Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Christian-Newsom Case News: Baumgartner Arrested!

Former Judge Richard Baumgartner


Recent News In Christian-Newsom Case

This past week, there were three developments in the Christian-Newsom case.

First, the Tennessee Attorney General appealed directly to the Tennessee State Supreme Court to block the retrials of three of the defendants. They are not contesting the retrial of the fourth, Vanessa Coleman.

Second, former Judge Richard Baumgartner, was arrested on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012, by the FBI. He was brought into federal court in shackles and was charged with seven federal counts that allege he failed to report felonious activity. In March 2011, Baumgartner was forced to resign the bench after pleading guilty in state court to buying prescription drugs from probationers in his own court.

Third, on Thursday May 17th, 2012, a motions hearing was heard concerning the retrial of Vanessa Coleman. When she is tried again, victim Christopher Newsom's name won't be on the indictment. If her attorney, Ted Lavit, has his way, it will be as if Chris Newsom never existed.

Coleman was acquitted of all charges relating to Newsom, and was convicted of facilitation only, of Channon Christian's rape and murder. On the other hand, facilitation will be easier to prove. Remember the diary?

The trial date for the ringleader, Lemaricus Davidson, had been June 11th, 2012. It may be delayed by the latest appeal. My feeling is the retrials will go on. Baumgartner's latest arrest will make the Tennessee Supreme Court even more likely to reject the appeal.


Liz said...


Many thanks for the update - how sad for the families having to relive all that this entails - one never knows what a jury may do - but when the Judge causes all the problems it is truly sad.

NancyB said...

This is one of the most horrific crimes I think I've ever heard about. Vanessa Coleman's original sentence infuriated me -- way to light, imo. The new development regarding the murder of Chris not even being allowed in the next trial for the jury to consider is a complete abomination of lady justice. My heart just breaks for all these parents. What the heck is wrong in Tn? Really appreciate your updates David.

Anonymous said...

GREAT NEWS on Donchai's blog re: Supreme Court decision!!! I've been watching EVERYTHING to do with this case since I was 1st introduced to it by T&T. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN COVERING THIS VERY IMPORTANT CASE!