Friday, May 29, 2009

Phil Spector Sentencing Today

UPDATE: 6:00 pm
I'll be on TALK RADIO ONE tonight around 8:00 pm.

I'm finally home. I wanted to give y'all a little update on what happened after the sentencing as well as report on some news I missed. I forgot to mention that very late, Juror #1 showed up and greeted the other jurors. She got a seat inside the courtroom with #7, #18 and #8. I did not see my friend LS get a seat, but they did get inside the courtroom right before Linda-from-San-Diego.

Rachelle was dressed down, compared to other outfits she has worn to court. It was a loose fitting pantsuit. She wasn't wearing those four or five inch heeled pumps and not much makeup on her face. Her hair was worn straight down, and her roots were showing. She also needs a good trim. Her split ends made Linda Kenny Baden's hair during the first trial look good. After the sentencing, a trial watcher informed me that in the parking lot before the sentencing, they observed Mrs. Spector and first defense team attorney Roger Rosen, right by the I {heart} Phil-mobile standing very close together and exchanging some intimate touching. I've zero idea what that's all about.

It was very difficult to hear from where I was sitting. There was a lot of moving around of sheriffs and detectives right by the door and the PIO staff.

Before the sentencing, the "Team Spector" button wearing fan made a point to send her "Back to Mono" button wearing fan over to me to tell me that she was not a "fan" but a personal friend of Spector. She was sitting across from me in the hallway, reading on the blog what I was writing about her. After she told Miriam Hernandez from Channel 7 that she last spoke to Spector at the closing arguments, she made a point to come over to me herself and say that she spoke to Spector on the phone yesterday. I didn't overhear her tell Miriam that and I would think that if she did speak to him on the phone yesterday, why did she say it was at the closing arguments? Did she at first forget? It made me wonder.

There were quite a few people who had never been in the courtroom that showed up and got a seat. Sherri was the only one who didn't get in and I heard afterwards that she was quite disappointed.

When the sentencing was over, out in the hallway Linda Deutsch was asking me what jurors were in the courtroom and I answered her. Several other reporters immediately picked up their pens and were scribbling what I said. These were all new reporters who would not have known what the jurors looked like to begin with.

Several of us wanted to go to the DA's press conference and we headed up to the 18th floor. Our hopes were soon dashed when the security guard told us that since we were not press we could not attend. We thought that maybe we could wait until Alan Jackson came up because when we left, he was still inside the courtroom, talking to the jurors who attended the sentencing in the gallery. The security guard told us we could not wait in the elevator area. We would have to vacate the floor.

Not long after the verdict was read, through a coincidence, LS found out where Spector went to lunch through both trials. It was at the little restaurant in the plaza of the Catholic Church on Temple Street. After the sentencing, I treated Linda, LS and one of T&T's regular readers (who could not attend much of the trial) Deidre, to lunch at this little cafe. The food was good and inexpensive. We talked about the trial and what a long road it's been. Not long after we sat down, we saw that three of the jurors from the second trial were having lunch at another plaza table about ten yards away. After their lunch was finished, one of the jurors, smiling, came over to sit with us. I gave my word that I would not repeat anything the juror discussed with us, but it was a delightful, almost two hour chat about what went on inside the jury room. We also shared with the juror what went on outside in the gallery regarding motions and pleadings outside their presence.

We learned that the defense had an impromptu press conference in the elevator bay on one of the floors (I think the 12th) where Rachelle spoke to the press. We were slightly disappointed to have missed that but not very.

About an hour ago, I spoke to Dominick Dunne on the phone and updated him on the sentencing. I asked him about his book, A Solo Act and he said it should be in stores in early December. Dominick also said that today, he has felt better than he has in over a year. "Let's hope this lasts for a while," he said.

Below is a complete transcript of Donna Clarkson's victim impact statement, courtesy of John Taylor, the Clarkson family attorney.

DONNA CLARKSON, mother of LANA CLARKSON, gave the following statement in open court at the Phil Spector sentencing hearing today:

“Lana was my first child, my oldest child, a precious gift.

