Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Casey Anthony vs. TES: Mark NeJame Strikes Back

Many thanks to my friend Muzikman who has provided a copy of Mark NeJame's Response To Defendant's Motion For Reconsideration Of Certain Prior Rulings By Disqualified Judge.
Although the document is 15 pages long, it is well worth a read before the hearing tomorrow.

In his response, NeJame takes the time to explain to the Court the entire situation between Casey Anthony's attorneys and Texas Equusearch since July 16, 2009. He gives a recap of the arguments and rulings that took place. He cites Judge Stan Strickland's rulings in the situation. He also informs Judge Perry of the process that was used to choose and review the documents.

For those of you who get confused with all the motions and what has occurred between all the parties involved, the response becomes an absolute must-read.

On May 17, I posted an article about the Defendant’s Motion to Modify the Court’s Order on Defendant’s Application for Subpoena Duces Tecum for Documents in the Possession of Texas Equusearch. If you go to the Those Pesky TES Documents section, you can read what they said.

To be fair, I will post a brief version of what NeJame wrote.

14. ...On April 23, 2010, Attorneys Cheney Mason and Jose Baez came to the undersigned counsel's office to review the files containing the searches of the approximately 4,000 searchers.... When they arrived Mr. Mason was arrogant, rude and disrespectful to the staff of undersigned and to the monitor. Mr. Mason threw $12 cash on the table at the monitor saying that this would be enough to cover the one hour they were going to be there.

...With the $12 prepaid throw down by Mr. Mason and Mr. Baez' limited schedule, it is patently obvious that there was no real interest or good faith attempt to review any of the documents that counsel for Casey Anthony has claimed were important...

NeJame also explains that while there were 4 boxes of TES records, only two of them contained the pertinent files to be examined. The other two boxes contained material not related to the to the searched areas. He states that they were shown the boxes to demonstrate that TES was not holding anything back.

There is also mention that the documents Baez and Mason flagged for review were for searches that occurred over 300 yards to 8 miles away.

After an hour, one of the attorneys gave the monitor, an out-of-work TES volunteer, another $12. According to the response,

19. ...The monitor was treated rudely and unprofessionally.

When it comes to the Channel 6 new crew that showed up, both NeJame and the reporter for the station indicated that it was not somebody from NeJames firm who had called them.

The account of the incident continues

...The reporter and his cameraman videotaped for approximately one minute, from across the lobby, when Mr. Mason burst out of the conference room causing a scene in front of the camera. It is the epitome of irony that almost contemporaneously when Mr. Mason and Mr. Baez review of the files concluded, the television camera appeared, allowing Mr. Mason's to cast aspersions on the media against undersigned counsel, which Mr. Mason has a history of doing.

There is more in the motion, READ it and enjoy. Apparently, Mr. Mason's behavior with Kathi Belich witnessed by many was not an aberration .

In addition to NeJame's response, Muzikman has also provided a copy of the Defense Supplemental Memo Regarding Admissibility of Contents from 911 Calls. As far as I can see, Cheney Mason is adding to his arguments as to why the defense wants the calls to not be allowed. Their motions and memos have yet do counter the reasons the State wants them in. At this point, we should expect to see the two sides arguing apples and oranges!

Enjoy reading and see you at 2 PM EDT for what should be a real doozie of a hearing.


donchais said...

Thanks ritanita!

NeJame is such a professional and Mason is just an embarrassment and quite frankly I am at a loss as to where his arrogance stems sure isn't his lawyering ability!

FRG said...

Thank you so much Ritanita!!!
Maybe 2 pm is too late to get this hearing started. We will see.
I agree with donchais, Mr. NeJame is such a great professional.
So, CM is known by throwing fits, just like a spoiled child. What a moron! It certainly won't help KC's image. So now we have two morons, JB and CM. I wonder what impact it will cause on jurors.
Let's see how much fun CM will have today, just hope he will not be throwing those idiotic jokes he does, he is not funny!! Did anybody ever told him that?
I just hope the 911 phone call will be admitted Ritanita, at least the third one.