the Mark Jensen Trial

GUEST ENTRY by Ritanita!

Where Was Mark Jensen When Julie Died?

The Jensen trial is a complicated web of facts. The witnesses, presented in what seems at times to be a mix of medical witnesses, neighbors, co-workers of Mark Jensen and the infamous "snitches" is creating a fascinating story that the avid trial watcher has to "cut and paste" for themselves.

One important factor is the timeline of events the day Julie Jensen died. There has been a great deal of testimony from different witnesses as to whether or not Mark Jensen went to work on December 3, 1998. For us loyal trial-watchers, here are the various stories that have been testified to in court. To help everyone keep track, I've gone back through the records and found the following information.

The first testimony on the topic, came in with Jensen’s former co-worker and former friend David Nehring. He testified on January 10th that he had originally told Detective Ratzburg that Mark hadn’t gone to work on December 3rd. He had originally testified that Mark had been to work that day, but explained to Prosecutor Jambois that due to the pressure of the hearings, he had confused the 3rd and the 4th.

On January 18th, Aaron Dillard, a jail cellmate of Mark’s testified that Jensen told him, "The next morning her breathing was very raspy. Jensen went to work and when he came home and Julie was breathing better. Jensen told him that he was scared that she didn't die. After Jensen killed his wife he went back to work. Then he picked up the kids and brought them home from school. He made the kids wait outside."

The first witness on the stand of January 24 was first responder Lieutenant Daniel Reilly. He had been sent to the Jensen house for non-responsive female. He testified that, in his interview at the scene with Mark Jensen the evening of Julie s death, Mark told him, "On the 3rd, she was sick so he stayed home in the morning. He went to work about 12 pm. At that time, she had labored breathing, but was sleeping. He picked up the kids and came home and found Julie dead."

Finally, on January 29th, there were two witnesses who corroborated that Mark Jensen did not go to work that fateful day.

Mrs. Perez, a co-worker said that Mark wasn’t in the office at all, but that, "She did speak to him that day - he called in at around 10 or 11 am. Mark said his wife was very ill and he didn't know what to do." Another co-worker, Rosemary MacInnes said she was 99% sure she didn’t see Mark that day.

There are the stories. Now, who are we to believe? Mark Jensen’s two versions as told to others, or those told by all the other witnesses?

Thanks ritanita for giving us something to ponder!

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Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 16

Day 16 – 1/29/08

This is a short report because of the Jury being released early due to weather.

Poor Dr. Mainland is back on the stand and we are rehashing the last 3 days of testimony.

OFGS! Albee is treating Dr. Mainland like she's an idiot. Last I knew she is the one with the medical degree, not him!

Albee is again using his verbal gymnastics to trip up Dr. Mainland. The fact is that Julie Jensen had ethylene glycol in her stomach, blood, and organs.

Her psychotherapist notes say, "Chronically depressed, cry easily". Decrease in appetite. Keeps her problems inside, ruminating, can't seem to keep them away.

Dr. M agrees that these notes should be considered when evaluating suicide or homicide.

Julie was given samples of Prozac. The records are from 1990. Julie died in 1998. Duh!

Jambois, Albee and the judge are arguing now about whether or not to allow in Mark Jensen's interview and the transcripts. If they allow in the statement, then it's as if Mark is testifying, but cannot be cross-examined.

Jury brought back in…

Jambois is making good points. Fact is Mark Jensen is a proven liar and so are the snitches!

Wow, Dr. Borman prescribed Ambien only based on Mark's statements about Julie. The doctor told Mark Jensen that if her symptoms persist or get worse, Julie needs to go to the ER! And her symptoms worsened, but Mark did not follow the doctor's instructions!

Dr. M. indicates that if there had been a single dosage, she wouldn't have lasted as long as she did.

“I interpret that to be that the crystals formed from the first dose(s) and that there could have been a larger dosage where some of the final ethylene glycol was absorbed in the stomach but not metabolized yet in the blood. Finally, there was unabsorbed ethylene glycol still in her stomach!!!”

Here we go - Julie ingested the first bit of EG about 36-40 hours before death, and if she had taken a single, suicidal dose, she would have died within 4 hours.

There we go. That's it. Julie was not going to poison herself little by little; she'd have done it all at once.

We're going over some of Ratzburg's interrogation of Jensen.

There is NO reference of the bruises to the rib cage in the report. So even if Dillard stole the report from Mark's cell, he didn't read the "sitting" on Julie part.

We are going to go into Paul Griffin’s conversation with Jensen (the taped call).

Jensen said Tuesday evening Julie was fine. In the late night hours she started acting goofy and drunk. The next day he saw her only get out of bed once in the morning. She was mostly sleeping, out-of-it, vomiting. Wednesday night her breathing is raspy. She can’t even move in the bed, he had to prop her up so the kids could see her.

Albee trying to get Dr. M to say she is biased against Mark.

Cashier for Stifel - Ms Perez. She worked with Mark.

She took care of deposits and making checks for clients. Processed and opened mail and answered phones.

She never opened any mail that had sexually explicit images, nor did Mark Jensen ever complain of receiving any sexually explicit images.

Mark Jensen's office had a window - she's not aware as to if mark could see his car from his office.

Dec 3, 1998 - Mark wasn't in the office all day. If Mark had come in the office between 11-1 or 2, she would have seen him come in because it's a small office.

She did speak to him that day - he called in at around 10 or 11 am. Mark said his wife was very ill and he didn't know what to do. She suggested that he take her to the Dr or ER. Mark didn't respond to that suggestion.

Office Christmas party planned for the 7th, on a Friday. She wasn't planning on attending the party.

Albee on cross - she usually answered the phone, but sometimes a sales assistant answered it. Not always Rosemary
MacInnes who usually answered the phone when Ms Perez couldn't.

None of the phone answerers ever talked about getting sexually explicit phone-calls - ever.

She heard rumors of packages being received, but she didn't hear Mark Jensen talk about that.

Now Albee is trying to get her to say she left the office on the 3rd, so maybe she wouldn't have seen Mark!

On re-direct - she says that she was very surprised that Mark talked to her about his wife being sick, and that he didn't know what to do. She didn't know why he wouldn't know what to do!

But it was very memorable that Mark didn't come in that day, and that he had called and discussed Julie's health.

New witness - Rosemary MacInnes. Branch office coordinator at Stifel. In Brookfield now, but was in Racine July 98 through March 05.

She worked with Mark - they started within a couple months of each other.

She helped with clients, backup to answering phones, etc.

Between July and November 98 - never received harassing phone calls. In opening mail, she never opened any mail addressed to Mark Jensen that contained sexually explicit images. Mark didn't mention receiving calls or sex mail to her. Or envelopes left on his car.

Mark told no one at work he was receiving harassing calls or sex pics, evidently. Hmmm, why would he keep that kind of thing quiet?

Another, more strong confirmation that Mark didn't come to work on December 3rd!

They discussed canceling the office Christmas party, and when Mark was informed of that he said he didn't want to ruin anyone else's time.

Mark attended the Christmas party on the 11th - Albee objects to this witness characterizing Mark's behavior at the party.......

Mark looked like he was enjoying himself - eating food, drinking cocktails, talking and laughing! Another sales assistant was sitting next to Mark and "was enjoying her time with him". Mark and this woman seemed to be flirting - he was receptive to her flirting!

Hardly a week after his wife had died....

She is 99 percent sure Mark didn't come to work on the 3rd! Albee is trying to trip her up by asking what she did for lunch, but she isn't sure what she did.

And she's done!

Well, that’s it for the day, jury released at 2:10 pm!

ritanita and Intrepid contributed greatly to this story!

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Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 15

Day 15 – 1/28/08

Dr. Mainland is back on the stand for re-direct by Jambois.

Going through the stages of ethylene glycol poisoning. The more consumed, the stage can be accelerated.

Stage 1 is 30 minutes to 12 hours – person will act like they’re drunk.
Stage 2 is 12 to 24 hours, the cardio respiratory phase.
This is where the ethylene glycol gets absorbed into the body. Rapid heavy breathing, heart racing.
Stage 3 is 24 to 72 hours, the renal phase. Crystals get deposited into the kidney.
Stages can overlap.

Conclusions were made by Mainland from statements made by Mark, David and Paul Griffin (Julie’s brother).