She was the big sister to Fawn and Jeff and always helped me care for the two of them. Family was important to her and we all spent a lot of time together.

Lana had a great sense of humor. She was very funny and fun to be with. She made everybody laugh. Lana was caring, spiritual, very smart and hard working. She was generous.

She lit up a room when she walked into it. She viewed life as the glass half full. She was the eternal optimist, not only for herself, but for all of us.

She was a fan of everybody and was a cheerleader for everyone.

She was loyal to her friends. She was a great listener and took the time to listen, because she was interested. She remembered people’s names, birthdays, and things that were special to them. Lana made people feel important, because she believed that each person was important.

From the time she was a small child reciting nursery rhymes, Lana knew she would be an actress. She was a working actor her entire adult life. she was the consummate professional...always on time, prepared, and enthusiastic. She loved her craft.

I’m very proud of Lana and the wonderful and special person she was. I’m proud to be her mother.

More than six years ago, February 3, 2003, Lana was taken from us.

No one should suffer the loss of a child - it’s not the normal way we expect life to go.

Since that day, I have prayed for the truth to be told. I prayed for the faith and strength to endure the process. My overwhelming sense of loss was heightened by the trials.

The pictures were extremely shocking and painful. It was hard for us not to correct all the misinformation we heard concerning Lana. As I sat in the courtroom I just wanted to raise my hand and say “Excuse me, your honor...May I clarify these points?”

We have remained silent to help ensure a fair trial, so the truth could be ascertained.

The impact of Lana’s loss has changed all of our lives. I can no longer spend time with her and just have lunch or go to a movie, or go shopping. Her sister, Fawn, and brother, Jeff, no longer have their big sister to share their lives with.

All our plans together are destroyed. Now I can only visit her at the cemetery.

There is a hole in our hearts. My beautiful daughter, I miss you so. I miss looking into your extraordinary and vibrant eyes.

I trust the Court will be fair.

Thank you.”

I have to admit that while she was reading her statement I started to cry, because it sounded at times like her voice was about to break.

Harriet Ryan of the Los Angeles Times coverage of the sentencing.

Steve Mikulan of the LA Weekly tweeted from the courtroom on todays proceedings.

AFP report on the sentencing.

Linda Deutsch of the AP reports.

One short video clip on the sentencing.

11:25 am: Spector is quickly taken from the courtroom. People start to mill out.

11:20 am: He is not entitled to and good time work credits. Restitution has been made. Judge reads the amounts. Defentant must pay an additonal 200 to victim fund; 25 court security fee and one other 200.00 fee. Judge checking on any other fees. Fidler states that restitution will be paid to any civil judgement.

Weinberg requests that medical records be transfered with him "forthwith." He also requests that he be transfered to Dept. of Corrections as quickly as possible. Riordan waives reading of apellate issue. That's it. Nothing else.

11:12 am: Judge: We have to discuss the law. He discusses case law. There is a case that Judges cay not considerthe mitigatin (Lincoln makes that clear).

There are two addtiona matters. There has been no motion for a new trial. Old case, people verses Edgeman.(sp?) That was ruled that it was incompentence of counsel, not to ask for a new trial.

Weinberg answers, and then makes the motion for a new trial.

Judge states he reviewed the jury verdict and denies the motion for a new trial.

Now goes over the restitution to Fawn Clarkson, plus 10% interest since time of sentencing. You can either accept that, or set aside hearing.

Weinberg states that they will tender restitution. They've prepared two cashiers checks. Court will find that restitution has been made.

Jackson accepts the restitution. Tabling the issue of the disclosure.

Fidler mentions his request for looking into the financial records. AJ speaks on behalf of the family and accepts for the family.

Ed Lozzi sent a letter to the Judge. Will not affect sentencing.

Mr. Spector to you want to be heard at all? No.

The defendant is inellgble for probation. Sentenceine to term 15 years to life. For the enhancement, the court selects the presumptive mid term of 4 years. He gets credit for time served. Plus the one day when arrested 47 days credit. Judge is checking something in a book.

