Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blogging Against Sexual Violence Day

The 2008 Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign national slogan for this April is: Prevent Sexual Violence…in our workplaces. This idea of organizing bloggers to write about this topic was started by abyss2hope.

The goal of this years campaign is to encourage storefront businesses to donate a portion of their sales towards increasing sexual assault awareness.

I don't have a storefront, but I can bring this topic to the attention of T&T's readers.

In my next entry I will be writing about The Anthony Pellicano Trial and prosecution witness, Kissandra Cohen (nee Tysman) who experienced sexual harassment in her workplace. Here is a short synopsis about her testimony.

In the Anthony Pellicano trial, Kissandra Tysman testified about difficulties she expereinced in suing her boss, infamous attorney Ed Masry of "Erin Brockovich" fame for wrongful termination, slander and sexual harassment. In her lawsuit against Masry after she was fired, she claimed she was fired because Masry wanted more than "just lawyering." Although she won on the slander charges, she lost on all the sexual harassment ones.

Masry had hired Pellicano to wiretapp Ms. Tysman, giving Masry the advantage of hearing all of her confidential conversations with her attorney, effectively neutralizing any trial strategy position she might have had.

Has anyone out there experienced sexual violence or harassment in the workplace? What has been your experience when you brought this to the attention of senior management or human resources personnel? How successful were you, if you decided to take your case to civil court?


Marcella Chester said...

Thanks for this post for the BASV day. Too often when it comes to ethics people forget about private attorneys and those they hire.

Anonymous said...

Kissandra is a freekin liar. If she was being harrassed she would have told someone WAY before she was fired. She lies now about saying she is the youngest to granduate UCLA law school and all this other BS, and its so untrue. She may have been years ago but there have been ones that are younger that have passed her up, yet she still professes to be the youngest to date on her law firms page. She is a gold digger! Period the End! Look at how she tries to sue everyone and their grandmother. She has mental issues.