Julie’s breathing started to improve Thursday afternoon. Probably because she had passed through stage 2 already and was getting ready to die.

Mainland is asked about whether Dillard could have made his story up. Mainland doesn’t believe he could because it fits to closely.

Mainland believes that Julie was very near death from ethylene glycol, but she was finished-off by smothering.

Mainland says based on Julie’s condition there would have been no need for Ambien to be prescribed! Mainland reviewed Dr, Borman’s file on Julie. Mainland says she saw no indication of suicidal tendencies.

Mainland says Julie was not depressed based on the files and statements made by friends.

Mainland saw Julie’s letter. Most everything in the letter influenced her opinion. Especially the part that said, “I would never take my life because of my kids, they are everything to me”.

Cross ~

Dr. Mainland, you don't treat live patients? No.
You don't deal with patients who are alive and depressed? No.
You don't prescribe medications for patients who are alive and depressed? No.

Discussion of Teresa Di Fazio's depiction of note. Dr. Mainland thinks it's possible someone else had written the note, given the condition she was in.

Albee: Dr. Mainland stated Julie couldn't make a phone call and she could. Dr. Mainland says Mrs. Wojt said she sounded drunk and her interpretation was that she was clearly ill.

There is a debate as to what Mrs. Wojt might or might not have done... in terms of calling for help for Julie.

Able interprets Julie's not wanting help was that she didn't want help so she could commit suicide. Dr. Mainland doesn't agree.

Judge says it's up to the jury to decide and they should disregard answers. Able asks if DiFazio's testimony would change her mind in that she said it was Julie's handwriting. Dr. Mainland agreed.

Albee elicits that Dr. Mainland views the case as a homicide and that some people have the motivation to lie and some don't. She feels she is capable of interpreting the testimony based on her medical background.

She has read statements from many of the witnesses. It's a common practice for the ME. She hasn't done any phone call interviews.

Albee asks if she is aware Julie turned down help from the police. Dr. Mainland says she may have been scared to death of what her husband would do.

She does NOT feel that Julie turned down police help so she could commit suicide.

She knows of many cases of emotionally abused women who are afraid to get help.

Dr. Mainland is speaking out for Julie Jensen here, and Mr. Albee is asking her questions that are misleading.

Albee is putting words into her mouth again.

Albee re: police interview with Mark Jensen, April 21, 1999.

Did she consider statements in that report? YES

She indicated Aaron Dillard COULD make up his story. She says she believes it because Dillard's testimony backs up suffocation and ethylene glycol poisoning.

Albee: You can die of both poisoning and suffocation.... Yes

You can be beaten and stabbed...

If she had signed death certificate she would have said ethylene glycol poisoning and probable asphyxiation.

She finds Dillard believable. His testimony jibes completely with physical evidence. Can't see motivation.

Albee: How about getting out of 8-year jail sentence.

Albee: A good con man would have knowledge of what would make his story acceptable to prosecution? OF COURSE

Albee: It is important to know there isn't another source for the evidence except for Mark Jensen. YES (suffocation)

Jambois: objection, asked and answered (overruled)

We are hearing a lot of repetitious information here.

Dr. Mainland doesn't know that Aaron Dillard read the police report that mentioned suffocation.

There were things he said that NO ONE had access to.

Albee keeps pushing Dr. Mainland to admit that Dillard could have gotten the information from sources other than Mark Jensen.

Jambois objects.

Judge calls a break.

Fireworks ahead?

Judge tends to believe that this line of testimony is okay.

Jambois: Wants to parade self-serving evidence before the jury without calling Jensen. Cites evidence of rib bruising and injury in back of neck.

Judge: Evidence not for the truth of the matter.

Jambois: No evidence in reports of Mark sitting on her! Nobody knew about it! This could only come from Mark Jensen telling Dillard.

Albee: The transcript has numerous references to smothering, sitting on her, etc., etc.

Judge: Refresh his memory!

Albee: Quotes Chambliss testimony. Julie was found with her face in the pillow, more discussion of fingernail, rear anterior neck, asphyxia death, choked her, put a pillow over her face and smothered her, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Jambois points out that, in all the citations Mr. Albee mentioned, that indicates he sat on top of her rib cage.

Judge: It did! Asked if Mark sat on her. He will allow the examination.

There is no indication Mr. Dillard saw this report. They would need additional testimony to prove it.

Albee says there will be conclusive evidence that the transcript was in Mark Jensen's jail cell.

Judge will allow the line of questioning.

Albee: Det. Ratzburg provided information about the autopsy in his interview. He is talking to Mark Jensen about his view of the autopsy.

Asphyxia was discussed. Mr. Albee seems to think that this was Ratzburg lying to Jensen. Dr. Mainland did not have an opinion that cause of death couldn't be asphyxia. She says that at the time of the hearing, she didn't have enough evidence to prove it, just to consider it as a possibility.

She is STILL calling it probable terminal asphyxia because she didn't do the autopsy.

We are now arguing hypothesis vs. opinion!

Mr. Albee is taking her through lines of transcripts. We have all heard this before. He's doing his job defending his client, but he and Dr. Mainland are going round and round.

Albee is again concluding Aaron Dillard must have read the transcript of the interview between Ratzburg and Jensen.

Mr. Albee is asking if Dr. Mainland has a problem with answering hypotheticals from the defense.

Dr. Mainland is aware that he is accusing her of being biased against the defense. She says she is neutral.

Holy cow, Dr. Mainland will have to come back later due to scheduling of witnesses. We are now going to zip through 6 rapid-fire witnesses!

On the stand now is Lynley Kapellish. She worked with Mark for several years.

She was the first person to answer calls that came into the office.

Did Mr. Jensen say he was having harassing type calls or messages, or mail? No.

The office supervisor opened all mail that came into the office. Lynley opened it when the supervisor was out. Never received any pornographic mail.

Julie would visit the office and bring the kids. Julie was a very loving mother toward the kids.

Cross ~

During the time you worked with Mark, do you recall anyone hanging up on you when you answered the phone? No.

We asked the identity of who was calling.

Lynley now works for the Kenosha County jail!

Did Mark tell you Julie was having an affair? No. Lynley and Mark had no personal conversations.

State calls Joan Scully. She also worked with Mark. The brokers never open their own mail.

Jensen never told her that he was receiving pornographic mail or harassing phone calls.

Cross ~

She is being shown the same postcard Lynley was shown. Joan doesn't remember it.

Did Mr. Jensen ever speak to you about Julie having an affair? No.

Would you have had that type of conversation with Mark? No.

State calls Eric Schoor. This was David's childhood friend. He is 17. Senior in high school.

He and David were in 3rd grade together. Teacher was Ms. Di Fazio.

On Wednesdays they would alternate going to each other's home for 3 hours or so.

Mrs. Jensen was really nice and caring.

Did you ever see Mrs. Jensen sitting at the computer at the house? No. He did see Mark at the computer a few times.

In December did you have a conversation with David about Mrs. Jensen's health? Yes, the day before her death.

David was extremely concerned and worried about his mom's health.

Objection! It sounds as though the State would rather not call David Jensen, although he is under subpoena. Defense can call him, if they like...I don't think either side should put David on the stand. Besides being painful for the boy, I expect that it is going to blow up in one of their faces.

David said his mom was sick and his dad wouldn’t take her to the hospital. Eric imitates the way David said his mom was breathing. Heavy and raspy.

Eric had been to David’s house after Julie died. He was introduced to Kelly at the house about a month after Julie died. He saw Mark and Kelly in Mark’s bedroom during the daytime.

Cross ~
When you saw Mark and Kelly, they weren’t embracing? No.

It was a number of years after Julie’s death that Mr. Jambois spoke to you? Correct.

You talked to your mom about this? Yes.

People would talk about this case? Yes.

Albee is trying to get Eric to say that his information came from other adults. Maybe some, but there are some things I remember.
This kid is holding up pretty well on the stand.

Laura Schoor, Eric's mom on the stand. Laura knew Julie for several years. She saw Julie probably twice a month.

Julie enjoyed David at Eric’s house and Eric going to the Jensen house.

In 1998, Laura saw Julie interact with the boys. She would smile, she was kind.

Julie and Laura were involved in the PTA.

Did your son Eric talk to you about a conversation with David regarding Julie’s health? Yes, on Friday before school, the day that Julie died.

