Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cesar Laurean – Again, No Surprise

So typical of a defective system - the State and defense has agreed to reschedule the Marine’s arraignment until June 8.

Laurean is expected to plead not guilty at his arraignment.

Damn, I believe in defense when it is merited, but to delay for frivolous reasons for someone who more than likely, actually committed the crime – per voluminous evidence - is not only the vehicle to re-harm the victim and their families, but also allows criminals to remain above the law – they enjoy more rights than victims.

What about Maria and her unborn son? Do they deserve delayed justice? Were their lives worth less than the probable perp?

This is what is broken in our legal system – we are more concerned with the criminal’s rights than we are about the victims.

Yeah, I said it; I believe it and I’m mad as hell about it - and we have subverted this way of thinking, not only around our country, but also globally.

Humanity has sunken to a very seditious and dangerous low and I'm scared as hell about it!



zoz said...

Why is a three week postponement such a miscarriage of justice? The article you cite gives no indication who requested the postponement and for what reason. For all anyone knows, the prosecution could have made the request for more time to strengthen its case. Isn't the cause of justice and the protection of all of us better served when these things are taken slowly, carefully, and thoroughly? Three extra weeks, or Cesar Laurean for that matter, do not have the power to sink humanity.

Sprocket said...

I am seeing arraignment postponements more and more these days, and it's usually defense attorneys.

I stopped by the Van Nuys Courthouse on Wednesday, to see the arraignment of Hossein Shirazi. Shirazi is charged with murdering his older brother sometime between April 12th and May 2nd of 2008 (I believe in the family Canoga Park home)while the parents were vacationing in Iran. At the arraignment, the defense attorney stated another brother flew in from Louisiana, his mother was there, the wife and the mother-in-law. (I could tell who was who. The mother was the only one wearing a head-scarf.)

The defense attorney, Ms. Carmen (Sp?) requested a SECOND postponement of the arraignment because she said she had not had a face-to-face with her client yet and had not decided on the charge of either Not Guilty or NGI (not guilty by reason of insanity).

The Judge ruled in her favor and granted the entension to May29th (which I can't attend due to Spector sentencing).

I believe that Howard K. Stern's arraignment was at first set, then bumped up by the defendant, then reset for a later date.

It's my opinion that it's an emerging delay tactic by defense attorneys because it's to their advantage to delay, delay, delay.

Anonymous said...

I agree with zoz. I fail to see how a three week delay is so fearsome a thing and I think donchais is way over-reacting. I think Laurean is guilty as hell but another three weeks delay is not going to lead to acquittal.

I have no doubt that Sprocket is correct, that delays are requested far more often by defense than by prosecution but so what? Even if it is to their advantage and even if it is frustrating (which it surely is to the victim's family and to the prosecution), we must always err on the side of caution when the accused's life is at stake, even when it means that justice is delayed, because SOME accused people are, in fact, innocent. People ARE sometimes falsely charged and the rules are designed for THEM. I don't think Laurean is innocent but that's not for me to decide. He must be proven
guilty in the court. He is in jail at the moment, his life is not pleasant (and I don't think it should be), so if his lawyer needs more time to prepare his case, and the judge agrees, then so be it.

Spector got his deserved result at long last and all those years he was free mean nothing to him now.

Call me elanor

donchais said...

First, let's not forget that while the accused was on his little Mexican vacation, the prosecution has had over a year to work this case.

Second, McNeil has quite vocally, on numerous occasions, stated Laurean will enter a plea of not guilty. So, why the delay?

Yes, Laurean's fate will be determined in a court of law as it should be, but as we, "err on the side of caution when the accused's life is at stake," a 20-year-old woman and an unborn baby are silently pleading for justice.

But, I guess it's ok to make Maria and her baby wait - they're dead!

zoz said...

The prosecution may have had a year to work on the case, but the DNA test results are very recent, and knock out the central motive argument of the prosecution's case. Given this news, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the prosecution wanted this postponement as much, if not more, than the defense. Even though the prosecution doesn't have to present a motive, I'll bet they're scrambling like crazy to come up with another one, given the propensity of some juries to acquit if the motive isn't convincing, regardless of forensic evidence, and vice versa.