Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pay It Forward

When was the last time you did something out the generosity of your heart? You know, just did a good deed, or offered to help someone without them asking or getting something in return? How about the last time you did something for someone else anonymously? Just asking. Just wondering. Just throwing the question out there for y'all to think about.

I have been receiving a ton of emails from people wondering where I had disappeared to and "WHAT HAPPENED?" to my hat name, Sprocket, at the Court TV message board. Why was I (as I like to say) "shown the door?" Well, to tell the truth, the explanation I was given didn't make much sense to me at all, so I let it go. I decided to do what I have always done in these situations when I have been shown the door at a message board: I walk away and I don't turn around and immediately start knocking on the door, trying to get back in. It's not my style. It's not what I do. It's not who I am. What I do is move on. I let go, and walk away.

The last time I was shown the door at a forum (well over two-and-a-half years ago), I walked away. I didn't beg to be let back in, and I didn't ask for an explanation. I said, "That's fine," and let it go. My belief system has always been, if management doesn't want me, then why would I want to stay? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me to stay someplace where I am not wanted. If you were at someones house, say, at a party or an event, and you were shown the door by the people running the show, would you demand to get back in? Would you try to sneak in through a back door? Not me. That's not how I act in real life, that's not how I behave on the Internet, and that's why I have walked away from Court TV message boards.

Some people on the Internet think nothing of changing personalities. They register a new name, and go right back to where they had just been shown the door. For some, they don't have any problem doing that, and that's fine, for them. I'm not judging them for doing that. But for me, there is something in my character, that just prevents me from doing that. At every public crime forum I have ever participated in, my hat/member name has always been Sprocket. I have never tried to register at a public message board under a different name, and be "incognito." I've never had the desire or felt the need to do that. Like I said previously, it's not in my nature to do that; it's not who I am.

And that brings me to one other point. Someone registered a member name at the Court TV message board as "Sprocket II," and that is not me. As flattering as that is (that someone would want to imitate me) this "Sprocket II" is not me. I obviously can't control what other people decide to do, or the names they choose to register as on a message board. However, if there ever is any name registered at Court TV (or any other place) that sounds like "Sprocket" or is spelled similarly to "Sprocket" or some other variation of my name, I guarantee you, that is not me.

I want to thank each and every person who wrote me letters of support after I was shown the door at the Court TV message board. Your kind words meant the world to me. I'll still be here for Spector round deux, so don't worry about that. As far as message boards go, maybe I'll just go where the wind takes me, somewhere, out there.


Denise said...

Great entry, bravo! Your attitude is amazing and your style and grace are commendable.

You are right, "pay it forward" because it always comes full circle!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sprocket. Your last blog entry was interesting but sad. I'll miss you on Court TV trial boards. I thought you were just in a short time out; had no idea you were banned.

You are one classy woman, in my opinion. Hope to see you somewhere on the internet for PS2.


Spiderman said...

You are way too smart for them and that group. More people read your blog then whats hidden on a lameo crime TV website.
Glad to see you got the smarts to leave before they banned you. Happens to the best of us

Land Shark said...

Sprocket, you will be missed immensely at CTV. I hope you know that. I have learned a lot from you and I thank you for that. You epitomize grace an fortitude.

Susan said...

Hi Sprocket,

I don't know what's wrong with the CTV boards but their actions as of late are dubious. A friend of mine had her IP address blocked. That makes NO sense. Anyway, good for you in taking the high road.

Erin said...

Sprocket...I just finished reading your new entry and must say that I agree with land shark's earlier post. Will hate that you won't be posting on CTV for Spector2, but know I can come here and find more information than I ever could hope to find at CTV.

I'll be checking back on the 6th for any post from you regarding Spector's hearing. Your blog has become the place to go for the latest breaking news on the case.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


I have followed your writing and CTV posts from the beginning of the Spector Trial. It eludes me why so many have nothing else to do than try to burn someone like you. You have given us so much through your writing, your heart and a special view of the adventures.

CTV boards have gone down hill rapidly in the last month. Good people have been treated badly. From my end it is no longer worthy of my time to read at this point. They lost an important person by closing the door on you. I am actually floored this happened.

