Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Skull Fragments From Haut de la Garenne Offer Up No Secrets

Now that testing has been completed on the skull fragments unearthed at Haut de le Garenne last month, we are no closer to knowing exactly when they were placed there.

Best estimates are they have been there since the 1920’s or more recently. Apparently the lime content of the soil in which the fragments were found completely destroyed all collagen in the fragments to allow for a more precise date.

A statement from Jersey police said: "This leaves us with no knowledge of how, when, or indeed where, the person died."

Other bone fragments, including some that were charred are still being examined.

Police continue the forensic investigation of the remaining two cellars at Haut de la Garenne as well as compiling evidence provided by the public.

One has to wonder why no one listened or attempted to put a stop to the claims of physical and mental abuse all these years. Why were alleged perpetrators of these horrific acts allowed to continue working for the childcare system?

The few who had the courage to report abuse were labeled as “malicious liars” – they were after all, juvenile delinquents. But, not all of the children were - many were just unfortunate to be placed in temporary childcare while their families dealt with a terminal illness or going through divorce.

Thankfully, their voices are finally being heard. Thankfully, we have Stuart Syvret, Lenny Harper, Simon Bellwood and others willing to champion their cause and help ensure the safety of future generations.

Why is it then, some of the establishment and the Jersey Evening Post continue to attack those willing to enter the fray in search of justice?

Yesterday, JEP published letters about Senator Syvret that say he should be thrown out of politics because his “behavior” towards Jersey establishment oligarchs has not been “polite”.

Syvret says: Apparently, it is simply insufferable that I should be describing my “esteemed colleagues” as ‘bloody idiots’ and generally exhibiting what the authors of the letters describe as, “Petulant, self-centered, ill-mannered politics.”

Well, if “petulance” and being “ill-mannered” are the cha
racteristics needed in an effort to prevent the battery and rape of children – as carried out at taxpayers’ expense - so be it.

Yes, Senator – so be it!

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