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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you and your families.

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LAPD Cold Case Squad: Not Forgotten

David Lambkin, and some of the thousands of cold case files at the LAPD. Photo credit: Stefano Paltera

I'd like to point T&T readers to an excellent article by a wonderful writer I've had the pleasure to meet at the Stephanie Lazarus pre-trial hearings, Matthew McGough. Matthew wrote an in depth story on the Lazarus case that appeared in the June issue of The Atlantic.

In the Nov-Dec. issue of Miller-McCune, McGough takes us into the fascinating world of the Los Angeles Police Department's Cold Case Unit, the struggles visionaries had in getting the squad implemented, how the squad has grown in the past ten years and the headlining cases this unit has solved.

I was lucky to receive a print copy of the magazine, with photos and DNA charts. If you don't want to wait to pick up the issue, you can read McGough's article, Not Forgotten, online HERE.

Matthew McGough's web site

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This is a sub-page of Lonne Franklin, Jr., QUICK LINKS PAGE


Day 1 May 12, 2016
Older brother to victim Alicia Alexander
2. MARY ALEXANDER - Mother of Alicia Alexander
3. PORTER ALEXANDER, JR. - Father of Alicia Alexander
4. KENNEITHA LOWE - Younger sister to victim Mary Lowe
5. TRACY WILLIAMS - Cousin to Mary Lowe
6. ROCHELL JOHNSON - Daughter of victim Henrietta Wright
7. SAMARA HERARD - Stepsister to victim Princess Berthomieux
8. WILLIE BUSH - Son of Henrietta Wright
9. IRENE EPHRIAM - Niece of Henrietta Wright

Day 2 May 13, 2016
10. SHAMIKA SMITH - Older sister of victim Janeica Peters
11. JOVANNA PETERS - Older sister of Janeica Peters
12. LAVERNE PETERS - Mother of Janeica Peters
13. ANITA LIMBRICK - Older sister to Alicia Alexander

Day 3 Part I, May 16, 2016
14. BILLY SMALLING - LAPD Homicide Detective, responded to a crime scene on January 17, 1984, of a Jane Doe, later identified as victim Sharon Dismuke
15. GREGORY MCKNIGHT - LAPD Homicide Detective, responded to a crime scene on December 28, 2000, a Jane Doe, later identified as victim Georgia Mae Thomas
16. ALVIN REED - Older brother of victim Bernita Sparks

Day 3 Part II, May 16, 2016
17. TINA SAUNDERS - Younger sister of victim Sharon Dismuke
18. LUCINDA NOBLES - Friend of victim Valerie McCorvy, who, upon her death adopted Valerie's 2 year old son, Michael
19. GUY HOLLOMAN - LAPD criminalist who participated in the search of defendant's garage. Found a firearm hidden behind a pegboard wall in the garage.
20. LARKWYN WATTS - LAPD criminalist, fingerprint specialist who developed latent prints off a weapon and magazine found in the defendant's garage.

Day 4 May 17, 2016
21. JEFF DEACON - LAPD criminalist print comparison specialist. Compared latent prints found on the weapon and magazine in the garage to fingerprint cards of the defendant.
22. JOHN SKAGGS - LAPD Detective, Westside Homicide Unit Supervisor. On October 18, 1988, he was a patrol officer. He responded to a crime scene, of a Jane Doe, later identified as victim Inez Warren.
23. DR. LAKSHMANAN SATHYAVAGISWARAN - Interim Chief Medical Examiner for County of Los Angeles. Reviewed the autopsy reports of victims Sharon Dismuke and Inez Warren.
24. TANYA EVERETT - Younger sister of victim Debra Jackson

Day 5 May 18, 2016

25. ANYATA JACKSON - Daughter of Debra Jackson
26. MYAH GREEN - Granddaughter of Debra Jackson
27. DR. PEDRO ORTIZ - Conducted the autopsy of Georgia Mae Thomas
28. JERMAINE JACKSON - Son of Debra Jackson
29. SHANDS MCCOY - LAPD Cold Case Detective, performed an investigation into the disappearance of victim Rolenia Morris.
30. RAFAEL GARCIA - LAPD Criminalist, participated in the search of the defendant's residence and found a "sawed-off" shotgun in a bedroom closet.
31. DANIEL RUBIN - LAPD Criminalist, firearms examiner. Compared the bullets recovered from victims Sharon Dismuke and Georgia Mae Thomas. Matched the coroner's bullets to two different weapons recovered from the search of the defendant's garage.
Day 6 May 19, 2016
31. DANIEL RUBIN - testimony continued
32. SHERRY COSTA - Aunt of victim Barbara Ware, her brother's daughter
33. TREVA ANDERSON - Sister of Barbara Ware
34. VIVIAN WILLIAMS - Older sister of victim Georgia Mae Thomas

