Sunday, April 20, 2008

Justice For Rebecca McEvoy?

UPDATED 5-01-08: I've just been informed by Juror Thirteen that the following statement "... a mattress containing a match of Becca McEvoy and Bob Ingel’s DNA, ..." is not true. T&T and Juror Thirteen apologize for the error.

This story comes to us thanks to the great folks at Juror Thirteen. I received the following request from them in my email this morning:

I was wondering if your site could help us with this... we only have a couple of days!
There is a family that needs our help. If you could read the letter, below, copy it and send it to the links below, we could bring justice to this little girl and keep the “Cop” pedophile off the streets! Thanks!

Justice For Becca

Rebecca McEvoy was raped and sodomized by her Step father, Police Officer Bob Ingel. Rebecca lost her life in a fatal car accident on the way to testify for the 3rd time as to the rape, and sexual assault she suffered at his hands.

On Tuesday, April 22, 2008, in Mobile, Alabama, the defense attorneys for the accused, Bob Ingel are arguing the case against their client should be dismissed. The lawyers are using the "Crawford" case out of Ohio. This says “you have the constitutional right to cross examine your accuser” and because the girl is dead and cannot testify, there is a chance the Judge may throw out the case.

The Assistant District Attorney, Steven Giardini, believes the case law should not be applied in Becca McEvoy's case.

The eleven year old testified before the grand jury on two separate occasions. There are medical reports, severe enough to make any parent outraged. A relative, allegedly, has, in their possession, a mattress containing a match of Becca McEvoy and Bob Ingel’s DNA, from the criminal, sexual attacks.

Reports have surfaced that Bob Ingel is now in Mississippi and living with small children. At this time we are unaware if there are special considerations attached to Bob Ingel’s bond of $35,000.00. Also, it’s reported that other children have been victimized, raped, and sodomized by this former officer.

If this story is not reported, the “Rebeccas” all across this country will be affected by this ruling.

In memory of a child who fought so hard to come forward and seek justice, we are asking that you give Rebecca McEvoy a voice and report on this story, before court on April 22, 2008.
Justice for Becca-Resource and video's

Story at Scared Monkeys

We are also asking for the public's help. By pasting the above story through the last sentence of the court date you have a voice with the media. Click as many links below and include the story, then email those in the media we have listed below.

I'm asking T&T's readers to join in with Scared Monkey's and Juror Thirteen to help give Rebecca McEvoy a voice.