Friday, April 11, 2008

Images of Cesar Laurean taken by Fox News Producer


These images of Laurean were taken by a Fox News producer, "Jorge," while waiting processing in Mexico.

From the story link above, Jorge reports:
Laurean will be flown to Mexico City tonight where he will be handed over to the Mexico Attorney General’s Office and Eduardoo Medina-Mora. I had a conversation with Medina-Mora in Mexico City not long ago and he explained to me what would happen once a suspect was captured. Later during a phone conversation, the AG’s office never said IF he would be captured but WHEN. The suspect will get his day in Mexican court, but I was assured that the process to extradite him would begin immediately.

On the Fox News Story linked above, the following comment was left:
Comment by Ed Garcia

In my opinion, after U.S. Marine Cesar Armando Lauren stands trial in civilian court in North Carolina he will be handed over to U.S. Marine Judge Advocate General (JAG) to be Court Martialed and be sentence to DEATH for murdering a pregnant U.S. Marine. Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) he must be Court Martialed because his crime was commited as an active duty U.S. Marine. There is such a thing as double jeopardy when you commit murder as an active duty military.

This is a very interesting opinion by Mr. Garcia. Has anyone ever heard of an individual who, once convicted of a serious crime in State Court, being handed over to the JAG?



Anonymous said...

There will be no death penalty because of international treaties. Most all civilized nations have rejected the death penalty except the USA.

They have to try this guy and a verdict remains to be seen. The only ral witness id very dead

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Cesar looks pretty healthy for living on avocados!