Monday, May 3, 2010

Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Perry Sets Hearing Dates

We are in for a busy time in the murder trial of Casey Anthony. Today, Judge Perry issued an Order setting hearing dates.

Thursday, May 6, at 9:00 AM will be a hearing concerning the budget.

Monday, May 10, at 9:00 AM will be a hearing about all pending motions that are "ripe for consideration". I do not believe the motions will be actually heard, rather, it seems as though the judge might want to know the details of which ones need witnesses and/or evidence. I can't imagine a full day of actually hearing all the motions at one time.

Tuesday, May 11, at 9:00 AM will be a hearing for all death penalty motions.

There is also a hearing on Tuesday, May 4 at 1:30 PM in the civil trial.

I will not be able to see the hearing in the civil case if it is available, but I will be watching all the others.

There are many motions involved and they are listed in another article HERE.

There is now a direct link to motions in the case by the Ninth Circuit Court. All the motions mentioned in CFNews 13 two weeks ago are now on this site and easy to open. The only exception is the motion for "impermissible motive" for the State to reinstate the death penalty. That is the one where the defense stated that the purpose of the State was to impoverish Casey Anthony so she could not have the lawyers of her choice.

There is also a motion entitled Motion to Seal Jail Visiting Log Records filed April 29 with an accompanying Memorandum of Law.

In addition, there is a Defendant's Motion for Protective Order With Respect to Penalty Phase Discovery and Memorandum, filed April 30.

I haven't had a chance to read these two, but from the titles alone, it would seem that the defense doesn't want the prosecution to see which experts visit Casey. As for the motion seeking to seal death penalty discovery, I am making my best guess and say that, should the case reach the penalty phase, the defense doesn't want the public to find out what witnesses they would call.

I will be going back to the article I linked above to attempt to link all the death penalty motions. Be patient, and I will find them all!

As a final note, the judge has issued an Order Regarding Deposition Schedule.

1. Both sides shall submit to this Court a Deposition Schedule by May 17, 2010 with the names and addresses of the witnesses to be deposed on each date.

2. If any witness fails to appear for a deposition, counsel shall give that witness a courtesy call. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, the Court will issue a Rule the Show Cause why they should not be held in contempt.

Judge Perry is living up to his reputation as being a no-nonsense judge. It is wonderful the judge has the time and disposition to get this case moving along.

It's about time for justice for Caylee Marie.


FRG said...

Thanks for the article! Boy , you are fast!!
Well, Judge Perry is cracking the whip!!! LOL. It's about time to this case to move forward, if JP waited for JB this trial would never move, you know their delay tactics, don't you? Instead of being on National media they should have worked the case, one would think. I have a feeling that JB might have regretted removing JS, isn't that beautiful?
What difference does it make who will be their expert witnesses? I just don't understand. We all know that their defense is just about "smoke and mirrors".
Ritanita, I have watched lots of trials and they are allowed to watch depositions and videos of the defendant at the Hotel or whatever right? Do you know if the 911 phone calls made by Cindy, KC's videos (at Blockbuster with TL and the ones where KC forget Amy's checks), KC's jail visitations and interviews will make to trial? In my layperson opinion it is so damaging. In certain cases, the Judge allows the jurors go to visit the crime scene. From my understanding defense will fight hard but will they win? I hope I made sense.
Thank you so much.

ritanita said...

FRG, Perry is certainly cracking the whip!

To give Strickland his due, let's remember he was shoehorning this case into a full civil case load.

Judge Perry has a great deal of responsibility as chief judge, but this is his ONLY case! He has time, as we heard at the hearing Friday, and it's his job to take on the tough cases.

As for what evidence will make it to trial, you can be sure there will be tons of motions to exclude virtually all evidence harmful to Casey. Those are motions in limine, and I'm waiting for them to start appearing as we get closer to trial. They are my favorite kind of motion to read.

Sometimes these motions have to wait for trial time.

I'm currently watching the Vanessa Coleman trial out of Tennessee. The defense does not want her journal, witten during the crimes, to come into evidence.

At this point, the judge has ruled the content is admissible only IF it can be proved she wrote it.

The prosecution is presenting their handwriting analyst later in the week, and we'll have to wait for him/her to pass judicial muster and affirm that it is indeed Ms. Coleman's handwriting.

So, it's going to be a long haul before we find out what will be in and what will be out.

donchais said...

Wowzer ritanita! Between Coleman and Casey I will do nothing but sit at the computer for weeks on end!

BTW, I read somewhere there is a pre-trial conference for the ZFG civil case tomorrow?

katfish said...

I'm glad to see the defense is including some authorities with their motions.
Not only does this possibly save having a hearing on some motions but indicates that they are actually trying to back up these motions with some case law. Not just throwing stuff at the wall.thanks for keeping us up to date.

FRG said...

Fox will be live streaming the hearing in the civil suit:
Live coverage: