Tuesday, November 6, 2007

November 6th Hearing: Moving along at a snails pace

Even though I left the house late at 7:25 am, I made it into downtown LA a few minutes after 8:00 am. Traffic wasn't too bad, even with the intense fog. I stopped into the cafeteria just to see if there might be anything that appealed to me, but I decided to pass. I spot John Taylor and ask him if I can join him. He replied, "Sure." I ask him if he's heard anything through that grapevine that I assume all attorneys are connected into, but he just shakes his head. He asks me what happened over on the CTV forums, and I give him my impressions as to what I think happened, since I still don't understand the explanation that was given to me.

We talk a bit about civil cases in general, and punitive damages. I'm no lawyer, and I'm not really following all that Mr. Taylor is saying, but what I think I understand is, even if in round two, Spector is convicted, the plaintiff still has to put on a case. We speculate on whether or not Spector will even show up, because he did claim the waiver on October 22nd. The Clarkson's are not coming for this hearing today, nor is Rod Lindblum who has a hearing in another case.

I had taken a look see earlier upstairs, and the hallway was full of potential jurors. But inside 106 it was empty so I went back downstairs to wait for 10:00 am to come around with Mr. Taylor. After I rounded the 9th floor security, Ciaran is on a bench and says hello. Although his beat is now Federal Court, he showed up to report on this hearing. I mention to him that Taylor thinks he might not even show, and Ciaran replies, "Oh he's here." And as I turn, I see Rachelle and Spector down at the end of the hall, waiting to enter Fidler's courtroom. Spector sees me and stares. I see Linda Deutsch is in the hallway, and she comes over to say hello to Ciaran McEvoy from City News.

There is a somewhat tall man (everyone would tower over Spector) semi-bald with stark white hair still left on the sides. It's a good assumption this is Spector's new attorney. Rachelle is wearing a skin tight chocolate brown pantsuit with matching jacket top. Virtually all of the matching jacket and pants outfits that she has worn to court have been overly form fitting, and the jackets, all short, usually ending at her waist. I didn't notice if she had on a pair of Christian Laboutin shoes. What was new, were the bodyguards surrounding Spector. Gone are the massive refrigerator sized guys. These two new bodyguards are tall and slim, wearing very nice suits. The only thing that makes me thing they might not be members of the Nation of Islam, is that one of them has their long hair done in corn rows. I don't know if the Nation of Islam would let their members wear their hair in such a fashion. Spector is wearing his standard Edwardian style suit with an ice blue tie. The head gear is the same one we last saw; it hasn't changed.

At first, one of the gentlemen I saw down at that end of the hall, I thought was Chris Plourd, but I was mistaken. I leave Ciaran and walk down towards the courtroom, passing Spectors group and enter 106. The place is virtually empty, but there is a case in progress with 16 jurors in the jury box and the defense attorney is cross examining a witness. Steven Mikulan from the LA Weekly is there, and I very quietly slip into the second row beside him. A see a lone tiny woman sitting at the defense table. It isn't until much later that it dawns on me that this must be the defendant. Steve and I exchange silent hellos, and I mouth that Ciaran is out in the hallway. Taylor is already in the courtroom, sitting in the back row on one of the plastic chairs. AT 9:55 am, Spector enters the courtroom with his entourage, and they sit in the back row on the plastic chairs, surrounding John Taylor. 9:58 am, Pat Dixon enters.

At precisely 10:00 am, Judge Fidler calls a recess in the current case. After the jurors file into the jury room, Taylor gets up and he and Dixon exchange hellos. Alan Parachini, the head of the public relations office is already in the courtroom. Linda Deutsch Ciaran and several other reporters show up that I don't recognize. Sandi Gibbons arrives, and I think Steven says something like, "We're all here," or, "It's just like last week," as she sits down. Whenever Sandi sees me, she always smiles and says, "Hello Sprocket!"

Spector's defense attorney and Pat Dixon are greeting each other in the well, and exchanging business cards. There are more reporters in row two, and some spectators in the back row. But for the most part, the courtroom is pretty vacant. There is a pool photographer and a video cameraman set up. Rick Ocampo is here, and I'm wondering if he will be sitting second chair or not. Then I see AJ. He's clean shaven, and someone comments on it, and either he makes a joke about it or someone else does. Jackson greets Ciaran and Steven and then he addresses me directly. He says hello and gives me a little wave of his hand. AJ says, "It's good to see you," and asks how I was doing with my time off. At first I'm tongue tied and about to blush, because, he is SO handsome lol, and I'm quite startled that he even addressed me directly. I think I reply I'm fine, and then I say to him, "I heard you've been traveling." AJ replies, "Yes! I've been down to Austin and the up to New York.

As we wait for the hearing to begin, Ciaran and Steven discuss the NFL season. What they are talking about is Greek to me, although I try to listen in and follow it. The cameramen are getting their tripods ready. Finally the Judge calls court into session and Spector's attorney formally introduces himself for the record. It's Doron Weinberg. He informs Fidler that as far as we can tell, we are well on the way to resolving issues regarding an agreement in representation. So, although he and Spector are in daily negotiations, they have not inked the deal. Weinberg asks for a few more weeks to get these final differences resolved, and mentioning the upcoming holiday, asks for a date of Friday, December 7th as the next hearing to formalize his representation. There is no objection from the prosecution.

Fidler makes sure that Spector agrees that the count for a speedy trial ~the "zero-sixty" is reset to start from December 7th, and that's it. It's all over. Everyone slowly exits the courtroom, and Sandi Gibbons tells me the correct spelling of the new defense attorney's name. She believes he works in Riordan's firm in San Francisco, has tried several cases up there, and has some articles about him in the mainstream press.

And that's it. The case continues to move forward at a snails pace. I make my way back to the budget parking lot to head home and write my entry.

I almost forgot! As Linda Deutsch got in the elevator to go up to the press room on the 18th floor, I asked her if she was going to cover the OJ hearing on November 8th. She said, "Yes."


Anonymous said...

Hey Sprock - You ROCK! Thanks so much for delivering the updates on today's hearing! Delay, delay, delay - no surprise there. What happens if PS and Weinberg can't come to an agreement on the on going negotiations? What happens then? More delays?

Thanks again! You're awesome!
Kitty M.

Anonymous said...

Great reporting, Sprocket! I'm glad that Allan Jackson shaved. Did Spector seem relaxed around his new attorney?

Frankie Bones

Anakerie said...

Thank you, Sprocket! As always, you've put us right there in the courthouse with you.

Denise said...

How cute AJ spoke with you. I'm jealous!

Thanks for taking us to court with you, great report as always.

Lesley said...

Thanks for the news, Sprocket. It's GREAT to have our "eyes" back in the courtroom.

Terrific reporting as always.


Land Shark said...

Once again you come through with a full report of the proceedings. Thanks Sprocket.

Niner said...

Hey Sprocket! I have FINALLY been able to get into here and post a comment! For some reason my "Post a Comment" was in a different language!!?? Don't ask me "which" LOL!
Anyway... As some have said on your yesterday's posting - you are just TOO good for CourtTV boards!!
I hope you'll check Websleuths - to post when the trial starts!!
and I wanted to Thank You for ALL your time and energy in getting all this to us! It is VERY much appreciated!

StickyBeak said...

So good to have your "virtual" reports back, miss your commentary on CTV. Lets all pray for Lana's speedy justice, I have faith in JF.
Cheers StickyBeak

FloA said...

Thank you Sprocket for once again making us feel we were there right next to you. I could almost smell it.

I'm so glad A.J. had a pleasant exchange with you. He seems so nice.

We could call you Sprocket the Rocket for your speedy reporting.


Anonymous said...

Sprocket...once again you come through to keep us all posted on things Spector...makes me feel like I'm right there with you...I am looking forward to spending Spector 2 reading your daily updates...nobody does it better...thanks for your hard work and your dedication to bring justice for Lana and her family...it's very much appreciated especially since the message boards at CTV seem to be going down as fast as CTV...perhaps they should have monitored their forums a little better...such a shame.

Anonymous said...

We would be "denuded" without your fabulous reports - please keep up the great reporting through Sp2 (seems it may be another year or two) as the main news media appears to have no interest.

many thanks


Anonymous said...

Bouquets of E-roses to you, Sprocket! Thanks for going to court today to be our eyes and ears :)

Susan said...

Great, great reporting, Sprocket. There's no one as happy as I am (other than The Child Bride) for the start of Spector Trial 2.0. Let's hope for the trial to begin sometime in May or June 2008!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "live" update! I so appreciate your dedication to the case and your special take on what happens in the courtroom.

In spite of all the "stuff" you have been through, you continue to be the trooper and I am sure you will end up on the top of the heap when it comes to reporting Spector, Version 2.0!

Take good care and know you are much in my thoughts.

Linda said...

Sprocket to the Rescue as usual! Don't know what we would do without you. You don't just report the news, you make us feel as we were along with you. Next time tell AJ we all say Hi, and we love him too.:) :) :)

thanks again. You are the BEST IMO, forget KTLA whose interest is only as the wind blows it seems, but of course, next trial will want all all watching their feed. In the meantime, don't bother one update to those they want to join in with them. And,there msg board so reminds me of CTV....forget about it.

allatti2d said...

Hi Sprocket!

Jumping in from the Friends of Lana board to invite you back to say hi if you have time - we miss you there! :)

Excellent reporting, the details are fabulous! I absolutely LOVE Alan Jackson... not in the way I would have 15 years ago (he could be my son!) but as an attorney; I would work for him in a heartbeat. He is the most competent attorney I've ever seen in action, and I've worked for a lot of attorneys.

Thanks again for everything, as always!

Friends of Lana

Anonymous said...

I heard that private eye, Paul Huebl was in court with Spectior. He writes that blog as Spector's alter ego. Please tell us about that guy's role in Spector's defense.

mControl said...

As usual, we can count on you to bring it live and real to the peeps! You really do rock, and hard too!

Cannot wait to see what 12.07 brings....


Anonymous said...

Sprocket, Thank you, and I still can't understand what happened on the CTV spector blog. Can you explain it? Your comments have been most interesting and helpful. I don't have an account so have to be anonymous, best, Christine

Sprocket said...

I have no idea what Huebl's role is, but I imagine there is one. As you can imagine, the defense team doesn't speak to me.

Like I said, the explanation I was given didn't make any sense to me. That's all there is to tell. Although some would look upon this as a black mark or something to be embarrassed about; not me. It doesn't matter to me in the slightest, which is why I've moved on. I move forward, I don't look back and I recommend the same process to everyone else.