On Dec. 2nd was Eric supposed to go to the Jensen’s’. Yes, but David called and asked to come to my house. Was that how changes were made? No I thought it was odd because it was usually Julie and I.

In November, Julie told Laura about looking for a job. She was concerned about Douglas going to daycare.

Cross ~
Was Julie happy or unhappy about getting a job? I don’t recall.

Julie was unhappy about Douglas in daycare because she wanted to be home with him.

After Julie’s death, you spoke to Det. Ratzburg? Yes.

Did you tell him that Eric had the conversation with David? I probably did.

Did you tell Det. Ratzburg, you told him about the conversation that Eric had and it was on Wednesday or Thursday. I don't recall.

Did Julie attend the November PTA meeting? I don't know.

State calls Joseph Mangi, Superintendent of Kenosha Unified Schools.

In November of 1998 did you meet Julie Jensen? Yes. I interviewed her for a part-time secretarial job.

Did she have a resume? Yes, she did.

Did Mrs. Jensen seem qualified for the position? Yes, she did.

Were there computers in the office? No.

Did Mrs. Jensen say she was proficient in computers? No.

She was a good person, worked well with children and had good skills.

He called the home to offer the job. Mark answered the call. He said she's asleep, she's going to be asleep for a long time and he laughed! OMG!

The call was made on a weekday during school hours, November 30 or later.

After making the call, did you find Julie had died? Within a day or two.

Did you tell anyone about the conversation with Mark? Yes, I remember I was disconcerted and was directed to the Pleasant Prairie PD.

Why did you call PD? I felt strange about the call and felt the police should know.

Cross ~
That call to police was within a few weeks of Julie’s death? It would have been within the week.

Did Julie tell you she really didn’t want to work? No.

How did you learn Julie passed away? Through neighbors.

Was this on a weekend? It was prior to it being in the paper, Friday. I knew it was before it was in the paper.

You never met Mark Jensen or knew his voice or if he had a nervous laugh? No.

The laugh that you heard, did it sound like a nervous laugh? No.

He didn’t identify himself by name? I assumed it was Mr. Jensen, I don’t recall?

State calls Diane Labanowski, the Bradford HS nurse. She knows Mr. Mangi and is his neighbor.

Did you have a conversation about Julie? It occurred the day after Julie died. She remembers that Julie had died and Joe was upset and he told me about a phone call to offer Julie the job and he was told by Mark that she was sleeping and would be sleeping all day and then he laughed. Mangi was upset that Julie had died as well as the phone call.

What time of day was the call Mr. Mangi made? In the morning.

Dr. Mainland back on the stand for some more torture!

Albee continues asking Dr. Mainland about specific lines in the interview between Ratzburg and Jensen.

There are mentions of pillow, getting on top of her, bruises on buttocks.

Mark mentions she fell and hit head when getting up to use bathroom.

Pictures of nose, again pillow over her head.

This is all going very, very fast and I can't think fast enough.

Ratzburg mentions that her nose had to have been pushed hard to get in that position.

All of these rapid quotes from the document are meant to show that IF Mark Jensen had this document in his cell, Dillard COULD have stolen them and read them to make up his story.

Jambois objects that much of what is being read has nothing to do with what Albee wants to prove.

Judge - Sustains the objection!

Albee keeps reading and Dr. Mainland says, "yes," he said that.

The report talks about head being pushed, nose being indented, neck, and chest.

Dr. Mainland agrees.

Albee keeps reading rapidly...... nose being too far into pillow... arm underneath....

There are a number of questions by Ratzburg about the nose being pushed into pillow, pressure on chest and neck... all contained in Aaron Dillards statement... Yes to all.

Dr. Chambliss report: nose is midline.

Mainland: automatic response w/o thinking

Why doesn't Dr. Chambliss consider that in his report?
Mainland: he didn't consider it important, it could have gone back, no severe injury. Only way it might stay that way... bones being broken or it may have went back that way.

The cartilage in the nose is pliant? When they're alive!

Dr. Mainland doesn't know all the variables.

If someone's dying it could stay in that position, wouldn't need considerable "mashing." NO!

Discussion of Julie's "sleeping" position and rib bruised.
It could be post-mortem artifact.
Other things... Dr. Mainland didn't think them plausible.

She says they take things in context.

Albee suggests other ways she could have had that damage...

The only specific info comes from "that character' Aaron Dillard. (Albee)

Albee infers the chain of custody vis-à-vis the gastric contents is incomplete.

Dr. Mainland is checking her paperwork. Mr. Albee invites her to spend the evening finding it!

Whew! What a day.

As always, thank you ritanita!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial - Donchais Notes

Something has been bugging me.

I’m stuck on the death scene photo of Julie’s face where her mouth and nose are grossly distorted and pushed to the side.

Nowhere in the autopsy report is that noted as Craig Albee points out so often to refute the idea that Julie may have been smothered.

A paramedic testified that Julie Jensen had no pulse when she was found and appeared to have been dead some time. She was cold to the touch and lividity had set in. Paramedics arrived at the scene around 4:30 pm on December 3rd, 1998. Julie’s body was removed around 10 pm.

Now, follow along….

After death, the muscles of the body go through 3 stages:

1) Primary relaxation or flaccidity
2) Rigor mortis
3) Secondary flaccidity

Rigor starts to occur in 2-4 hours. The smaller, shorter muscle groups of the face and neck are affected first. Rigor then begins to disappear in 24 hours.

So, does this explain why the autopsy report makes no mention of the facial distortion?

Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 14

Day 14 – 1/25/08

We start the day with Dr, Long back on the stand. Albee is grilling him about the 20 year-old Stallings case.

This testimony is out of the jury presence. You prepared an amended report? Yes.

When? The other day. I didn’t see the point to it, but did it after you brought it up.

At the time of the Stallings trial, the report had not been amended. The report said the ethylene glycol units were in nanograms not micrograms.

Judge is interrupting. Albee can’t take the road he’s on.

Following Mrs. Stallings conviction, the prosecutor reopened the case? Yes.

Based on a laboratory error? There were 3 labs that did testing.

Your laboratory was criticized? Yes sir.

Your reputation was damaged? Yes.

You made a mistake in that case? Yes,

And you made a mistake in the Jensen case? No, I said the amount large and we went over that.

Albee goes back to the Stallings case again.

Albee finds an article about the Stalling case, Journal of Pediatrics. Dr. Long's name not in the article.

Dr. Long says there's no reference to HIS laboratory work!

Jambois points out that the article didn't criticize anyone. They did point out that a gas chromatograph is not able to differentiate between ethylene glycol and proprionic acid and shouldn't be used in the future.

Judge says he has no evidence that Dr. Long failed to follow proper procedures (standards of care).

Schroeder smacks down Albee (who is now pouting)!

Jury brought in.

You presented testimony at the Stallings case? Yes.

You took the spectra and whited-out 3 numbers on the graph. So it looked better? No, I removed the numbers because the prosecution asked me to.

Was it a fair and accurate representation? As a scientist, it was.

You didn’t tell the jury in the Stallings case you whited-out numbers? I wasn’t asked.

Have you manipulated data in this case? Others did the testing, I reviewed the data.

Jambois begins his questioning in a calm, collected manner. It is a startling contrast to the rantings and ravings of Mr. Albee, today.

We are looking at the exhibit graph where the numbers were whited-out and comparing it to the original report.

Jambois is doing a good job having Dr. Long explain why the numbers were whited-out. They were stray ions that actually don't mean anything to the test results and the prosecution thought they were confusing.

Jambois is cleaning up the word “large”.
A 5lb rat would be large? Yes.
About the size of a cat? Yes
But the size of a small dog? Yes
So the word large, it’s relative? Yes

Going through photocopies of the bottle with Julie’s gastric contents. Establishing the chain of custody. The contents were taken by Dr. Chambliss and sent to Dr. Long’s lab.

AIT labs were used by the defense to also examine the gastric contents. University of Kentucky also received samples.

Albee is back on the Stallings case again! He is just dying to impeach Dr. Long somehow.

Mercifully, Dr. Long is allowed to step down.

Dr. Mainland, Medical Examiner for Kenosha County Forensic Pathologist on the stand giving her CV. She became Kenosha County ME in January 2005

Mr. Jambois asked her to look at autopsy protocol, microscopic slides, police reports, toxicology, tissue slides, etc. to consider the best idea she could of cause and manner of death.

