Thursday, May 14, 2009

Closing arguments in DeShawn Campbell cop killing case may conclude today

Sandy Fontana on her way into court for the first day of the trial. Her son Greg, wearing a jacket and tie, is the author of the "Justice for Jeffrey" blog.

I am very sorry that I’ve been unable to attend any of the closing arguments in the murder trial of DeShawn Campbell, who is accused of murdering San José police officer Jeffrey Fontana back in October, 2001. When work is available, I have to take it! It’s the hardest thing NOT to stay on that light rail train for just two more stops …

Please check out Greg Fontana’s blog, Justice for Jeffrey, where he has written a summary of each day’s proceedings. According to Greg, the defense attorney should finish today and the case could go to the jury.

Stop by Greg’s blog and offer your support. Pray that the 12 fine residents of Santa Clara County have the good sense to look at the evidence—remember, the evidence puts DeShawn Campbell at the scene of Officer Fontana’s murder—and at the actions of the Campbell family, who were “circling the wagons” within 15 minutes of Officer Fontana’s death. They knew Jeff was dead long before Jeff's family knew.


Anonymous said...

Crossing my fingers that Campbell will be convicted!