Day 7 May 20, 2016
35. LATANYA CLARK - Older sister of victim Rolenia Morris
36. DARYN DUPREE - LAPD Cold Case Detective - Presents the location of the crime scenes of Sharon Dismuke, Georgia Mae Thomas and Inez Warren and their relative relationship to the defendant's home and other crime scenes.
No witnesses. Evidentiary hearing regarding German witness, JAG officer and Army records supervisor.

Day 9 Part I, May 26, 2016
37. GERMAN WITNESS - Testified about being kidnapped and gang raped by three African-American servicemen, one of them the defendant, back in April 1974 in Stuttgart, Germany.
38. FRANK J. PYLE, JR. - US Army JAG Officer who attended the trial in Germany and wrote a report that was added to the defendant's US army personnel records.
39. LAMAR DERICO WHATLEY - US Army records supervisor. Testified about records in the defendant's personnel record file.
Day 9 Part II May 26, 2016
39. LAMAR D. DERICO WHATLEY - Testimony continued
- Sister of  victim Lachrica Jefferson
41. BILLY WARE DION, JR. - Older brother of Barbara Ware
42. DIANA WARE - Stepmother to Barbara Ware

Day 10 May 31, 2016 [notes coming soon]
1. TIMOTHY WILLIAMS - Retired LAPD Homicide Detective
2. KURT E. KUHN - Retired LAPD fingerprint comparison examiner

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Stephanie Lazarus Pretrial Hearing 12


Stephanie Lazarus at a prior hearing

There is a pretrial hearing this morning in the Stephanie Lazarus case. You can find all my stories covering this case, as well as links to mainstream media stories here.

Lazarus is charged with first degree murder in the 1986 death of Sherri Rae Rasmussen, the new wife of her former boyfriend, John Ruetten. I will have an update on the hearing later this evening.

Sherri Rae Rasmussen

UPDATE 11:15 am

I arrive inside Judge Perry's courtroom, Department 104 a few minutes past 8:30. I'm in luck. The hearing hasn't started yet.

Sherri Rae Rasmussen's family is sitting in the front row. DDA Shannon Presby is speaking softly but intently to Nels, Sherri's father while showing him some documents. I get a couple seconds glimpse of the top page. I cannot be certain of what I saw, but it appeared to be a computer print of a photo of two people, outside in a beach setting. I "think" there was also quite a bit of text on the page also. The image looked "washed out" and I was too far away to recognize any faces in the few seconds I saw it.

DDA Paul Nunez is sitting beside Nels, Sherri's father, showing him something on a laptop.

Lazarus' mother is by herself, sitting on the very end of the first bench row. I don't see Lazarus' counsel anywhere. There are several reporters here from the mainstream media. Matthew McGough (who did that excellent piece in The Atlantic on the case), Greg Fisher, 48 Hours producer, Lisa, producer from ABC and Robert Dean, Dateline producer. The two Robbery-Homicide detectives are also here sitting on the right side of the courtroom in front of the bailiff's box.

8:41 am: Courtney and Mark Overland come out of the jail holding area. Presby comes over to Overland and is showing them a packet of information. Lazarus comes out from the jail area a few moments later. She's carrying a small bag and is wearing the same thing I've always seen her in, a white long sleeved undershirt on underneath her orange jumpsuit.

8:45 am: Judge Perry takes the bench and goes on the record, detailing that all parties are present. He states that this is a status conference, with the case set at 0/60 as of today. Perry asks if the parties are ready. Mark Overland asks the court to set the case for trial.

Presby states for the record that the prosecution handed over discovery to the defense today. Some of the discovery were items previously requested that they didn't' have as well as some new items. The prosecution also turned over to the defense Lazarus' LAPD personnel file, since the defense requested it and there are no privacy issues involved.

Presby then tells the court something that is somewhat of a bombshell, at least to the media in the gallery. The coroner's investigator, Lloyd Mahanay has died. He died on October 14th, 2011, just days before the case was originally slated to go to trial. Presby confirms for Judge Perry that Mahanay testified at the preliminary hearing.

Mahanay was the first witness the prosecution called at the prelim, and is also the key individual who collected the bite mark swab evidence from Sherri Rae Rasmussen's body at the scene back in 1986. The defense has contested this evidence because when it was found in the coroner's freezers, the envelope was torn and (apparently) the top of the evidence tub containing the swabs was sticking out.

Presby states the prosecution has received from the defense a report written by the defense's firearms expert. Presby tells Judge Perry that all other discovery items will be handled informally.

Judge Perry asks Overland what his schedule is like and Overland states he is in trial right now. Perry asks both parties about starting the trial on January 30th, 2012, by handing out the questionnaires on that date. Voir dire would then start on Thursday, February 2nd. If all went well then opening statements would start on February 6th.

Overland states that there are still some outstanding questions on the questionnaire and when would they be able to discuss those. Perry tells him that he has added a couple of questions per his request and he can E-mail the prosecution and defense the updated questionnaires so they can go over them.

I think something is said about the defense adding names to their witness list, but I'm not positive.

There is discussion about having one more pretrial conference to check in before trial starts. Judge Perry picks Friday, January 20th as a "soft date" and if there are any other motions to get them filed so that they can be argued on that date.

And that's it. The hearing is over. There is a short bit of friendly banter between Shannon Presby and Mark Overland and then Presby heads over to the family to speak to them out in the hallway.

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UPDATE: Summary page of all witnesses who testified in the guilt phase of the trial.

Update: On June 6, 2016 The jury voted unanimously for the death penalty on 11 counts. Franklin is tentatively scheduled to be sentenced on August 10, 2016. 

Update: On May 5, 2016, Franklin was convicted of first degree murder in the deaths of Debra Jackson, 29, Henrietta Wright, 34, Barbara Ware, 23, Bernita Sparks, 26, Mary Lowe, 26, Lachrica Jefferson, 22, Alice Alexander, 18, Princess Berthomieux, 15, Valerie McCorvey, 35, and Janecia Peters, 25. Of the nine victims that were shot, the jury found true the special circumstance of using a firearm. Franklin was convicted of attempted murder of Enietra Washington, 30. Jurors found true the special circumstance of a willful, deliberate, premeditated act. Jurors also found true the special circumstance of multiple murders. Franklin is facing the death penalty. Jurors will return on May 12, 2016 for opening arguments in the guilt phase of the trial.


CASE No: BA382700
Defendant: Lonnie David Franklin, Jr., in custody
DOB: 8/30/52
LASD Booking #: 2394548

About The Defendant
Franklin is married with two children. In the 1980's, he was a sanitation worker for the City of Los Angeles and also worked as a mechanic for the LAPD.  He was well known around his neighborhood. Franklin was a scrapper, collecting junk and selling it.

Franklin was linked to the murders through a familial DNA match. Franklin's son Christopher was convicted on a felony weapons charge. His DNA was entered into the CODIS system and compared with the DNA found on the victims. In April 2010, a potential familial match was discovered.

Defense: Seymour I. Amster (lead counsel-guilt phase)
                Dale Atherton (co-counsel)
                Kristen Gozawa (hire by Amster)

Prior defense counsel: Louisa Pensanti - disbarred (removed 11/16/15)

DDA Beth Silverman
DDA Marguerite Rizzo
DDA Paul Przelomiec
DDA Jamie Castro

Judge: Honorable Kathleen Kennedy

Charges: 10 counts of 187 felony murder; 1 count of attempted murder. Victim Thomas Steele is not included in the DA's charges. Media reports indicate law enforcement believes there are at least five other victims, not charged.

From Wikipedia, list of Franklin's known victims in chronological order of attack:
Number Name Sex Age Body found
1 Debra Jackson F 29 August 10, 1985
2 Henrietta Wright F 34 August 12, 1986
3 Thomas Steele M 36 August 14, 1986
4 Barbara Ware F 23 January 10, 1987
5 Bernita Sparks F 26 April 15, 1987
6 Mary Lowe F 26 November 1, 1987
7 Lachrica Jefferson F 22 January 30, 1988
8 Alice Monique Alexander F 18 September 11, 1988
9 Enietra "Margette" Washington‡‡ F 30 Survived
10 Princess Berthomieux F 15 March 19, 2002
11 Valerie McCorvey F 35 July 11, 2003
12 Janecia Peters F 25 January 1, 2007
One of the Grim Sleeper's suspected victims, though there is no DNA evidence to support this claim. Being the only suspected male victim, it is believed that Steele either knew about Grim Sleeper's history of murders, or that he was friends with one of the victims.
‡‡ Enietra "Margette" was told to use her middle name as her last name for her protection, but has since come forward as Enietra Margette Washington. Attacked on November 19, 1988, she is the only known survivor.

