Monday, June 25, 2007

California Dreamin'

That's what I thought I was doing when I saw an older but still very beautiful, slender blond woman standing in the hallway at the end of the lunch break. She was wearing a sleek, shortsleeved black dress that had a matching blazer jacket. She wore a black, polished stone heart necklace that matched her dress. When Alan Jackson and Patrick Dixon were approaching the courtroom, Mr. Dunne intercepted them so he could introduce the woman to Mr. Jackson. When she entered the courtroom, she sat in the row right behind Mr. Dunne, who turned to talk to her several times before the afternoon session started.

Ciaran took a guess on who it might be and he was spot on. At the break, Mr. Dunne introduced us (Steven, Ciaran and myself) to one of the 1960's music icons: Michelle Phillips of the Mommas and the Poppas. She was delightful to meet. Mr. Dunne said she has been a friend of his for a long time. I'll leave you to guess as to why Mr. Dunne wanted to introduce her to Alan Jackson.

Michelle wanted to know what was the cross all about, and what was going to happen with that other female attorney, Ms. Caplan. Mr. Dunne asked me to explain to her the points Linda Kenney Baden was trying to make in her cross. All of the reporters speculated that Ms. Caplan was probably going to go to jail on Thursday. We also talked about Dr. Henry Lee, and that he would mostly likely be obliterated on the stand by Alan Jackson.

UPDATED 6-26-07 7:45 am
Yesterday, at the morning break I decide to go down to the fifth floor to grab a bottle of water. Lana's family were at the elevators, waiting. Donna Clarkson smiled at me and said, "Your hair is so long!" I'm so surprised because the press has been warned that the family will not speak to them. I reply, "It's left over from my hippie days." Donna then says, "It's so beautiful." "Thank you," I said.

more to come....