11:11 am: AJ brings up all the other incidents of a gun that the court heard. "There are agravating circumstances ahat are attendant in this case.... we believe that is a just sentence."

10:10 am: AJ wants to be heard only briefly. He reads code law pleading for the four years.

11:07: Weinberg speaks. Spector still disputeds the ruling. Weinberg goes through his motion for 3 years for the gun charge. He goes through the aggrivating throug hte mitigating issues. The extra year may affect how his circumstances of his incarceration.

11:04 am: Donna Clarkson will speak. Her voice starts to break. Lana had a sense of humor and made everyone laugh. She was smart hardworking. She lit up a room when she walked in. She was the enternal optimist. not only for herself but for everone. She was a chealrlead, she was loyal to her friend.s and a great listener. She rememberped people and hteir birhtdas. Lana made you feel important because she felt each person was.

From the time she was a small child, she knew she would be an actress. I know what a wonderful special person she was, I'm proud to be her mother. nO one should suffer the loss of a child.
since that time I've prayed for the truth be told the strenght for the rpocess.

Al though the trial I wanted t rais my ahd and say excuse me your honor, can I clarify these points. There his a hold in our heart our beautful daughter, I miss you so I miss looking into your beautiful and vibrant eyes.
I trust the court to be fair.

11:03 am: Spector has entered weraing a brown wig. Fidler takes the bench.

11:01 am: Four sheriff's around the defense table. The bailiff from the second trial is not here. Another sheriff just cam in from the jail area. Several detectives are standing near the door along with a sheriff.

10:59 am: There are three camers pointed at the defense table. Weinberg, his paralegal, Susan and Riordan are there.

10:58 am: A few more minutes to sentencing. Pat Dixon arrived and Joshua is here. 10:57 am: Linda-in-San-Diego got in, but Sherri did not get a seat yet. Spector's bodyguard is in the back row. LS and Sherri didn't get a seat.

10:55 am: Louis and Frieda are in and a few public. Susan Mattros hugs Rachelle who is sitting in the first row.

10:54 am: Lana's family enters. I get waves and smiles from Fawn, Rod Lindblom, Bill Ferguson and John Taylor. 10:53 am: Just a warning. My real time, fast typing is terrible, and full of typos so be forewarned.

10:52 am: Maryann, one of Lana's friends smiles and waves to me as she enters 106.

10:48 am: Many in the media are sitting in the jury box. there are cameramen there. Harriet Ryan arrives. She sits down at the other end with Steve Futterman from CBS. They are still trying to get the connection going to use the internal wiring of the building to send out their feed to their network. I just heard it's not working. There is a video camera near the witness box and several cameramen in the jury box. While I was waiting to get in, one of the Sheriff's brought out a huge standing mirror. It must have been about 15" tall and 12" inches wide. That was most likely for Spector to check his makeup.

10:47 am: I'm inside 106 sitting against the back wall with Steven Mikulan to my left and beside him Miriam Hernandez. Many of Spector's fans in the hallway got seats. The jurors got seats. Dennis Riordan is here. More press arrives.

10:40 am: The hallway is really bustling. Nili Hudson comes over to give me a hug.

10:38 am: I just pulled my only string and it worked. I will get seat after the media is seated. Steve Mikulan from the LA Weekly arrived and told me "No game playing" pointing at my laptop. That Steven; always the jokester.

10:34 am: Alan Jackson shows up. He greets Juror #9 from the first trial and quickly enters 106.

10:31 am: Two jurors from the first trial are chatting with two jurors from the second about the lunches they would be served. The alternate #18 comes up and joins them.

10:28 am: Liz is taking the names of all the jurors from the two trials who showed up. It appears they will get seats.

10:26 am: Rachelle went into 106.

10:24 am: #9 from the first trial introduces me to one of the alternates from the first trial who came down.

10:20 am: Just a reminder, I have no idea if I will get a seat from the lottery or not. It will depend on how many reporters show up .