Keep sharing and remember how many of us are out here loving every minute of your wealth of knowledge and passion for all.

On a personal note my son and I have been going through some irratic stages in life. He told me there was no where else to go but up...a good thing. Then I heard a comment that as long as someone was trying to kick your butt... remember that you're actually "ahead" of them.

Keep going Betsy! I'm hanging in there with you. And thanks for wanting to continue to keep us informed.

Sandy in Colorado Springs

Linda said...

Hey sprocket: don't know what I missed as I last wrote those msg boards get too ridiculous for me…what did you post that got you into "trouble"

SweetPea1 said...


I got banned around the same day. I kept trying to get a solid answer out of Coldwater.... she got pretty snippy and told me you are out "case closed". Seems a fellow poster decided to report me...go figure! I came back with the same name except for the 1 at the end. I didn't want to let this particular poster enjoy my departure!

At lease everyone can still read your blog even know you will be missed on the boards!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket,
Just wanted to say not having you over at CTV is CTV forums (big time) loss. That place is going downhill - FAST! I'll never understand why CW continues to allow the unpleasantness to go on over there. I rarely visit the site anymore because lately the forum reads like an IM conversaton between a bunch of pubescent teenage idiots. It used to be a respectable place to visit & discuss trials, but now it's just become a place full of uncivilized, unintelligent human beings who hide behind their anonymity and their monitors who wouldn't dare speak to someone the way they do if they were talking face to face with someone. Lately, the nastiness & stupidity has sky rocketed to extreme levels. You will be very missed, but you're far too good and way above them. You're just an all around classy and generous woman. Thanks so much for sharing your blog with all of us!

Kitty M.

Donna said...

Please know that you will be sorely missed at CTV. As others have said, it has dropped to the bottom of the barrel over there.I'm looking forward to reading your comments here during PS2,where ALL your followers and fans will also be.

SusiePMcD said...

Sprockey….I am dumbfounded…And “out of the loop”…but…I must say it is CTV’s loss…”Big-time”… I still can not believe it! I always have your blog on my desktop..and from here I would to Michelle’s…& Kim’s blog …and then to CTV’s blog.

I wondered what happened this past week when I noticed that you no longer had a link to their site on your blog. I guess I should have figured that out! Silly me.

I will miss you…as will a tons of others…BUT there are “other” blog sites that we will find you on…AND of course…you will always be “RIGHT HERE!”


A Texas admirer...of a gal that has tons of class...”hats off to you Sprocket”


Anonymous said...


I am dumbfounded that Coldwater booted you out of the CTV message board. On what grounds? I've ALWAYS found your posts to be courteous and civilized.

I can only imagine how hurt you must feel, despite your taking the high road. You've done all of us a huge service with your detailed and interesting reporting on the Spector trial. For that, you've been punished by vicious people, both in court and on the CTV message board. You deserve so much better! My heart goes out to you.

Much as I'll miss your posts on CTV, I'll look forward to reading your blog. Keep up the good work--and don't let the suckers get you down! You have a legion of admirers and supporters. Take care.


Anonymous said...


Where the wind blows ya, that's where I'll be!


Sedonia Sunset said...

Sprocket, I've always enjoyed your posts, as you know and will continue to be a devoted blog fan!

CTV was a lively place to be during the first trial, but now their Phil Spector forum is like a ghost town!

Coldwater is often quite arbitrary about who gets banned or partially banned; she usually doesn't even give a reason. I was partially banned once and didn't even KNOW it -- I thought EVERYONE was having technical difficulties. I'll NEVER understand why she sometimes bans thoughtful posters who contribute a lot and get along with everyone else most of the time, yet lets CONSTANT, OBVIOUS troublemakers just post and post and post for months on end. It makes no SENSE!

I partially banned for making fun of Phil Spector by speculating on what his new look of "purity and innocence" might be for the retrial -- that's a (good) GUESS because Coldwater coyly refused to tell me WHY. I was reinstated a few days later, but I seldom go over there anymore because most of the FUN people aren't around anymore. It's no fun to read when MOST of the posts are by people already on my IGNORE list (for VERY good reasons).