Her opinion is that Julie Jensen died of ethylene glycol poisoning with probable terminal asphyxia. Homicide.

She created slides of her own to compare with original ones. They were essentially similar.

Ethylene glycol will only be in human body if poisoned accidentally or deliberately.

Julie had ethylene glycol in numerous locations, including the brain and liver.

Albee objects to pictures being admitted.
Judge says they will be received for cross-examination.

Exhibit 211 displayed. It depicts picture taken through the microscope of a thin layer of kidney tissue. Kidney tubules are round or oval structures where urine is made.

There is a calcium oxalate crystal. They form and get "stuck" in the kidneys. You could end up with some from what you eat, say a bushel of rhubarb, or poisoning.

Next exhibit: 215 show additional crystals.

216: Broader range photo showing crystals.

Mainland believes ethylene glycol caused the crystals because it was found in her body.

Dr. Mainland does not believe there could be any other reason than poisoning.

Immediate cause of death could also be asphyxia.

Albee objects on notice grounds.

Overruled because she testified at hearing in 2007.

At that time she opined the death way by ethylene glycol poisoning.

She could not rule out asphyxia at the time.

Because of Aaron Dillard's statement, attributed to Mark Jensen she changed her mind.

She believes that Aaron Dillard had information that was NOT public. (Even if Dillard was the most evil, villainous person in the world).

She had findings that were not attributable to ethylene glycol poisoning and couldn't explain until Mr. Dillard's statement.

Hemorrhages in the neck area and bruising along rib cage (not visible externally) and buttocks.

Jambois refers back to Aaron Dillard's letter:

Summary: When Mark came home, she wasn't dead. He rolled her over on her face, got on top of her and smothered her.

Dr. Mainland says that the hemorrhages along the rib cage measure up best with Dillard's letter.

Next Photograph: Mrs. Jensen's body at autopsy with Y incision.

Jamboins warns the jury about the nature of the photo and puts it on the overhead.

Dr. Mainland points to areas that are darker than the other areas. They are dark due to hemorrhage.

Photograph of Julie in bed shows how Julie's left arm under her body is lying against the rib cage. Pressure on the arm or rib cage could cause the bruises.

Mark Jensen could have done this.

Dr. Chambliss found the bruising during the initial autopsy.

Julie's fingers are darker that the rest of her arm due to post-mortem lividity. Blood pooling at lowest point of body- arm hanging off the bed. Indicates the position of the body had not changed from the time of death. It would have had to been moved before the lividity set in.

Are there any other things in the autopsy protocol that could also be attributed to death by asphyxia?

Bruises on the buttocks would occur if someone were sitting on her. The hemorrhage on the rib cage. Hemorrhage on the back of the larynx.

If it’s true about the neck being pushed into the pillow, the hemorrhage on the back of the larynx is consistent with Aaron Dillard statement.

Dr., as a forensic pathologist you go to crime scenes and frequently examine the bodies at crime scenes? Yes.

Based on your examination of the files do you have an opinion as to ethylene glycol was a single or multiple dose? It would be multiple does.

In suicidal cases of ethylene glycol poisoning, the person takes a big dose, gets ill quickly and dies. In homicide cases, a smaller does would be typical. If you are trying to poison someone, you don’t want them to know it.

Why do think there was more than one dose in this case? Julie had symptoms sometime on Dec.1. If she only had 1 dose it gets absorbed and processed by the body. She was alive on the 3rd but had ethylene glycol in her stomach.

Albee complaining that Paul Griffin, Julie’s brother, taped conversations with Mark Jensen and they are inadmissible. Sounds like Jensen may not have known he was being taped. Dr. Mainland saw those transcripts.

Albee also saying he wasn’t given prior notice how Dr. Mainland was going to testify. Judge to rule later.

The photo of Julie’s face is shown where her nose and mouth are squished to the side. Wow! Julie's face was really out of shape! (More on this later!)

Dr. Mainland agrees that the photo is consistent with Dillard’s testimony.

Lithium was found in Julie’s gastric contents, not in the blood. Paxil was also in the gastric contents. Ambien was found in the gastric and in the blood.

Dr. Lavin wrote in the final autopsy, the cause of death was ethylene glycol.

Dr. Lavin was fired which is how Dr, Mainland was hired. Lavin was fired over this case.

Albee is trying to get Mainland to impeach Dr. Long's report.

At the last testimony you never stated this was an asphyxia death, but an ethylene glycol death? Yes, but asphyxia couldn’t be ruled out.

Aaron Dillard is the reason you have now changed your mind. So the question is whether to believe Dillard? Yes.

I think Julie, if left alone would have died of ethylene glycol, but I think her death was hastened.

Based on Aaron Dillard? Yes.

The hemorrhaging in the neck could just be as a result of dying? Yes, they could be.

The hemorrhaging in the chest around the ribs is rather non-specific? If you take it out of context all of this could be non-specific.

Could have happened when the body was moved? It’s possible.

Julie’s eyes were open at the death scene and the officer testified the eye was bulging. Did you see anything that concerned you about the eyes? No.

There is nothing in the report about the nose? The report says it is midline.

Det. Ratzburg took the photos at the death scene? Yes.

Dr, Chambliss didn’t take photos on this case? I haven’t seen any.

If someone was smothered in a pillow you might see fluid in the pillow? You might.

If somebody isn’t mobile and they are turned you would see bruises on the arms? You could.

There’s no evidence of forced food consumption? I can’t say.

Your decision to believe Aaron Dillard is he had no other source for the information other than Mr. Jensen? Yes.

(Wow, Kenosha has higher suicide rate than the state of Wisconsin!)

Dr. Mainland will be returning to the stand on Monday.

Have a great weekend readers!

Thank you, ritanita for your contributions!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial - Donchais commentary

January 24, 2008

Just My Musings... by donchais

This mini-series drama has taken some bizarre twists and turns and we have seen far into the depths of people’s souls, perhaps too far!

The defense theory being offered is that Julie Jensen was depressed, a bit crazy and decided to “frame” her husband for murder by committing suicide.

The “original” prosecution theory is that Mark Jensen murdered Julie by ethylene glycol poisoning. However, it is now supposed that Mark actually suffocated Julie because she didn’t die fast enough from the poisoning.

As week three of the trial winds down, I find I am bothered by some of the things we’ve seen and heard.

I do not believe for one moment that Julie or anyone for that matter would choose ethylene glycol as a suicide means. Guns, pills, carbon monoxide ok, but ethylene glycol?

Am I the only one who thinks that the harassing phone calls and the pornographic pictures left at the Jensen home were strange?

Only Mark found the pictures. The phone had a tracer placed on it four times. Each time there was a tracer, the calls mysteriously stopped. Only three people knew of the tracer; Julie, the police and Mark. Also, when Mark switched jobs, the harassment came to a screeching halt.

Why didn’t Julie leave? We have to remember that this was a woman who had no source of income and had two boys that by all accounts, she adored. Where could she go? She obviously had suspicions about Mark’s behavior, but in her heart of hearts, did she really think he would do the unthinkable? How many cases do we know of where the abused spouse just can’t find the courage or the means to escape?

Was Julie truly depressed? Did she go to the doctor because Mark forced her to? She did seem to have a history of following “his” orders.

The entries in Mark’s day-timer bother me. Were they written as part of Mark’s grand scheme for making Julie appear crazy, ultimately leading to her committing suicide?

The food on the nightstand is odd. We know there were a plate of wheat crackers and a bowl of macaroni and cheese. 1. If Julie were in stage 3 of ethylene glycol poisoning she would be incapable of eating anything. 2. How many of you crave mac ‘n cheese when you are quite ill? On the day that Julie died, Mark was home until noon. Was he staging the death scene?

Mark doth protest to loudly. He couldn’t keep his damned mouth shut!

Too many folks have corroborated each other’s testimony. Yes, some are jail house snitches, but not all of the witnesses are.

Anyone else want to take that quantum leap toward he’s guilty as hell?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 13

Day 13 – 1/24/08 
First witness of the day is Lt. Daniel Reilly. He was sent to the Jensen house for non-responsive female. He saw Mark on the phone. The paramedics were already there and said Julie was deceased. Julie was lying on her left side with part of her face in the pillow.