10:16 am: Earlier, I heard Allan Parachini state that he has received no requests from any family members for seats for the sentencing. The sheriff's bring out the pink suitcase. That must be what the wig was carried in.

10:14 am: Louis and Frieda arrive. They hug a woman with short black hair. Juror #9 from the first trial arrives and I direct him on where to get a ticket.

10:12 am: Linda Deutsch rounds the corner from the elevator bay. She stops to talk to a gentleman at the center of the hall.

10:11 am: Answering a comment. It's doubtful the presser will be streamed since the sentencing is not going to be streamed.

10:10 am: The hallway is now filling up with reporters and general public.

10:08 am: I was wrong the jurors did not go in already. They are still in the hallway. Rachelle arrived with a bright pink suitcase and a suit for Spector to wear. Her hair is down. This is the first time I've seen her hair down since the first trial.

10:07 am: A T&T reader stops by to introduce themselves to me.

10:06 am: I see Weinberg speaking to another gentleman at the end of the hall near the elevators.

10:04 am: Linda tells me the other juror is #8.

10:01 am: I got my red ticket. The three jurors who showed up got into the courtroom already.

I have no guaranteed seat. 9:56 am: I see three of the jurors have shown up. #7, #18 and I can't remember which number the other juror is. I think I see Carrol Connors. Sure looks like her.

9:55 am: Just about an hour to go.

9:54 am: I just learned from Gary (who I met during verdict watch) that the camera is just for TV. The sentencing will NOT be live streamed anywhere on the Internet.

9:51 am: Lisa and Kathie arrived. They went on vacation (not together) the week before a verdict was reached.

9:50 am: The pool camera showed up and entered 106 to get set up.

9:46 am: The group of reporters are talking with Parachini again. I forgot to mention that Sherri arrived about 10 minutes ago. She, Linda and LS are all sitting together on the bench at the end of the hall. Mostly the hallway is quiet now and I can almost hear what Allan is saying to Miriam.

9:43 am: The jurors fro 105 finally get to go into their courtroom so the hallway has thinned out a bit.

9:41 am: The blond hands Miriam her card. Down with the reporters I see a familiar reporter-face but I don't know his name. I think he's in radio though.

9:38 am: Miriam Hernandez comes over to speak to the "Team Spector" wearing blond who tells her the last time she spoke to Spector was at the closing arguments. I think I over hear her tell Miriam that "Rachelle has been very depressed" but I'm not positive on that.

9:35 am: The clerk for Department 105 calls for her jurors. They are all standing by the door, waiting to get in.

9:31 am: Miriam Hernandez from local ABC Channel 7 is down near the center of the hall chatting with Terri Keith and Mona. I do not see a camera operator yet, but it's still early.

9:30 am: I find out that the young people wearing the badges are all interns in the DA's office. A young woman told me that they are "supposed" to wear them.

9:25 am: Some of Spector's bodyguards from the first trial spoke to the press. The man who was the single bodyguard during the second trial doesn't appear to be among the roup.

9:23 am: Mrs. Benson from courtroom 107 calls for her jurors.

9:21 am: Ah. I see Spector's #1 fan hanging out near the women's restroom. She's nervously pacing.

9:19 am: There are quite a few people standing around, many with bades on them. I'm not close enough to see what department they are with. I also see some reporters I've never seen before. It's obvious because they have lanyards with their photo as another press card.

9:07 am: I'm on the 9th floor. I splurged and drove into downtown today. Linda-in-San-Diego is here as well as my friend LS (law student) who has taken a rare break from their 24/7 studies for the bar in July.

In the lobby I saw a young woman wearing a "Team Spector" button with a woman friend who is wearing a "back to mono" button. Right now she is sitting directly across from me in the hall. The "Team Spector" bottle blond fan is a study in color. She is wearing a blue gray print dress with a gray sweater, wide black belt, Pippi Longstocking knee-high, black and gray striped socks with open-toed blue suede heels as well as carrying a large hot pink plastic purse.

