Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Children’s Teeth Among Items Recovered at Haut de la Garenne

Sniffer dogs have led investigators to two milk teeth that have been found in the cellars at Haute de la Garenne. Police don’t know if the teeth came from one child or from children.

Additional bone fragments have also been found, but until the forensic testing is completed, police can’t say whether the bones are animal or human. They remains have been sent to the UK for further testing.

These items are in addition to the blood stained bath and shackles found earlier in the investigation, which police believe corroborate claims by some of the victims.

The investigation remains a possible murder inquiry.

Further developments in Jersey:

Senator Stuart Syvret formally resigned his position on the Bailiff’s Consultative Panel last week. He did so in response to the Bailiff’s continued, professed ignorance of failures in the Jersey childcare system and his apparent lack of knowledge of the legal system.

Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache, is the chief judge in Jersey’s judiciary and he is also the Speaker in the island’s parliament.

The parent of a victim of pedophile Roger Holland has called for Bailhache’s resignation for allowing Holland to be sworn in as an Honorary Police officer.

Bailhache, then Attorney General, became aware of the fact that Holland was a convicted pedophile, yet he did nothing to prevent Holland from being sworn-in as an Honorary Police officer. Bailhache also didn’t seek to have Holland stripped of office.

It is public knowledge that Holland continued to abuse children while an Honorary Police officer and he has been sentenced to a two-year jail term.

Bailhache said in a statement, “It is unclear what jurisdiction in law the Royal Court could have exercised had these facts been brought to its attention the following week.”

Hmmmm - really Phil?

“I have served the Jersey public for over 33 years. During that period, I am sure that I have made mistakes. But I have always sought to behave with integrity, which I believe to be the case in this matter. I have no intention of resigning over this issue.”

Oh, Phil! Really want the folks of Jersey to start delving into those 33 years of service?

For the full statement by Bailhache as well as Senator Syvret’s letter of resignation go to Senator Stuart Syvret Blog. It’s a good read!