Did you ask Mr. Jensen about Julie’s medical history? Mark told him that Julie was depressed. She wasn’t sleeping. Started taking Paxil and she had a bad reaction. She was given Ambien for sleep. She was basically in a state of intoxication.

Julie rarely drank because of the family alcohol history.

Did you find the meds? Yes, 7 Ambien and Paxil.

The police secured the house. They searched the house around 8pm. They removed the bedroom garbage can. They took the food and the glass from the nightstand and a date book. They checked the drains and recovered the prescriptions and OTC meds in the kitchen.

Jensen told police Julie said, “I know you’ll be ok without me and I know you and your parents love the kids and will take care of them”. Mark was concerned, but never said Julie talked about committing suicide.

Jensen said Julie said these things on the night of the 2nd. Mark said he was concerned and he tried to talk to Julie about the statements, but she was incoherent.

On the 3rd, she was sick so he stayed home in the morning. He went to work about 12pm, and then he picked up the kids and came home and found Julie dead. She had labored breathing, but was sleeping when he left.

Cross by Albee ~

You arrived at 4:35pm? Yes.
Mr. Jensen was crying and upset? Yes, he was.
Mark told you she had not been physically ill, but depressed? Yes.
And the depression started 4 months prior to her death? Yes.
About the time Douglas started daycare? Yes.
Dr. Borman prescribed Paxil? Yes.
The total length of the medical discussion was about 10 minutes. Reilly wrote his report was on the 6th, from memory. He had no written notes from his discussion with Mark.

Your report is a summary of what Mark said, not direct quotes? Correct.

Who took the pictures at the scene? I think Lt. Hunter.

Your recollection is that Julie was on her side. Yes.

You noted that Julie’s eye was open and puffy? Yes and the pupil was large.

Did you see Julie when she was removed from the house? I was present, but wasn’t observing what they were doing. Robert Johnson, the ME, removed the body?

You didn’t see vomit, urine or feces in the bed? No.

You responded to a 911 call? Yes.
Is there a recording of the call? All 911 calls are recorded.

Det. Ratzburg was in charge of the scene and he pointed out what items to collect as evidence.

You seized a date book that belonged to Julie? I don’t know who it belonged to.

You collected the bathroom sink drain? Yes, at the direction of Det. Ratzburg.

Were you asked to collect Dixie cups or any of the dirty dishes in the kitchen? No.

On his arrival Reilly was told to treat the scene as a crime scene, but didn’t know what the circumstances were.

Lt. Reilly says that Mark Jensen was calm, was able to carry on conversations and answer questions. Reilly looked for a pulse on Julie, doesn't remember if it was on wrist or neck. Mark didn't tell him why he didn't contact rescue sooner.

Albee asks if Mark was visibly upset - crying, nose running, had trouble standing. Became very emotional when told his wife was dead.

Reilly excused.

Next witness, Ron Kosman, a patrol officer. This is the officer that got the phone messages from Julie. She said if she were to end up dead, it would be because of Mark.

Kosman had 40 – 50 contacts with Julie over the years because of harassing phone calls and pornographic pictures being left around the house.

Julie thought Mark was recording her phone calls so Kosman went to the house 11/24 after 10am.

Julie was confused and scared when speaking with Kosman. Julie told him she had taken photos of the computer and other things on Mark’s desk.

Julie calmed down while speaking with Kosman. Julie went to the neighbor and retrieved the roll of film. Kosman had the film developed.

Kosman told her if she felt in danger to contact the police immediately or leave the house. She said she thought she would be ok, her emotions were just running high.

Kosman and Ratzburg reviewed the photos. Kosman said he didn’t see anything in the photos that jumped out at him as suspicious.

At some point you heard that Julie had died? Yes.
He got a call from his Chief telling him Julie had died.

’93 or ’94 was when Julie started finding the pornographic photos. Mark however found most of them. He was called to the home around 30 times over the years.

Kosman advised Julie to put a trace on the phone and start a notebook to track the dates and times of the harassing phone calls.

Albee objects…overruled.

The first call to Kosman, Julie stated Perry Terrica (sp) might have placed the photos. Perry was the one Julie had the affair with.

When the phone was being traced, the calls stopped. The phone was traced 4 times. After the 2nd time that the trace was on the phone and the calls stopped, Kosman became suspicious. Julie, Mark and Kosman were the only 3 people who knew the phone was being traced. Kosman told Julie not tell Mark the 3rd time the phone was traced. Kosman told Julie he thought it was Mark making the calls.

Repeats the fact he thought Julie should not tell Mark. She agreed and they did another trace. Late '95 or 96' 4th trace and the calls stopped again.

Kosman wanted to rule Mark out as a suspect. The trace lasted 3-4 days and he stopped by to see Julie. Julie said the calls had stopped. Julie told him she had told Mark.

When asked why she did that, Julie replied that she didn't want to keep any more secrets from Mark. She'd kept the affair secret.

Where did photos turn up? Julie said Mark found most of the pictures near the front door area, in the bushes, by the garage, by the pool, on the deck, on a boat parked in the garage. Kosman assumed Mark had found them because Julie never said she found them.

Kosman suggested a camcorder to find out about where the photos were being put on Mark's truck (at his work). Mark had a camera he said he could use.

Mark said he could put the camcorder in the conference room, but then said it wouldn't work because the associates at work used the conference room. Mark also didn't want to have to explain to his assoc. that his wife had an affair, and that he was getting harassing photos.

Kosman said Mark was angry that Julie had an affair (many years ago) and that he blamed her totally for these things going on (phone calls, photos). It was taking an emotional toll and creating a strain on their marriage.

What a shocker, Albee is requesting a mistrial!

Quote of the day, Judge: "I don't think there is anything in this case that would cause this jury to have a favorable view of the defendant".

It's also not the prosecution's job to make the defendant look good - they're supposed to make him look guilty. It's the job of the defense to make him look as good as they can. Albee wants the judge to help him do his own job by curtailing the prosecution. Judge S isn't gonna have it!

Judge announces to the court that after discussing with the lawyers; it appears that they are on schedule with the trial. 5-7 weeks. 8 weeks on the outside.

When was the last time you spoke with Julie about the harassing calls and photos? Around the 24th, right after Mark started a new job in Racine.

So after Mark started the job, things stopped? That’s correct.

Cross ~

Kosman didn’t keep the voice mails from Julie.
When did you delete those voice mails? After I met with Julie.

Did you write report after meeting with Julie? Correct.

I assume when you write a report you try to be accurate? Correct.

The 2nd voice mail Julie left she said if I’m found dead, I didn’t commit suicide, Mark killed me. Correct.

That wasn’t anywhere in the report. You put that in the report only after Julie died. No.

Now Kosman says now that he didn’t put it in the report. He didn’t understand the original question.

When you met with Julie she complained that Mark didn’t think she was romantic enough? Yes.

Didn’t you think that strange? No.

Well at the last hearing, you didn’t mention it? No, I was mistaken, but it is in my report.

You called Julie at home. Julie said she was afraid the phone was being recorded. But, she also said Mark was acting strangely and she had taken photos of Mark’s notes. And this was on the phone she thought was being recorded? That’s correct.

You asked Julie to leave numerous times? Yes, at least 3 times.

And when you asked her to leave, she backed off on being so fearful. Correct.

You didn’t talk to Mark about this? No she asked me not to.

Both you and Ratzburg looked at the photos together? Yes.

You didn’t speak to Julie after that? No.

So if a neighbor says you were at the house, either Julie or the neighbor is mistaken? Yes.

Did Julie mention depression or treatment for depression? No.

Did you have contact with Mr. Jensen over the years? Maybe 6 or 10 times.

Did you ever see Mr. Jensen angry? No.

Mrs. Jensen never reported any physical violence? No.

Julie called and asked me to stop by and pick up photos of her engaged in sex. The photos are actually photocopies. Kosman determined it wasn’t Julie in the photocopies. She got them from Mark.

She thought it was her having sex with someone, not Mark? Correct.

How did you determine it wasn’t Julie in the photocopies? Kosman says because of the camera angle. It was not the same woman in each of the pictures.

Are you aware during the search of the home, Julie had a log of receiving those calls? Yes I was aware she was.

She had instances where she answered the phone to dead air or a hang-up? Correct.


8/25/95 police report…you prepared this report? Correct.

Her husband found the photograph? Yes.