Just a moment ago I saw Lisa from the DA's office rolling a cart into courtroom 107. She worked on the Spector case behind the scenes. She must be working on a case before Judge Pastor. Allan Parachini, Department Head of the Court's Public Information Office is already here.

I now see Terri Keith from City News talking to Allan Parachini and I think I see the sketch artist, Mona, who I met at the Blake trial along with another gentleman.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the play-by-play!

Anonymous said...

I missed somewhere along the way as to what 'back to mono' means. Could somebody clarify?

nd said...

Hi Sprocket! Thank you, once again, for being there. I hope Lana's killer gets the full 10 years for the gun enhancement to make up for the 6 years that he was able to remain free after his heinous crime. And I have to say that it totally pisses me off that he was able to go to UCLA for special treatment, what happened to prison doctors caring for inmates? (I wish I could’ve been the one to chop off those polyps for him, lol). I hope his life ends miserably in prison. Sorry to rant but I'm so sick of this horrid little creep.

ritanita said...

I'm here! Sounds like there will be quite a gathering there today.

Anonymous said...

is the press conference going to be live streamed?

Barry said...

"Back To Mono!" was a collection f the greatest songs Spector wrote/produced. It was sold as a box set.

Sprocket, we are anxiously awaiting updates! Thank you for your diligence!

Anonymous said...


Yet again you're a "Steel Magnolia" - sticking with this nightmare until the very end.

Thank you so much for being our eyes and ears and for the dedication you have shown. Justice for Lana at last!!

QueenBee from the I/S Boards

Anonymous said...

Hi sprocket, good to know your our eyes and ears again, many thanks.

Anonymous said...

barskin here!

Looking forward to your excellent commentary, Sprocket.

Justice, at long last, for Lana!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sprocket. I hope you get a seat. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being there for us again today.

David From TN

Christine said...

Hope you get a seat Sprocket, and thank you for your work!

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Good going girl on getting in, hey pull your own string, toot your own horn, you deserve to be there!!

QueeeenBeee from the I/S Boards

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Yay, Sprocket is IN!! Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Betsy, you do a wonderful job of keeping us posted.


Anonymous said...

Who is Spectors #1 fan pacing back and forth in front of the bathroom. Can't be Rachelle, you already mentioned her.
Thanx for everything you have done for us to see this trial to the end with your eyes and ears, Sprock...

Anonymous said...

A mirror! Whatever would they be bringing a mirror in for. Surely not for makeup of the felon.

Anonymous said...

ktla has some kind of live feed

zoz said... is streaming it live right now.

Anonymous said...

NO yarmulke, what a freaking faker. And I would like to know why a convicted killer has any rights, like being allowed to wear regular clothes to his sentencing. BS.

Anonymous said...

That piece of crap is staring down the camera, egomaniac to the end. No remorse or care in the world that he murdered Lana.

Anonymous said...

So isn’t he admitting guilt by paying the restitution??

Anonymous said...

Sprocket you are the best, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sprocket!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was quick. Can you fill us in on any sort of emotions you got from Spector, Rachelle or any of the "team"?

Janice said...

Betsy.... Again, you're absolutely incredible!

A most sincere thank you for more of your "up-to-the-minute" coverage.

I remain in awe of your talents and creativity !!


Anonymous said...

I was faintly amused that Fidler mentioned the fact that not to ask for a retrial was judged as incompetence of the attorney. A comment directed at Weinberg.... what is his problem not to ask for a retrial after all? After all the stuff he's had to endure from Weinberg, this must have rankled old Whiney.

Anonymous said...

Watched live NBC stream..Spector's eyes were glazed and twitching like crazy....looked like he had white makeup on or maaybe he was scared to death...what happened to the poison pill??

CaliGirl9 said...

Geez, Whineberg, an inmate’s medical records go everywhere with him! What a stupid thing to ask the court to do! Has he no idea of procedures in the California Department of Corrections?

I am surprised Whineberg asked for a quick transfer to the DOC. Methinks the strategy for the civil trial will be delay delay delay.

