Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Thank You Note & A Matter of Spatter

When Mr. Dunne entered the courtroom, one of Spector's bodyguards handed him a white 9x11 envelope that was from Phil. "Personal to Dominick Dunn" it said on the outside of the envelope, misspelling Mr. Dunne's last name. Dominick was surprised and wondered what it could be. Dominick opened the package while Ciaran and I looked on, anticipating what was inside. As soon as Dominick opened it, he realized it was a book he had loaned Spector; a memorial on the funeral of Ahmet Enagans (sp?). The note that came with it was on very personalized stationary that had pieces of sheet music scores and notes around the border. Dominick handed it to Ciaran and myself to read. At the top it said, "From the desk of Phil Spector." One of the lines I memorized was "Can't imagine a world with Ahmet not in it." The signature was so huge and artfully done that I couldn't decipher it. Everyone said it was a very nice thing for Spector to write.

Dr. Lynne Herold, Ph. D. took the stand this afternoon to testify and educate the jury about blood stain pattern analysis. She's the state's expert. Over on the defense side, Rochelle had given up her front row seat to a new face in the courtroom. The individual immediately started to take notes as soon as Dr. Herold started her direct examination. I wondered if this was a blood spatter expert, and was he someone that might testify in place of Dr. Henry Lee. The more seasoned reporters in the room Ciaran and Matthew (otherwise known as tall lanky reporter until I learned his name last week) felt very certain that Dr. Lee "will be here to testify" to clear his name. At the break, Mr. Dunne asked Bruce Cutler who this was, and Cutler said this was one of their experts, and that Dr. Lee was still going to testify. So much for my idea. Sandi Gibbons, the District Attorney's public liaison found out his name for us: Stuart James. And as one of the Court TV forum members found out, he is a blood spatter expert. (Special thanks to Court TV poster Lynn Gweeny for that bit of info!)

It's been interesting to watch Donna Clarkson. She sits very close to the attorney who is representing the family in the civil suit against Spector. Today, I actually saw the attorney lean in and affectionately kiss Donna Clarkson on her left temple. Could there be a romantic relationship between her and her attorney?


Sherbie said...

As always, you bring the courtroom to us in a way that no one else can. I feel as if I'm there -- even for the behind the scenes matters, learning all these neat little tidbits. Thank you for all your hard work. I appreciate you more than I can say! :)

Sprocket said...

Thank you sherbie! I just feel very lucky to have this opportunity to attend this trial, and be a part of the over all experience.

I hope to get caught up on my daily notes, soon, but there is that huge pile of laundry lol!