Friday, September 24, 2010

Casey Anthony Status Hearing Monday

When Judge Perry announced that there would be monthly status hearing in the case, I imagined they wouldn't be all that interesting. I was so very wrong! It's amazing what comes out in these hearings and I am looking forward to the hearing on Monday, September 27 at 1:30 PM.

Any guesses as to what will happen?


FRG said...


Hi there!!!

You are so right. There is always something going on... specially I wait to see what will come out of JB's mouth. Now, we also have CM which is been babbling away to the Media. They make a nice couple, don't they?

ritanita said...

Hi, FRG!

I would love to know what motions are still in action! I'm thinking that the Roy Kronk on and Spoliation of Evidence are top on the defense list. These motions have bugged me since they were filed.

I also want a hearing date for those motions!

shyloh's poetry said...

Hi Ritanita, haven't posted in a long time but still read here.

I get a kick out of the two clowns. Cheney is the greatest. (SMIRK) Have a great weekend.

FRG said...


Did You mean the Roy Kronk's Motion In Limine To Introduce Prior Bad Acts Pertaining Roy Kronk right? I am also interested to know what's going to happen to this because it is completely unfair to Mr. Kronk since there is no proof he did what his ex-bitter wife did.
You know what it makes me really mad... why in the world would people's bad actions would be allowed in trial and from my understanding KC's bad checks felony can't be brough "unless" KC takes the stand which it will never happen. One example of what I am saying... Ricardo Morales and Kiomarie Cruz sold Caylee's photos/interview right? Why will those things be allowed in trial? Do I make sense? I mean criminals have more rights than witness in the case.
Is it Monday yet? LOL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it will be clarified for the JAC the financial status of the two new attorneys. (pro-bono or not). Naturally the dynamic duo has not said, forcing JAC to ask. Heaven forbid they should just say so up front and save the state some time and money.

ritanita said...

Shyloh's Poetry... thanks for dropping by!

FRG: That's the motion. I'm pretty sure that the judge won't let in all this crazy stuff. I also haven't seen any depositions for the other people mentioned on the defense witness list related to him. Even his sister is on the list!

Poor guy doesn't deserve what he's gotten into. He's just one more in a long line of people who pave the road under the Casey Anthony bus...

ritanita said...


It's already been stated the lawyers are working pro bono. I'm guessing that they didn't inform the JAC.

arlene_mccarthy said...

We will probably again hear how iffy it is for the defense to complete all of its depositions by October 31st, how the SA's office had been withholding info from the defense and how hard Jose is working these days and, of course, the usual type of BS spewed by the defense.