1.  04/17/74   17 year old German woman kidnapped and raped in Stuttgart, Germany - Survived
2.  01/15/84   Sharon Dismuke - murdered
3. 10/18/88    Inez Warren - murdered
4. 12/28/00    Georgia Mae Thomas - murdered
5. 09/10/05    Rolenia Morris - disappeared, presumed dead



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05/03/15 Closing Arguments, Day Two, Part II   NEW!
05/03/16 Jury Deliberations Start Tomorrow
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05/31/16 Day 10, Penalty Phase, Defense Case - coming soon
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06/03/16 Verdict Watch -Day 1
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08/10/16 Franklin Sentencing Today  NEW!


03/24/11 Indictment of "Grim Sleeper" Serial Killer Unsealed
07/11/12 Going to Court: Gerhart Becker, Kelly Soo Park, Lonnie Franklin, Jr.

08/30/12 Lonnie Franklin, Jr.: Pre-trial Hearing 2
10/24/12 Kelly Soo Park Pretrial 8; Lonnie Franklin, Jr., Pretrial 3
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01/05/16 Lonnie Franklin, Jr, Pretrial Hearing 13
01/12/16 Lonnie Franklin, Jr. Update II
01/25/16 Lonnie Franklin, Jr. Jury Pre-Selection Process Continues

02/12/16 Lonnie Franklin: Hearings from 11/16/15 to 12/14/15
02/15/16 Lonnie Franklin Hearings from 1/14/ to 2/11/16
02/16/16 Opening Statements in Grim Sleeper Trial Start Today

The Charges Against Franklin

Victim List



07/10/10 Grim Sleeper Suspect Stayed Below LAPD's Radar
01/07/14 Judge Allows DNA Evidence Collected at Restaurant
12/14/14 Defense: DNA in Some Cases Points to Another Suspect

05/01/15 Defense: Another Serial Killer Linked to Two Victims
05/22/15 Trial Delayed in Grim Sleeper Murder Case
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2016 Reporter Stephen Ceaser's Trial Coverage
02/16/16 Grim Sleeper Serial Killer Trial Begins
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02/17/16 Trial Continues With LA County Coroner
02/17/16 ME Describes Victims Wounds
02/18/16 Medical Examiner Defends Analysis of Autopsy Reports
02/18/16 Defense Grills LA Co Coroner
02/23/16 Defense Questions Crime Lab Evidence

02/24/16 Defense Attempts to Discredit DNA Evidence
02/25/16 Lone Survivor Recounts Her Ordeal
03/01/16 Surgeon Recounts Efforts to Save Sole Survivor
03/02/16 Youngest Victim Found Dumped in an Alley
03/03/16 Last Victim Found Inside A Dumpster
03/04/16 How a "Pizzeria" Bussboy Led to Defendant's Arrest
03/08/16 Weapon in Case Found in Defendant's Dresser
03/09/16 Bullets in 7 Victims Came From Same Gun
03/10/16 LAPD Ballistics Expert Defends His Work on Case
03/15/16 Jurors Watch Detectives First Interview with Defendant
03/16/16 Family Members Identify Victims Before Prosecution Rests
03/21/16 Defense Opens Challenging DNA & Ballistics Evidence
03/22/16 Sketch Artist Details '88 Interview W/Lone Survivor
03/24/16 Unidentified DNA Found on Grim Sleeper Victim
03/29/16 DNA Found Under Another Victim Belonged to Unknown Man
04/28/16  Expert Witnesses Spar Over Ballistics Evidence
05/02/16 Ten Young Women, All of Them Cruelly Murdered by That Man
05/03/16 Grim Sleeper Trial Comes to a Close 
05/03/16 Defense Suggests Relative Could be the Killer
05/05/16 Grim Sleeper now one of CA's prolific killers
05/05/16 Grim Sleeper Verdicts Bring Justice to Forgotten Victims 
05/05/16 Jurors Reach A Verdict in South L.A. Slayings
05/05/16 Grim Sleeper Victims were young, vulnerable
05/08/16 LAPD Believes Grim Sleeper Never Really Slept

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LA Times Grim Sleeper Archive
LAPD To Publish Unidentified Grim Sleeper Photos on Twitter, Facebook
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05/28/15 LAPD Working to Identify Possible 35 Victims
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09/22/15 Defense Says Another Killer Linked to 2 Attacks

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New Trials Granted for Defendant's in Christian-Newsom Case


Murder victims Channon Christian, Christoper Newsom

I just finished watching live streaming on out of Knoxville, Tennessee, the hearing regarding granting new trials for the convicted killers (Lemaricus Davidson, Letalvis Cobbins, George Thomas and Vanessa Coleman) in the Christian-Newsom murders. Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood granted the defendants new trials.

