Saturday, December 1, 2007

Limerick Contest Winner

I want to thank everyone who participated in the limerick contest, and apologize for the late posting of the winner. There were a lot of limericks that I loved, but they needed to follow the AABBA format to win.

Here are some honorable mentions, and then the winner.

Submitted by Beetle Cam
A music producer named Phil
Kept numerous guns for a thrill.
Then one fateful day
He fired away.
Though deadly, he’s out on bail still.

Now AJ and Pat at the trial
Disproved his continued denial
And showed his full guilt
(Their case was well-built)
Yet charges they had to re-file.

‘Cause one stubborn juror held out
And claimed there was reasonable doubt
That Phil did that deed,
And thus should be freed
To dance while he’s out and about.

So now we all wait for trial two
For Phil to receive what is due.
He’s left with Rachelle
(Man, THAT must be hell!)
So he might just want prison, too!

Submitted by Michelle Blaine & Hubby
There once was a psycho named Phil
who most people thought couldn't kill
He drank far too much booze
at the home of the blues
but it was the jury who was hung over and ill

Submitted by Christine Z.
There once was a guy named Phil Spector
Met Lana but didn't respect her
He fooled with a gun and it shot
Claimed it was suicide - not!
Now Spector's a famous deceptor.

And the winning entry goes to: Ritanita!She came to the stande for a lie,
She says her name is Punkin Pie.
She stumbles and thrashes,
Her "best" friend she trashes.
And now she's caught up in a lie.


donchais said...

Very well done everyone!

Anonymous said...

To the winner & the honorable're great! Thanks for the laugh!