A quick stop in Chino and then off to parts unknown! That’s when we will get our first glimpse of ‘ol Harv without hair or his “religious” head cover. DOC photos are taken with no wigs, no scarves, no makeup. What you see is what you get. And there will be a photo taken at initial intake and wherever he ends up/

I’m still betting Vacaville (California Medical Facility).

Donna Clarkson is a classy lady. How she’s been able to maintain her composure for as long as she has amazes me. I wish she and Sandy Fontana could hook up—two families who waited a long time for justice, both families learned just who really has all of the rights in a murder trial—the accused!

Anonymous said...

Great job Sprocket

Barry said...

Here is video of the sentencing:

Anonymous said...

To 19 years to life? 19 years or life? I need an explanation please.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone point me to a video of today's events?

I read that CNN was doing a live stream but there is no video on their website.

Anonymous said...

Hey.....found the explanation for "to 19 years to life." Means mandatory 19 years....then up for\
parole. If no parole....then life. (:o) One can only hope for the later.

Atlscout (Jerri) said...

Hi Sprocket. Thanks for the minute-to-minute coverage! Awesome as always. Wish I could have seen the stream live but your description made me feel like I was there in the courtroom. :-D

Anonymous said...

Betsy we are so glad you got to get into the courtroom, nobody deserves a seat more than you. I have to agree, Donna Clarkson has class and an admirable demeanor all the way. How awful she had to wait 6 years (with more time to go re:Civil Case).

The convict disputes the jury findings but has nothing to say and pays the restitution? How can Whineberg claim the extra year on the firearm charge "affects" the circumstances of the incarceration?

I did not expect so many jurors to be there, I guess they really spent so much time that they wanted to see it thru to the end. And there were loads of Deputies that I saw on that MSNBC tape.
Thanks again!
Wes J.

shari said...

Sprocket, you are the BEST!!! When he is settled in to wherever he is going...will you let us all know. We are dieing to see th new mugshot. LOL Great job as usual and I hope all goes well with hubbys truck and your floor project.

Anonymous said...

Good gawd, I just saw a comment on another blog: He can have "overnite visitation" from his wife once settled into the DOC location! I bet she takes a pass on that, LOL. (I have seen those conjugal trailors on site at a CA state prison, it was not-so-inviting-looking). Somehow I can't see Rachelle stumbling out and down those wooden steps in her designer pumps at dawn, haha.

Also it mentioned he could very well start up a prolific period of song writing.....which is true. Just can't make any money for his efforts.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can find time to read the InSession Message Board for today.
Tthere are a lot of people, [especially LuckyLuka in Germany, p.18, #619] sending you our sincere thanks for all you have done with respect to covering both Spector trials!
We are all so pleased you got a seat inside 106 for the grand finale. Thanks again. 'Themis'

Anonymous said...

So, during the victim impact part, the only person who spoke was Mrs Clarkson.
Fawn nor anyone else spoke, right.

And no one spoke on behalf of leniency for PS. Were Rachelle's comments outside of court or beore the court? Did anyone else speak on PS's behalf in court. Maybe I missed it, but were Donte or Nicole there?

Thanks as always Sprock.

Anonymous said...

Pippi Longstocking striped knee socks with a hot pink plastic purse? She must have really clashed with the mannish gym teacher wearing the Hawaiian shirt....

Anonymous said...

Sprocket you are our hero!!! I am so glad you were able to get in the court room and keep us posted. I just read Rachelle's interview on Radar Online. From what she said Phil has to have his throat operated on a regular basis. I hope he is footing the bill for this. I had never seen a sentencing where checks were issued for funeral and court fees.Doesn't by him paying for the funeral show his guilt? This was Phil's last day to play dress up and he looked terriable. The next time he dresses up will be for his funeral. His lawyer said he is appealing because the women should not have been allowed to testify in the trial. If that's all they have to go on I think the appeal will be dismissed. Keep us posted on any Phil news you get wind of. Thank you sooo much.

Law Student said...

It was an absolute thrill getting to know you. I was so proud observing well paid main stream media reporters asking YOU for information throughout this case.