You keep posting here, and we'll keep reading!

wendylouwho said...

Don't let the boot from CTV bother you. I will guarantee your IQ will rise 10 points within a week. I heard that as fact.

It is poorly moderated when it is actually moderated which ain't much. Would you care for a side of porn spam with your trial?

Skip said...

We may of had our differences Sprocket but I will miss your informative posts at CTV. Looks like I'll have to visit your blog more often now. Take care.

vanna said...

CTV is diminished by being deprived of your commentaries.
You have done a marvelous job of providing color which
added enormously to the trial. Court TV posters are the losers but it's great to be able to continue seeing events through your eyes. Thanks for being there for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket, I haven't been on CTV board lately but thought I would check your blog out and wow, I am shocked You are one of the finest and knowledgeable (sp) posters I know. It's thier lost. I will check this blog daily for your updates. Know that you are loved. I bet half the posters don't know you have been banned, I didn't
Keep up the good work

lilcanuck (terri) said...

Heya Sprocket - you once told me not to worry that the boards wouldn't close. Well - without you and your
insight into the trial, they are significantly diminished.

I 'think' you should put a chat room on your blog. At the very least, please let us know where to find you.

I will most assuredly check here for the latest trial info, though.

Thanks for all you have done for us all.

Cee` said...

Hi Sprocket,
I am not a message board person, however between Coldwater and Warhorse46, there can only be problems. I would suggest Court TV chat, there are lots of discussions in there, along with lots that choose to fuss and fight, but some good laughs are abundant there as well.It is my therapy, I go there for my laughs! Also, should you choose to go there, I would suggest that you download the program mirc at and use mirc vs java as with it you can change font size, background color etc. Come visit, would love to have you. Take care and don't worry about the message board, it is worthless at best.

I am looking forward to spector2!

mControl said...

Ummm- but why? I don't generally read anything over at the CTV blogs, just never got into it, because I was intimidated... there is just so darn much there. But, I still cannot understand why they would block or ban you from the site as you are one of their main draws!

Boggling- nonetheless, your devoted readers and fans will remain stoically by your side and visit you here. As always another wonderful entry and BTW - I loved your punkin, looks a LOT like Rachelle, I think it was the teeth. ;-)

Sprocket said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words of support. I always look forward, I don't look back, because that's not very productive.

mControl! How the heck are you? It's getting close isn't it? How big is that little lyryk girl getting? The photos you shared on your blog of her face are just AMAZING!

Nice to hear you liked our big pumpkin. I laughed and laughed and laughed, and laughed some more about the "teeth" comparison. I'll have to email you why, sometime soon. :D

Intrepid said...

Excellent entry, Sprocket. And a very good philosophy by which to live life. How sad others only engage in "Pay Back"....sad for them, that is.

Here's a little ditty I came up with, just for you:

"Oh what a fine lass is our Sprocket,
whose blog's taken off like a rocket;
she sticks with the truth,
can't abide the uncouth,
and reports what is hot on the docket."

Love ya!

Sprocket said...

I've always had the impression that the moderating job at the CTV message boards was a hard one. I still believe that, and I will always sympathize with the difficulties that job entails.

While I was a member of the CTV message boards, I respected the difficulties of that moderating position, and rejected any and all comments that were left on the blog that criticized the individuals who performed that arduous task. And let me tell you, there were quite a few.

Since I am no longer a member, there will be no more censorship of those comments.

I've always encouraged people I meet to march to their own internal drummer in regards to where they decide to participate on the Internet. My choices should not automatically influence or be your choices. We are each unique individuals, with different needs and expressive outlets. Cyberspace is an ever expanding universe that I would encourage everyone to explore.

kat said...

Sprocket, Well...nothing surprises me anymore. First the format change on CTV, now the boards circling the drain.

To be honest, you're not missing a thing from the banishment. Sadly, its the board posters that are missing out.

You're loss Coldwater!

Sprocket said...

I just report what happens. If it doesn't make sense to me, I report that too.

It's over and done with and time to move on to more positive things, like, filling these Market Line orders! Trying to finish 30 bags in several different styles in under a week is more than enough to think about at this point.