Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Haut de la Garenne - Michael Aubin Pleads Guilty!!!

Michael Aubin admitted to two counts of gross indecency and two counts of indecent assault on children under ten years old.

Aubin, who appeared before the Royal Court, carried out the sexual abuse on boys while he was a resident at the home in the 1970s.

Aubin is the first person to be brought to court after a police investigation into historic child abuse on the island.

He previously pleaded not guilty to three additional counts of indecent assault. Those counts will be dealt with after Aubin is sentenced on June 22.

Two other people have been charged in connection with the Haut de la Garenne abuse scandal and police have amassed a list of 40 additional suspects.

Finally some justice in Jersey! Personally I am stunned, but extremely pleased with this victory!

This is a great day for the abuse victims, Senator Syvret, Lenny Harper, Graham Power and Simon Bellwood. Well done, you all have been vindicated!

Daily Echo
The Sun


ritanita said...

I hope that this develoment is a turning point in this situation. I am just stunned!

Sprocket said...

Thank you donchais, for continuing to follow this story. It's been well over a year since this story first broke in the MSM. Remember when we first talked about this story? We were all horrified at the abuse and cover up.

Certainly things are broken in Jersey. But will the Jersey people demand an overhaul of the status quo? Will just one or a few people be prosecuted? Will the Jersey people be satisfied with so few prosecutions?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Donchais, for again focusing international attention on the horrors of Haut de la Garenne.

I am afraid Aubin's guilty plea might only allow those running an already secretive island to escape the full trial exposure of politically incriminating evidence.

You could provide more justice for the child abuse victims than you could ever know, just by keeping this story in the public eye. If every one of your readers began reading Stuart Syvret's blog, there might be more protection for him and for honest policeman Lenny Harper, than there could be otherwise. It would also go a long way in pushing this cold hearted elite towards more humane treatment of innocent children.

This is such a globally important story.

Anonymous said...

Good, so he's going to jail.

And may Dr. William Ayres plead guilty too!