Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Battle Over Melissa Huckaby’s Daughter

As Melissa Huckaby awaits arraignment on charges she kidnapped, raped, and killed 8-year-old Sandra Cantu in March, her ex-husband and mother are engaged in a bitter custody battle over 5-year-old Madison Huckaby.

At the time of Huckaby’s arrest on April 10, Madison was living with her mother and great-grandparents, Lane and Connie Lawless. Madison is currently living with Judy and Brian Lawless, Melissa’s parents, in Cypress, California.

Less than a week after Huckaby’s arrest, her ex-husband, Johnny Huckaby requested custody of their 5-year-old daughter.

Court Commissioner Walter Posey granted Huckaby custody of his daughter on April 20, but reversed that decision after Judy Lawless pleaded with the court to let her keep the child saying Madison has lived with her most of her life and has had little contact with her father.

According to court documents, Judy Lawless said to avoid media attention she took Madison and, until April 20, was staying with a relative in Oregon.

Johnny Huckaby claims that when he arrived in Oregon to retrieve Madison, she and Judy Lawless were already gone and he accuses Lawless of lying to him about Madison's whereabouts.

A custody hearing is scheduled for July 6.

Melissa Huckaby is scheduled to appear again in San Joaquin County Superior Court on Friday.

I feel so badly for this little girl and what her future holds.