Occasionally the camera would pan to the parents of the two victims in the gallery. My heart went out to those parents and their extended families who will now have to sit through these trials and hear the gruesome details of what happened to their children all over again.

Blackwood could not contain his anger and disgust in revealing the tawdry details of Judge Richard Baumgartner's criminal actions while presiding over the Christian-Newsome cases. He sounded like an angry preacher at the pulpit. Blackwood, in his summation, stated that Baumgartner (who presided over drug court) knew since 2008 that he was addicted to pain pills. Blackwood stated that Baumgartner could of, at that time, stepped down from the bench but chose to continue taking pills. It's my understanding that the full details of Judge Baumgartner's crimes were initially sealed in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's (TBI) report. It was turned over to the defense attorney's back in September of this year. However, both the prosecution and defense attorney's agreed that the report would be treated as evidence in the hearing. Baumgartner's crimes included (but not limited to) trading drugs from defendant's who came before him in drug court to having sex in his chambers with a prostitute (Castleman) that he bought a phone for and paid some of her bills.

Some details from the hearing tweeted by (Thanks to my friend Carolina Blue, who also watched the hearing on live stream.)

"Baumgartner's physician, Dr. Dean Conley, tried to wean Baumgartner off his addiction and urged him to retire in 2008. Baumgartner admitted his addiction, but said he needed another three years on the bench."

"The TBI found that during breaks in Davidson's trial, Baumgartner would visit Castleman at St. Mary's Hospital behind closed doors for 15-20 minutes at a time. He told hospital employees he was her attorney."

"Baumgartner's assistant, Jennifer Judy, passed him a note during the Coleman trial when he slumped his head down. It said, "Sit up or get off the bench. You're disrespecting the families." "

UPDATE 12/6/2011:
Thanks to guest writer David in Tennessee, here is a link to a web chat with Knoxville reporter Jamie Satterfield, answering questions about Judge Baumgartner and the upcoming retrials.

Paper seeks to join Christian-Newsom case

Judge Grants New Trials in Christian-Newsome case


This page was last updated 2/20/16. Sprocket

Full Grim Sleeper case coverage

Day 1 - 10
There were ten days of jury selection that occurred in December 2015, January and February, 2016 . Jury selection started December 15, 2015 and continued for four days. Jury selection resumed January 25 and concluded six days later on February 2.

Day 11 - 2/16/16 Opening Statements
#1. DENNIS KILCOYNE - [Testimony incomplete] LAPD Detective, Robbery Homicide Division. Helped initiate the start of the task force used to investigate three case to case linked murders that occurred in 2002, 2003 and 2007.
#2. DR. LISA SCHEININ - Retired LA County Deputy Coroner, medical examiner. Performed the autopsy on the last victim, Janecia Peters.
#3. DR. RAFFI DJABOURIAN - LA County Deputy Coronery, medical examiner. Performed the autopsy on the youngest victim, Princess  Berthomieux.

Day 12 - 2/17/16 Morning Session
#3. DR. RAFFI DJABOURIAN - Continuation of testimony of autopsy.
#4  DR. MARK FAJARDO - LA County Chief Deputy. Testifies about the autopsies performed by other coroners for the remaining eight victims.

Day 12 - 2/17/16 Aftermoon Session
#4  DR. MARK FAJARDO - Continuation of testimony of the eight autopsies he reviewed.

Day 13 - 2/18/16 Morning Session
#4 DR. MARK FAJARDO - Continuation of testimony

Day 13 - 2/18/16 Afternoon Session
#4 DR. MARK FAJARDO - Continuation of testimony
#5 ANTONIO LORCA - LA County Coroner Investigator - Responded to the scene of victim Debra Jackson. Retrieved her body from the scene and collected items around her body.
Day 14 - 2/19/16 Afternoon Session Only [Notes will be posed soon.]
#5 ANTONIO LORCA - Continuation of testimony
#6 DETECTIVE ADRIAN SOLER - LAPD patrol officer in 1985. First responder to scene of Debra Jackson. Secured the scene until other officers arrived. Was not there when coroner's investigator collected the decedent.
[Testimony incomplete] Retired LA County Sheriff's Senior Criminalist. In 1987, worked for the LA County Coroner's office as a criminalist. Collected evidence from the body of victim Bernita Sparks.

Day 15 - 2/22/16 Morning Session