Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DDA Alan Jackson on Dateline's COLD CASE SQUAD

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Everyone's favorite Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson and the rest of the Dateline Cold Case Squad will be on Dateline, this Friday, 9:00 pm.

DDA Jackson posted this on his Facebook page today:

"I had the opportunity to participate in what promises to be a very interesting Dateline program about a series of mysterious murders occurring last year on the beach in Ventura County, just north of Los Angeles. Dateline's "Unsolved: The Gold Coast Killings" airs 9P ET/PT, 8P CT. Hope you can tune in!"


katfish said...

Thank you Sprocket,
I'm setting my DVR now. I missed the last one. tuned in too late. it would be great if this could lead to solving that case.

katfish said...

I am bummed! I set the DVR....but as it turned out I got to watch, yeah!...well, part of it anyway. We are having severe thunderstorms and the news keeps breaking in with weather reports. UGH! I know it's storming! LOL!
Did they uncover any helpful information? Was it just the couple and the one woman killed? Maybe they will show a rerun.

Sprocket said...

If you missed part of the show, I think you can watch episodes online as soon as they are put up.

Anonymous said...

The first hour was the part that had Alan Jackson, who correctly predicted what type the killer of the Husteds would be. The perpetrator was found because the state of California collects DNA samples from arrested felons. His DNA matched that found at the crime scene.

David From TN

katfish said...

Thank you Sprocket and David.