Mark, not Julie, found most of the photos.

Next witness Perry Tarica. Julie’s lover.

Did you work with Julie Jensen? Yes, at Dean Witter.

Julie was a sales assistant.

Both Julie and Perry had kids and that’s how they started talking.

Were you married at that time? I was going through a divorce.

Did you know Julie was married? Yes.

Julie told Perry she was unhappy in her marriage. That Mark was weird and strange.

Did you start to have feelings for Julie? Yes, she was a sweet, simple person.

Albee objects to the line of questioning.

Julie and Perry had lunch together. Before work and after work they would talk and that’s how the relationship developed.

Did you have sexual relations with Julie? Yes, one weekend when Mark was away, she invited me to her home.

We had dinner and it was late in the evening. I was going to go home and she told me to stay over. Julie asked me to sleep with her. Perry stayed the whole weekend.

That was the only time they slept together. After that she told Perry not to contact her anymore. She was going to work on her marriage.

Perry sent a letter to Julie to her sil’s address about 6 months later saying he never made any phone calls to Julie. He never left any photos.

Albee objects to the reading of the letter on relevance. Judge asks to see the letter. Judge sustains.

Albee objects to the reading of the letter on relevance. Judge asks to see the letter. Judge sustains.

There’s nothing in the letter that says mine is bigger than your? No.

Did you ever send photos to Julie saying mine is bigger than his? Absolutely not.

Cross ~

Officer Hunter called you? I spoke with an officer; I don’t know if it was Hunter.

Perry doesn’t remember what was said in the conversation.

Did you tell the officer you had an affair with Julie? I don't remember the conversation.

Did you tell the officer you sent the letter? I don’t remember the conversation.

Perry got a citation for harassment for sending the letter to Julie. Perry never paid the citation. He was aware there might have been a warrant out for his arrest. Says he told the DA’s office and they said they would look into it. He does not know if it was taken care of and he took the chance by coming to testify.

1991 Julie filed for a divorce, which was later, dismissed.

Court adjourned! Watch for some Jensen Trial Musings in the morning!

Again, thanks ritanita and Intrepid for the great contributions!

Win a Date with Drew; how easily Stacy is forgotten

Just when you think Drew Peterson's behavior in front of the press can't get worse, it does. I don't know who's worse: Drew Peterson or his attorney, Joel Brodsky.

During a spontaneous call in to Steve Dahl's Chicago radio show, Peterson's attorney made the suggestion that a "Win a Date With Drew" contest be staged. Thankfully, Dahl nixed the idea, as the Chicago reports:

"It was a spontaneous on-air bit and never officially set up," Dahl said by e-mail Wednesday night. "After I got off the air and thought it through, it just didn't seem like something I wanted to do."

Peterson's interaction with the press has been as far away as you can get from a spouse who is actively out looking for his missing wife, Stacy. His behavior is as bad as that other famous Peterson, convicted double murder, Scott Peterson.

It's been three months now since she was reported missing by her sister Cassandra, at 1am on Monday, October 29th, 2007. (That's right; Drew was not the one who reported Stacy missing.) It was around 10am on Sunday, October 28th, that someone other than Drew Peterson spoke with Stacy.

MsNBC Dateline timeline of events

Latest CNN.Crime Coverage

Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 12

Day 12 - 1/23/08

What a day. I’m telling you…you just can’t make this stuff up! Probably half the day was spent with the jury on break and the Judge and attorneys in argument; sometimes very heated argument!

The day begins with Kelly LaBonte Jensen on the stand. Yep, we still have more emails to examine.

Jensen called Kelly on the day that Julie died.
Did you have multiple contacts with Jensen during December? Yes.

During December 1998, did you make plans to leave your husband? No.

Kelly left her husband in January 8, 1999.

Julie doesn't "remember" being at Mark's house shortly after Julie died. Not in December, 1998. She remembers being at the Jensen home in January, 1999. She "possibly" remembers that they had sex.

Kelly attended David’s birthday party in January. Mark introduced Kelly as a “friend”.

Hmmm, Jambois has recordings of jail phone calls between Mark and Kelly that he wants to use. Albee and the Judge aren’t happy because the prosecution has to hunt through to find the particular conversations. Kelly has said something on the stand that they didn’t expect!

The prosecution is looking for a conversation between Kelly and Mark where Mark Jensen is telling Kelly that he conversation they had about John Jacques... took place in 2001 or 2002. It sounds like he is coaching her.

All kinds of arguments from Craig Albee (no surprise)! Albee's going to argue himself into another smack down! Judge is now sitting up and looks a bit wide-eyed and red in the face. I’ve never heard this much shouting in a courtroom. What a slug-fest!

Albee on cross ~

Asking Kelly about her educations and work experience.
Kelly grew up in New Mexico, moved to St Louis, then up to Wisconsin. She took time off to go to Africa to live with her future ex-husband who was in the Peace Corps.

On direct you read quite a few emails? Yes.
You have no reason to dispute what was in them? No.

The time stamps on the emails, it would appear yours was wrong? Yes.
Was the time stamp on Mark’s wrong? I don’t know.

March ’02, were you interviewed by Det. Ratzburg? Yes.
He came unannounced? Yes.

Did he tell you the Mark had been arrested? Not til the end of the interview.

You told Det. Ratzburg you had an affair with Jensen before Julie died? Yes.

Albee shows an email from Mark to Kelly. Mark supposedly talked with Julie and Julie said she didn’t want to be married.

You heard some tapes that were just played? Yes.

Do you recall the statement “when he questions” and the he was referring to me? Yes.

Was Mark asking you to lie? No.

(Sorry, but I don’t think Albee can really rehab this witness.)

Re-direct ~
You understand that Mark lied to the police about when his affair with you started? Yes.

At the time of your interview with Det, Ratzburg, you hadn’t talked to your husband about when Mark said your affair began? No.

Albee is objecting over everything! What a shock!

Kelly's going to have to admit that she knew Mark lied to the police AND that she was complicit in the lies. She possibly could have lied in the hearing back in July! She took the 5th in July. She is being forced to testify because in Wisconsin, if she is required to testify, she must have immunity, except for perjury.

Albee is objecting after every second word Jambois says. Schroeder seems to know where Jambois is going here and not letting Albee object.

Jambois is asking when she and Mark first had sex.

Holy cow! Kelly didn't remember when she was engaged to Marc Grieman (her first husband).

Albee wants Jambois to define sex!!! Intercourse vs. oral sex being considered sex or not. (Hey, didn't we have a president who had the same problem?)

Wham the “P” word! Perjury! Holy cow! She has lied in both testimonies. And Schroeder knows it, and he's not taking Albee's crap here. Kelly is toast. Albee knows it. Jambois is sitting in the catbird seat.

YIKES! Craig Albee needs to get held in contempt! Calling Mr Jambois, "Dr Kinsey Jambois" because of all the sex e-mails stuff.
Man, it's like a free for all amongst lawyers in that courtroom!

Albee calls for mistrial yet again. Judge gives Jambois 25 seconds.

Jambois feels that the witness (Julie) is coming around to start telling the truth after being reminded about the penalties of perjury.

Jambois has notes about conversations between Mark and Kelly about Kelly’s previous lovers. They are trying to pinpoint when the conversations took place. Lots of men currently sweating in St Louis and Wisconsin! And thankful that Judge Schroeder said "Only first names".

We're talking EVERYTHING she's ever done! The type of sex and how many sexual partners. Some of this is more info than I need.


She recounts all this in detail, but can't remember a conversation with the detective about having sex with Mark before/after Julie's death?

Kelly seems to "forget" important dates when she comes to trial!
She AGAIN tries to wiggle out of it!

Judge warns her about telling the truth!


She's arguing with the judge. Hah!

Oh, this is good........

Albee on recross ~

No way Albee can clean up this mess.

Schroeder is cautioning Albee about entering another email into evidence because it can be really ripped apart by prosecution. it was from Dec 2 (the day before Julie died). That's probably why the judge, after reading a portion that said something like "I'll have to go home - I wonder what state of reality I'll be faced with. Might have some explaining to do tonight", said, "Are you sure you want to enter this into evidence"?

Basically its saying that Mark is wondering if he'll find Julie dead, and if he'll have to explain to the boys why their mother died! Albee would be a fool to offer this!

It's as good as an admission of guilt.

