Sunday, September 26, 2010

Casey Anthony: A Blast From The Past, The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

I’ve been following the case since the very beginning with my friends here at Trials & Tribulations. However, back in 2008, I wan’t a contributor and sent in “guest” articles from time to time. Looking back, I’m sorry I didn’t start covering hearings from the get-go. That facet of my involvement only evolved over time.

As a result, I’ve forgotten so much. This weekend, awaiting the next status hearing, I took the opportunity to go back in time to the first major hearing on the case. Since it was prior to the indictment for murder, it only deals with the child abuse/neglect situation. It is very interesting, however, that the defense was already set to try a murder trial.

This hearing occurred on October 10, 2008, just four days before Casey was indicted by the grand jury. It’s interesting to note that Jonathan Kasen was in court arguing motions in the criminal case along with Jose Baez. There were many motions discussed, including the infamous ones for the tips and for Casey to travel about with her “team” to various places of interest.

Dr. Lawrence Kobilinski “appeared” to give testimony telephonically! He mainly wanted DNA and other biological evidence to be properly preserved and that enough samples be available to the defense for independent testing. This was Jeff Ashton's debut as the science and forensic specialist on the team.

In another motion, Baez was reminded that he needed to notice the appropriate organization when submitting his motion.

Part 4 was very enlightening because Baez asked for all information about Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. Linda Drane Burdick made it clear here that Baez was asking the State to do his investigation for him and that he was on a “fishing expedition”.Judge Strickland ruled that the State would have turn over all the information they had that wasn’t under investigation, and that they already had provided it to the defense.

All of the motions that the judge did not grant were pretty much rendered moot by the new charges against Casey. Her bail was revoked and she’s been in jail since October 14, 2008. She never had a chance to wander around showing Baez “her” Orlando. The request for tips came up again in the murder case.

It’s amazing to realize how much the defense has changed since the early days. Once Casey was indicted, Terrence Lenamon came on board for a short period of time to remove the death penalty. He had a difference of opinion with Jose Baez and parted company with the defense.

Once the remains were discovered, Linda Kenney-Baden was added to the team. Jonathan Kasen went on to represent Casey in the civil trial. He has since resigned and attorney Charles Green has taken his place.


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Sprocket said...

Great review ritanita! There is so much to this case, I'll be quite surprised if the trial keeps to the expected number of weeks/months it's expected to take.

I have a feeling it might take twice as long for both sides to present their cases, no matter how much Judge Perry tries to move it along.

donchais said...

You've come a long way baby!