Friday, November 13, 2015

Joshua Woodward Pleads No Contest to Attempted Murder of Fetus Charges

Joshua Woodward, at a previous court hearing.

UPDATE 11/16:
Woodward remains out on bond until his sentencing on January 29. His passport is surrendered.  He will get one last Christmas and New Year's with his wife and new child.

November 13, 2015
The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office reports: 
A former national restaurateur pleaded no contest today to attempted murder for trying to induce a miscarriage of his ex-girlfriend's fetus six years ago, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office announced.
Joshua Woodward, 43, entered his plea before Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Curtis Rappe to one count of attempted murder. He is scheduled to return to court Jan. 29 when he is expected to be sentenced to nine years in state prison.
Deputy District Attorneys Habib A. Balian of the Major Crimes Division and Marguerite Rizzo, Deputy-in-Charge of the Forensic Science Section, prosecuted the case.
Woodward, a Florida resident who once co-owned the former Table 8 restaurants in Los Angeles and South Beach, tried to induce the miscarriage on Oct. 18, 2009, by using misoprostol, a drug used in the medical community to induce labor and terminate early stage pregnancies.
Evidence presented at a preliminary hearing showed that Woodward attempted to induce the miscarriage on three other occasions. 
Coverage of the Joshua Woodward preliminary hearing can be found HERE.


The Bitch Next Door said...

Wow! After all these years he finally tells the truth. I can only assume his attorney advised him going to trial would risk a much longer prison sentence than 9 years, and with California's prison crowding I'd bet he's banking on doing just half of the projected sentence. However, let's hope he doesn't use the next few months to pull a Polanski and flee to France/Poland. He's sooooo very conniving, considering the lengths he went to when trying to abort his GF's fetus, I wouldn't put fleeing past him. Wonder if he's been ordered to surrender his passport.

Sprocket said...

Bitch Next Door:
I'm pretty sure his passport was surrendered when he posted the 4 Mil bond. If Woodward was successful in fleeing, he would need to flee to a country that does not have an extradition treaty with the US.

Polanski is a French citizen. I'm not surprised they have not turned him over to the US after the rape scandal.

ritanita said...

I'm sure the victim is relieved this case is over. As for Woodward, his plea and probable sentence will send a message, I hope.

Sobe man said...

What's so sad is that his wife stayed with him after she found out and subsequently married the douche bag simply because he's rich. Suzy Buckley Woodward God bless you !! #skankgolddigger!!

Sobe man said...

Josh Woodward is a huge example of the moral decay of society, coming from an extremely wealthy family high up in the social register and he went out of his way to kill the baby with no regard for the mothers life that he knew could bleed out and die as a result!! What's just as sad is that Suzy Buckley (now Buckley Woodward) obviously turned gold digger skank that after everything she learned about his dispicable acts, she still married him and had a baby with him just to dig her claws in and get at his family money. Suzy you are a disgrace to all women, to marry this dispicable disgusting man!!!

Sprocket said...

Sobe man,

The interesting thing is, the victim in this case, according to testimony from witnesses at the preliminary hearing, made it clear to Woodward that she didn't want anything from him. She didn't want his money. She told friends and LAPD detectives she told Woodward she would raise this child on her own.