Thursday, January 21, 2010

Casey Anthony to appear in hearing Monday, January 25

It's been quite a crazy week in the Case Against Casey Anthony. Every day, we are getting different messages about what will happen on Monday, January 25 in Judge Stan Strickland's courtroom at 1:30 PM. At this point, we officially know that the fraud trial will not take place. The fact that the trial will not take place has led to the conclusion that Casey Anthony may be taking a plea.

What we don't know is what road to a plea Casey will take. Will she plea bargain through the State's Attorney's office? Will she plead no contest? Will she plead guilty? Will she throw herself on the mercy of the Court in hopes of delayed adjudication or a sentence of time served?

Stay tuned to your favorite live stream to find out!

Yesterday, NEWS13 indicated that there will be two motions heard during this hearing.

The first one is the MOTION TO MODIFY COURT'S ORDER ON EQUUSEARCH DOCUMENTS SUBPOENA APPLICATION. This is the motion which was filed in November asking TES for more records. The defense claims that TES lied in saying that only 32 searchers were in the area where Caylee Marie Anthony's remains were discovered.

The defense will have to deal with the fact that one of the searchers cited searched the area with others and were not under the direct supervision of TES. The second individual, Joe Jordan, illegally taped his interview with defense PI Mort Smith and Judge Strickland sealed it for the time being.

According to NEWS13, the MOTION TO TAKE DEPOSITION TO PERPETUATE TESTIMONY OF JILL KERLEY would be addressed in court. Jill Kerley is Roy Kronk's ex-wife who was also interviewed by Mort Smith. In the video, Ms. Kerley has a great deal of nasty information about her former husband, to whom she was married for just over four months.

It's pretty obvious where the defense is heading with these motions. Jose Baez and Andrea Lyon filed a motion in November with the impressive title: DEFENDANT'S MOTION IN LIMINE TO INTRODUCE PRIOR BAD ACTS AND OTHER CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE PERTAINING TO ROY M. KRONK.

Although the defense never states in the motion that Kronk killed Caylee, there is information "out there" from Kronk's ex-wife, son and the daughter of another ex-wife to consider him a serious suspect in the case.

Let's see, the hearing is on the 25th of January, exactly one week before the February 1 deadline that Strickland imposed on the defense to prove the words of Todd Macaluso August 21 that:

As Your Honor knows, the body of Caylee Marie Anthony was found very close to the Anthony home, and the body was found in a wooded area that if one were to search for a missing child, this is the first place you would go search. There is substantial evidence that we’ve discovered, and that’s been set forth in our brief, Your Honor, that the body or the remains of Caylee Anthony were placed there after Casey Anthony was locked up in the Orange County Correctional Facility. There is substantial evidence, and that proves, Your Honor, her innocence. That’s exculpatory evidence, it proves that somebody else placed the remains in the area where it was ultimately found.

Well, although we won't have a trial to watch, this hearing should be one hum-dinger!


Nora said...

Ah, the drama continues. There is so much evidence against Casey that was found with Caylee's remains. But, one of the strongest pieces is that the site where and how she was buried was exactly where Casey hung out throughout her life and disposed of her pets.

Ronni said...

Roy Kronk is not a suspect in the eyes of the police. His "prior bad acts" have no bearing on the case. If the police are not going to charge him (and I strongly suspect they have no intention of doing so), the judge should throw Baez's motions out of court.

They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel aren't they?

Anonymous said...

This is so far fetched but if Caylee's body was placed where it was found after Casey was in jail, one of her parents or brother had to place it there.
I'm not buying it.....Casey loves drama & being the center of attention.
The curtain will close on her & others like her. THE END.