Monday, December 7, 2020

My Trials & Tribulations QUICK LINKS

My Trials & Tribulations detailing my cancer journey.
I was recently diagnosed with metastatic urothelial carcinoma of the retroperitoneal lymph nodes.

04/26/21 Day 1
: Day 1 of chemo. History from 2018-2020. Blood in urine.

05/01/21 Day 2-5: Day 2-5 of chemo. Medical history. Blood Type Diet. Cystostopy and CT Urogram. CNA Job.

05/07/21 Day 6-10: Day 6-10 of chemo. New job in hospice. Urologist calls. Pet Scan. Oncology referral.

05/11/21 Day 11: Day 11 of chemo. First oncologist appointment. Biopsy and tentative diagnosis.

02/02/2023: I'm Still On The Planet, Catching Up.