Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cesar Laurean Hearing

A Judge in Mexico recommends extradition for Laurean. In a hearing over the weekend, Laurean did not indicate whether he’d fight extradition or not.

Authorities still haven’t determined if the e-mail sent to Sheriff Ed Brown several weeks ago from someone claiming to be Laurean, was in fact from him.

Onslow County Sheriff’s Office said in addition to the e-mail contact Laurean had with his wife, Christina, he was also checking the Jacksonville Daily News website. They say someone from his home was on that site on January 11th, the day he took off for Mexico.

According to NBC17.com: The Sheriff's Office said Laurean's interest in the media coverage of his own manhunt, is part of what led police to his capture in Mexico.

Support from the US Marshals, NCIS, and FBI helped deputies log into the Web sites Laurean visited and figure out which Mexican Internet cafes he visited them from.

Hmmmm…so, maybe that’s why his name was spelled incorrectly in the e-mail; he ain’t so smart!