LaBonte is dismissed (mercifully).

We are now shown the police video of the death scene. How sad. I can only hope that Julie’s brothers have stepped out of the courtroom.

Jury dismissed for the day.

All I can say about today’s proceedings…YOWZERS!

Thank you ritanita and Intrepid for your contributions to this entry and for all the laughs!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial: Observations

Donchais has been faithfully watching the trial every day and reporting on the proceedings. I'm sure late tonight or early tomorrow she will put up an entry covering today's testimony.

Today, I had the opportunity to watch the last 10-15 minutes of testimony by Kelly LaBonte, the woman Mark Jensen was having an affair with when Julie was murdered. Kelly is now the new Mrs. Jensen. Earlier, I was not watching but listening to the audio. I had a picture in my head of Mrs. Jensen from her voice. I was quite surprised when I finally sat down at the computer to watch some of the trial coverage because the image I had in my head was in total contrast to the woman I saw on the witness stand. I was on the phone with donchais and we both commented that she looked almost "nun like" in that black suit with the white blouse. All that was missing was a cross around her neck.

I was also amazed to see the smirks and smiles that would cross Kelly's face during direct examination by Assistant District Attorney Angela "Angie" Gabriele. And then to have the camera cut over to Mark, and see quite similar facial expressions on him, especially the biting of the upper lip. It was bizarre.

Kenosha News Online
overview of the case.

CNN.Crime latest story.

Heath Ledger Dead! Possible Drug Overdose

TMZ is reporting Heath Ledger was found dead in a New York apartment. When paramedics arrived he was in full cardiac arrest. Pills were found strewn about his body. An early report that the apartment was one owned by actress Mary Kate Olsen is supposedly incorrect.

CNN coverage of the event.

From the story:
Police said Ledger was naked in his bed with an unknown number of sleeping pills near the body.

So sad. It's not known at this time if it was a suicide or accidental overdose.

Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 11

Day 11 – 1/22/08

Just thinking about today’s proceedings. How many times will Schroeder tell Albee, "I don't care what you think"? How many times will Jensen chew on his cuticles? How many times will I yell, "shut up, FGS"?

Aaron Dillard is back on the stand. Albee goes back to the statement prepared by the pros.

You had a phone call where this statement was read to you? Yes.

You met with the pros twice? Yes.

Ms. Gabrielle read you the statement? Yes.

Did you have any corrections? I didn’t have the statement in front of me.

Albee is saying Dillard did some research on the Jensen case and added additional information to fit the pros theory.

Dillard is looking like he’s getting pretty fed up with Albee. Again, Albee is told to move along and stop covering the same territory from Friday.

Redirect ~

Jambois shows Dillard the letter Dillard wrote to his lawyer. Letter was written about a week after Dillard’s conversation with Jensen.

Do you know who Dr, Chambliss is? No.
Did you ever see an autopsy report? No.
Had you seen the inventory of meds that were taken from the house? No.

Albee on re-cross ~

Jensen told you what medications his wife was taking and she was taking them because she was depressed? That’s what he said.

Albee is stepping way over line now. Calling Dillard a liar, a convict, a thief….

It would seem that Albee can't allow Dillard’s letter entered into evidence, since he states he would have to change his plea! Jambois points out that it is this document contains crucial information about the murder that "no one but the dead" could have told him, unless he heard it directly from Jensen. This would make the letter a previous consistent statement.

Judge Schroeder: His efforts to come forward were "dripping" with motive (to get out of jail). Albee claims improper influence by the prosecution made his evidence fit the case.

Albee did make a big deal on Friday that he was going to prove that the information was manufactured by Dillard and he was going to use his cross to show that. Apparently, the Judge shut that down and left Albee swaying in the breeze. Today, with the judge allowing the previous consistent statement in as evidence for the jury to consider, it flushes that argument down the drain. Jambois correctly explained that this prior evidence had to come from either Julie or Mark because it contains the information that corroborates the cause of death as smothering. While the police originally considered smothering as a cause of death, the discovery of antifreeze in her system changed their minds. Information about smothering, as a cause of death was not commonly known.

As Albee said, "I'll have to change my plea," if exhibit 134 was admitted into evidence.

Jambois comes back to re-direct asking Dillard if he "speaks to the dead." No.

You’re not a medium are you?

Albee, objection!

Jambois asks about the conversation about the trip to St. Louis.

Did Jensen say he had regrets about talking to Klug? That he messed up.

Albee keeps interrupting, saying this has already been covered after every one of Jambois’ questions.

Judge Schroeder yells at both attorneys to knock it off or we'll never get the case done.

Det. Ratzburg is called to the witness stand. He was dispatched to the Jensen scene to investigate Julie’s death.

Did you do a video at the scene? Yes I did. Video taken before Julie was moved, after she was moved and after she was removed. Video will be shown later today.

Gretchen Rosenke, Dillard's attorney on the stand.

Jambois is asking about the letter that Dillard wrote. She confirms that she did pass the letter on to Jambois.

Albee is again objecting after every question Jambois asks. Judge keeps overruling.

Did we schedule an interview? Yes.

When was the interview? Very quickly after we spoke.

Were you present at the interview? Yes.

Did Ms. Gabrielle or I provide any information about this case to Mr. Dillard? No.

Albee on cross ~

Did you Mr. Dillard’s file with you today? Yes.

I move the entire file be brought in.


Judge says he doesn’t find that proper, as the file more than likely has information not pertinent to this case.

Albee says you can’t pick and choose pieces of the file to enter.

Objection from Jambois.


Albee wants Rosenke testimony struck. She was in the courtroom during Dillard's testimony.

Judge Schroeder rules that striking her testimony is not going to happen.

Albee going for mistrial because Jambois used the words seer or medium.

Judge again tells both lawyers to knock their crap off.

Afternoon sessionKelly LaBonte on the stand. She will claim privilege and will be granted immunity from the court. Anything she says can't be used against her except in case of perjury.

If she is later charged in the case, anything she says can't be used against her in a trial.

LaBonte met Jensen in April 1998. Their romantic/sexual relationship started in September.

At that time you knew Mr. Jensen was married and had 2 children?

Objection by Albee. Overruled!

Were you aware he had 2 children? Yes.

How old were they? 3 and 8.

Holy cow! She married someone 9/19/98. A week after she started up with Jensen! Gee, Kelly is a real sweetheart.

Between April and December 1998, they spoke on the phone daily, several times each day.

Mr. Jensen never told you that his wife had discovered that you were having an affair with her husband? No.

Albee is on the objection train. Judge getting cranky and calls a sidebar.

Yikes! LaBonte also carried on a relationship with another co-worker, John Joseph!

There are about a gazillion emails entered into evidence. Looks like we are going to read each of these!? And that is how we spend the afternoon. The emails are sexually explicit and there are often several a day. Have to say, even I’m pretty grossed out.

(Few things to remember: Julie’s brothers are in the courtroom as well as Mark’s parents. Also, LaBonte has been raising Julie’s children.)

Quote from ritanita, I'm wondering how Albee will deal with cross? She's obviously a hostile witness and how in the world will he make this sound less sleazy?

Albee calls for a mistrial because the jury might have heard a private comment between the prosecuting attorneys. Judge Schroeder made a few vague threatening comments about defense attorneys constantly asking for mistrials.

Ok, now we’re getting to the heart of the matter! Late October e-mails: They are discussing Kelly taking on "the three of us," meaning Mark and his two boys. This does not take into consideration Julie Jensen.

Court is adjourned.

Albee is going to argue his objections about the e-mails.

These e-mail, especially dealing with sexual innuendo... there is no justification for going into this. It unduly emphasizes the salacious aspects of the situation. Makes the jury dislike Mr. Jensen. It unduly emphasizes this one area. Some have been read 2, 3, 4, times.

He got "hurry up" on his questioning Ms. Rosenke this morning. He can 't keep objecting...

Jambois doesn't see how Albee can object to the admission of the emails, especially since Mark Jensen denied the affair to the police. Likewise, Kelly denied the affair until she received immunity.

Comments about Bill Clinton here!

The same day Mark is discussing "getting rid of the details" meaning killing Julie Jensen, he is looking up poison, botulism, etc.

Judge Schroeder: some of the e-mails contain information that is significant to the jury, especially the growing relationship.
It is hard to believe Mark Jensen will be convicted of murder because of the salacious information.