Thanks for the wonderful conversation after setencing today!

CaliGirl9 said...

'Ol Harv will eventually earn the privilege of conjugal visits ... but like the poster above, I've seen those "facilities." No way Rachelle would step foot in one ...

"Tis a far cry from the castle and Egyptian cotton linens ...

katfish said...

Sprocket my can exhale now. What a ride.

Your devotion to getting this story out has been awesome. You have done a great service for many with your in depth reporting of this case. Thanks again for the knowledge and time that you have so graciously shared with us all.
I will sleep better tonight knowing that justice has been done for Lana and that our system does work.
Defense team #1 thought by showing us "Lana Unleashed" we would see a dejected has been, instead what came through was what a beautiful, funny, and smart woman Lana was but most of all her zest for was at that moment I was convinced beyond any doubt that Phil was responsible for her death. RIP Lana!

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, I just want to add my thanks to all the others. The mainstream media has a short memory, and is disappointing in many ways. Today's media in many ways reminds me of the old "yellow journalism" I read about in history books.

Good luck with your husband's business, and I hope to see you posting again about another trial. I think blogging is becoming a legitimate journalism form.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking last night about all the sorrow and pain Lana's family and real friends have endured throughout this ordeal. If they are reading this, we will never forget Lana. She will hold a little place in our hearts forever.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket, I just finished listening to you on Talk Radio. Girl, you should have your own radio show. Did I understand Gary Spector correctly about having court dates and legal issues due to something about his father? These kids have been through so much already. I also wondered if Nichole Spector came to the sentencing? Thank you again for giving us so much coverage on this trial.

Sprocket said...

Nicole and Donte did not attend the sentencing.

I don't know all the specifics of Gary's current troubles.

Liz said...

Hi Sprocket

many thanks for being there for your friends/fans/readers and all. It has been a long ride with a just conclusion - except for the exclusion of those who do report the news from the press conference.

But all things evolve and change & this will no doubt change in the future. There has already been a trial in another state where the press had to join a ballot for limited seats - to allow room for other interested parties to attend - perhaps the time has come to have "accredited internet reporters" as a class unto themselves.

Anonymous said...


You are simply the best and I know most of us in the land of internet consider you to be thee authority on all things Spector. As I was searching for Phil news, I came across an article in the Sunday Express (UK) that indicates Phil has his laptop and Iphone with him in jail. Apparently since booked into the jail, he's been blogging and twittering away! Can this possibly be true?

Keep up the good work, Sprocket!


Anonymous said...

Someone above mentioned Louis on radio - does anyone have a link to that??
And THANK YOU SO MUCH Sprocket for reporting this case to us!! I totally agree with what Katfish above said!! Bravo!! Hope to see some more trials coming your way so you can report for us!
Good Luck with you and your huz's business!!

Anonymous said...

I also read the article about Phil having his computer and IPod in jail. They also reported on how he was taken to the hospital for surgery and plays chess with someone. Sounds like he's living large in jail and his lawyers want him moved to a nice place. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

"Spector sells Murder Castle to fund appeal":

If I were PS's attorney, I would order him to cease the nutty emails. Not helpful in the long run....not that I favor his side.

Anonymous said...

There is an issue I have wondered about. Is Phil Spector the wealthiest suspect ever to be convicted of murder?

David From TN

Anonymous said...

Re: David's question---
I have not researched it, but remember the DuPont heir who killed a Russian wrestler who was living with him when DuPont was a wrestling coach? This was a dozen or more years ago...there were books written about it.

I am not convinced that Spector is well off anymore, based on the house going on the market (that has a two-year-old mortgage) and the cost-cutting re: James Pex staying over a couple extra days at trial #2.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about the law and I am wondering how Phil can sell his home and collectables for his own gain when the Clarkson's are suing him? This sounds like what OJ did to the Goldman family. Would someone with more knowledge answer this please.

Anonymous said...