Not including all e-mails would leaves gaps in the story.

The objection is overruled.

Whoo! Got to give an A for entertainment today!

Thanks ritanita for your input!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Has Stacy Peterson been found?

A woman's body was discovered in Lake Michigan today. Authorities had trouble getting the body out of the water because of the frozen conditions. All we know at this point is that it's a death investigation. From the sound of some of the reports it may be a more recent incident and not Stacy.

Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Tribune Video of Recovery

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mark Jensen Murder Trial Day 10

Day 10 – 1/18/07
Margaret Wojt, a neighbor, takes the stand.

The week before her death, Julie told Margaret that Mark would kill her before he would divorce her. Douglas was probably at daycare, which he started that week.

Julie was applying for jobs (Mark wanted her to work), but she hadn't heard back about them. She didn't want Douglas, who was 4, in daycare.

The Tuesday before her death, she asked Julie if she really believe Mark would kill her. Julie said, "yes."

Margaret spoke to Julie on the phone the day before she died. Julie’s voice was shaky and she sounded drunk. She said she didn’t know the medications would affect her that way.

Margaret asked if she could help. Julie said no, that Mark was being good to her.

Margaret is talking about the day Julie died. She was coming back from picking her daughter up from school. She saw all the police cars and ambulance at Julie’s house. She went in her house and her husband and other daughter were upset because Julie had died.

What did you see on December 4th? I saw Mark outside in the afternoon with his father. They were high-fiving each other and were happy. Margaret couldn’t understand how they can be happy when Julie had just died.

That Monday, Margaret saw Julie’s personal things in the garbage.

Cross examination ~ On the call the day before she died, did Julie say she was afraid? No,

She didn’t ask for any help? No.

Margaret started seeing Kelly at the house around January and more in the spring.

Did Julie tell you she saw a doctor for depression? No.

Did she tell you the doctor gave her anti-depressants? No.

The next witness is Aaron Dillard. Dillard just got released from prison for testifying at this trial. He is on extended supervision. He has 7 prior convictions. Holy cow! 5 crimes in Lithuania.

Lol, he's a check bouncer and forger!

Dillard asked to speak to the prosecution regarding Mark Jensen.

Jensen and Dillard were in the same cellblock in Kenosha County jail. They just had general conversations in the beginning. Dillard knew Jensen was in for murder.

Was Jensen upset with Mr. Klug? Yes and said Klug was lying.
Dillard was given the transcript of Klug’s testimony. When he finished reading it Jensen wanted to know what he thought. Dillard told him that he was screwed.

Jensen said Klug was an attention seeker and Klug was full of BS.

The next day they again spoke and Jensen asked what can I do about it?

I said if there is no corroboration you’re ok. If they do corroborate, you’re screwed.

Jensen was proclaiming his innocence.

Dillard was asking him why would they claim he poisoned his wife. Jensen said yeah, what was I supposed to do? Hold her mouth open? Shove a tube down her throat?

Dillard asked how did she have antifreeze in her system? Jensen would never give a straight answer.

Jensen told Dillard that Julie was crazy and depressed and self-medicating herself. Jensen gave a huge list of drugs she was supposedly taking. Jensen said that Julie killed herself.

Did Jensen ever say he missed Julie? Was he upset that she died? No.

Did Jensen change his story to you? Yes.

Dillard told Jensen he thought he killed her. Jensen explained what he did. He said they went to the doctor and she took paxil, lithium and she got loopy and wanted to lie down. Jensen said he gave her juice with antifreeze in it!

Dillard realized he was hearing a confession and started paying close attention because he thought he could use it to his advantage.

Jensen told Dillard he gave Julie and ambien for sleep. Julie slept and then later started throwing up.
Julie was very lethargic and very ill. The kids were very worried that their mom was so sick. That night Jensen said her gave her another glass of juice with antifreeze in it.

The next morning her breathing was very raspy. Jensen went to work and when he came home and Julie was breathing better. Jensen told him that he was scared that she didn’t die. Jensen rolled her over and sat on her back and pushed her face into the pillow till she died.

When Jensen told you did he show any emotion? No.

After Jensen killed his wife he went back to work. Then he picked up the kids and brought them home from school. He made the kids wait outside.

Dillard says Jensen tried poisoning her earlier when he went away for a meeting. Julie got very sick and threw up all over the house. That's when the carpets had to be cleaned.

Jensen said he was glad Julie didn't die that time because that was the meeting where he talked to Klug and Klug would have come forward right then.
Dillard is testifying that Jensen told him about the internet. Jensen said for his defense about the hits on the poison could be blamed on Julie, but didn’t say what it was.

Jambois asks Dillard if he wrote out what Jensen said. Yes to my attorney to get them to you.

Jensen told him about Klug and that he screwed up in talking to Klug. He wished he hadn’t spoken about killing his wife to his co-workers.

Did Jensen show you any other document besides the transcript of Ed Klug’s testimony?

He never showed me anything else besides the Ed Klug statement.

Dillard may be a criminal, but this is really damning testimony.

Cross examination ~ Albee starts plowing through all of Dillard’s 17 probation violations. Blah, blah, blah, over this witness past bad acts.

Dillard made an unauthorized 500 dollar withdrawal from the woman's checking account.

"I believe the words were, if I've got to sit in jail, I'm not going to pay you back."

"I believe it was an accident that turned into something because of my history."

Now going over his lies to women he met in bars, and giving a false name.

You didn't want her to find out you were a criminal, because she might check you out on C-cap.

She really found out who you were when she looked in your wallet while you were taking a shower.

"I don't believe that's how it happened."

Albee is putting the witnesses feet to the fire about how many women he met over the internet that he might have scammed.

WendyBemmer and Shannon Panko.

Lori Brown? Yes. I'm sorry. Third one.

You lied in those personals, correct? No I don't believe so.

You lied about your education being postgraduate? I never clicked that link. If it popped up that way, I never really reviewed it.

Wendy Beemer? It could be.

Told her your name was Kyle Ressick? Could be.

Told her you played college football? No.

Told her you had a business in Lithuania? Yes.

Told her you had a mansion? No.

In fact it was your mom who told her who you really were? No.

You claimed to work for the CIA and FBI? Never.

Shannon Panko, you told her you were Kyle Ressick? I don't know if I did or not. I can't remember.

You told her you were a special agent with the Lithuanian govt.? No.

You told her you couldn't fly with the Lithuania govt because of a medical condition? No.

You borrowed money from Ms. Panko? Yes.

You told her you had lots of money but it was tied up in retirement? No.

You told her you were tortured and tied up in chains in Lithuania? No, that's not correct.

Told her that they were going for a ride in your helicopter? No. We went to one of those places in Vegas where you can ride the helicopters and that’s what we did.

All kinds of questions Albee is throwing out there!

You read the transcript of Klug’s testimony? Yes, we discussed it.

You took notes about Klug’s transcripts? No.

When you talked about his case, he denied his was guilty? Yes.

Jensen told you the reasons why he thought he’d be acquitted? Yes.

He told you the defense claimed Jensen mixed benadryl with antifreeze? Yes.

Jensen told you Julie committed suicide because of her depression? Correct.

You met with pros in mid-September and they typed up a statement for you to sign and approve it? I didn’t approve…

Albee finally handed out copies to pros and the judge.

Did you receive this and read it for accuracy? Did you go over this with the pros or your lawyer? Month or so ago I reviewed it.

Objection comes up and the jury is sent out.

Best line of the day to Albee, Judge: You're making me assume the witness is a liar? Proof that the witness is lying because his testimony follows the statement?

You wanted to get out of jail to testify? Yes.

You stated you wouldn’t testify if in jail? Yes, I didn’t want to be a jailhouse snitch. I wouldn’t be safe.

Another objection!

Judge: It looks like your trying to impeach him with a statement he claims is not his own.

Holy cow! Albee claiming the pros changed Dillard’s statement to reflect their current theory of Julie’s death. And, he’s saying that Jambois lied to the judge! I’d be ducking about now!

Judge agrees with Jambois that Dillard’s written statement is in line with Dr. Chambliss' testimony on Julie’s cause of death.

Judge Schroeder sees a fight brewing and sends the jury home a half hour early.

Monday is a holiday, so court resumes on Tuesday morning. Bring your boxing gloves!