John DuPont was worth $200 million at the time of his arrest in 1996. He also had to reimburse the state of DE over $700,000 in trial costs upon conviction of 3rd degree murder....mental issues notwithstanding. One wonders why CA does not do this for upper-income convicts, instead of the measly $250 or so that I read about.

Maybe when Sprocket sees attorney John Taylor at the next civil case hearing she attends, she can squeeze in a question to him about the defendant's ability to sell off his stuff?

Barry said...

Among the "head scratching" moments from the Day Of Justice...

"Asked if Spector had ever been violent towards her, his wife Rachelle said "I don't want to comment.""


Other than the obvious - that the answer is yes - why would the dimwitted Rachelle not spring to her husband's defense? Why WOULDN'T she use this softball question as a means of vigorously defending her husband's character?

She is either the victim of domestic violence or just amazingly stupid.

Anonymous said...

The only murderer on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is Spade Cooley,"king of Western Swing", who died before his already-granted parole was finalized. I found this on Slate.

I have read most of the Hollywood death stories: Peg Enthistle of Hollywood Sign Suicide fame, Thelma Todd, Fatty Arbuckle, director Wm Desmond Taylor, etc. The Spector-Clarkson story will be rehashed for generations, just as those earlier deaths have has all the elements.

stroopman said...

Someone in the UK is making Spector's blogs public, as the news account shows. How do we get someone to get on his Twitter/approved list? Although the article says that when he's reassigned, he will lose his blogging and computer privileges. Wonder what else he's posted?

Sedonia Sunset said...

Sprocket, thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work and devotion!!! I was unable to get the information in real time or even READ about it until Sunday night, although I knew the gist of it. Reading your blog was exciting and put us all in the courtroom with you -- AGAIN! I'm VERY proud of you!

CaliGirl9 said: "'Ol Harv will eventually earn the privilege of conjugal visits ... but like the poster above, I've seen those "facilities." No way Rachelle would step foot in one ..."Can you IMAGINE what would show up in that trailer under those special lights used to detect semen? UGH!

As far as the fashion plate goes, I could only imagine her looking like a not-nearly-as-appealing Ugly Betty (I LOVE that show!)

Anonymous said: "'Spector sells Murder Castle to fund appeal':"
There were numerous factual errors in the article -- so much so that I doubt the writer knew much at ALL about the case. Either that or he/she was drunk when they wrote it. I don't doubt that the castle is/will be for sale, though.

I also highly doubt that Spector is able to have a laptop in jail, although you never know with celebrity cases. He might have some sort of restricted access in a prison library, but that's also doubtable. That would be such a MAJOR can of worms for prisons and jails that it would not be worth it to them to provide or allow it. The fraud possibilities, ALONE, would be monumental and would open them up to crippling lawsuits. There is also the more tangible security aspect of it. Look at Casey Anthony -- she has a radio, but it's the special kind that must be purchased through the jail. It's innards are visible and it is probably in some sort of unbreakable form. Scott Peterson has a TV that's constructed in a similar fashion. I just can't envision Spector being allowed to have a LAPTOP, although I can EASILY envision him LYING about it. If nothing else, the keycaps can be easily removed and used to fashion weapons, although I suppose there could be a membrame keyboard used. And then there is the matter of actual ACCESS to the internet. The story just rings false to me.

Can you imagine if Casey Anthony had access to the internet? OMG, and we thought the thousands of text messages she sent when she was FREE were bad!

Anonymous said...

Don't think for a minute that the music-industry collectables belonging to PS are still on display in his house. Surely it has been "stored" by someone whom he trusts greatly (not sure that would be the Mrs.).....stuff like autographed guitars by famous artists is worth a small fortune. I would presume he carried --and still carries--an insurance rider on it all.
The attorneys for the Clarksons know this as well.

Anonymous said...

Stoopman, since you are the very one who posted that article from the UK rag paper on insessions. How did you not know the story is a complete fabrication? Spector doesn't have a blog nor an ipod. He has no access to the internet.

Anonymous said...

Rag sheet just like the National Enquirerer.

You would have to be born yesterday to believe it.