Monday, August 9, 2010

Caylee Marie Anthony: The Quest For Truth And Justice

Today would have been Caylee Marie Anthony's birthday. She would have been five years old. Within a couple of weeks, she would have been walking down Hopespring Drive with her Papa Jo on her way to her first day of school at Hidden Oaks Elementary School. She would have been all dressed up in brand-new clothes with a new back-pack. She would have been holding her head up high, proud to now be a big girl.

Instead, the route she would have walked to her first day of school passes the spot where her sad little remains were discovered. She never even celebrated her third birthday.

Since her death, I have been covering the quest for the truth in the case. I've tried to avoid all the side-shows and trickery that have become the hallmark of the defense's case to exonerate her mother, Casey. Instead, I've followed the motions, the hearings, the factual basis for the case.

With last week's document dump, I've lost whatever little faith I had left that those supporting Casey Anthony were seeking truth to exonerate her. Instead, I've read the Dominic Casey e-mails from beginning to end and see nothing but pure rumor, speculation, and psychics attempting to create any scenario that they could to get Casey out of her predicament.

I should have known better. These e-mails add to the volumes of information that both Dominic Casey, working for Baez and the Anthony family (mainly Cindy), never approached the case in a rational manner. A good defense lawyer and PI would have first gone back to their client to get more information about how Caylee was taken from her. Had they gotten no better story from her to verify and find solid evidence, they should have been looking for a plea deal, and fast.

Instead, from the first moment, every effort went in to finding Zenaida Gonzalez. They still haven't found her! Obviously, the police didn't find her even after following numerous leads. They also started putting everyone "under the bus" and created exotic fantasies not based on any facts in the case.

So many people were "implicated" in Mr. Casey's paranormal investigations. He suspected George Anthony, Jesse Grund, Amy Huizenga, Ricardo Morales, JP Chatt, Kiomarie Cruz, Tony Lazzaro, to name the ones I remember at the moment.

It is interesting, however, when Casey's contact "Luke" asked him about a storage unit, Casey could only find one rented by Lee Anthony. "Luke" suggested cadaver dogs search the area. "Luke" asked for a description and picture of Mallory. Casey's response to that was that Mallory didn't match the description and was a "sweet girl". I don't suppose Lee's storage unit was ever "sniffed" for the odor of decomposition!

It would take a novel to describe the contents of the e-mails, and perhaps a sequal to continue the saga after Caylee's remains were discovered. That's when Casey began the quest to squash Roy Kronk.

If you haven't already skimmed through them, please do. In them you will find the source for many outrageous statements made by George and Cindy Anthony came from.

The good news about these e-mails is that they chronicle the incredible (as in both meanings of the word) lengths to which Dominic Casey went to save Casey Anthony for her loving family. I'm sure he did footwork, and lots of it. Unfortunately, he relied on psychics who had their own agenda.

If you want to hear some excellent backpedaling by Ginette Lucas, listen to yesterday's Steff Watts podcast! Match it to what was going on at the time, and you'll see virtually nothing matches.

When it comes to the trial, the facts of the case are what will be presented. Psychic visions will not enter into what caused Caylee's death or who killed her. It will be the evidence that will condemn or free Casey Anthony. There is good news though. If the defense tries to bring any of these theories in, the State will have all those e-mail to prove they are totally bogus.

Most of what we have seen from the defense investigation and the family investigation has all been pure speculation, rumor, and overblown innuendo.

I'm in the process of going through the remaining motions and will post about them soon.

The most recent rulings by Judge Perry dealt with the death penalty motions filed by Andrea Lyon. All were denied, as was expected. We will next see them if they are needed for appellate reasons.

Order #1

Order #2

Order #3

Order #4

Order #5

Order #6

Order #7

Order #8


donchais said...

Thanks ritanita for remembering Caylee on this sad day and for debunking the family and the defense theories in an attempt to save Casey! How many folks the have thrown under the bus!!!

I too went through the torture of reading through the emails and am absolutely appalled!

Ginette Lucas is a total fraud!

FRG said...

I have been looking for a new article, thanks a lot!!! You are always great!!!
Yep, the quest for justice for Caylee has been sabotaged by the ones whom should be searching for the truth. That's really sad and outrageous.
On July 30, 2009 many OCSO tips were released and I believe on pages 7, 8, 9 and 10 are one of the first contact between Luke Phillips and Sgt. John Allen, take a look:
The tips were the credible tips the Anthony's might be referring to, I guess. These people should be charged, how do they sleep at night I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

It could be kc would prefer maintaining her distance from her family because she is now having fun with the "upper hand" she has over those parents of hers, and enjoys, yes enjoys, her mothers' displaying how she is slowly losing her mind and does not worry herself about the effects she's had on her father after those lies she spewed in her letters. cindy cannot afford to accept kc's guilt outwardly, tho I believe cindy in fact, does know kc murdered her grand daughter and it was intentional. I feel cindy is well aware of kc's wrath and presently has to hold on the only way she can to kc, by appeasement. kc is truly a vile human being who more than deserves the DP ... she won't suffer or learn anything by being given LWOP. she is long since passed the rehabilitation phase, and would serve no purpose in living on the taxpayers' dole. RIP, Caylee

shari said...

Thnx ritanita, very insighful synopsis on the birthday of this beautiful little soul. I'm sure she is safe and wrapped in loving arms where she is. This family is so dysfunctional that it is almost incomprehensible.

FRG said...

I have posted a comment yesterday, I think it got lost.
By now you know defense has filed another frivolous Motion lashing out at Mr. NeJame, this is beyond pitiful!!! I wonder what it has to do with KC being guilty or not? I guess that defense has found Zenaida already and they have spare time to spend with these Motions. One thing I am sure, defense is so "jealous" of Mr. NeJame, I guess JB is mad because he won't make any money out of the future book Mr. NeJame might write. I certainly will buy his book.
All I know is that selling Caylee's videos/photos to pay for KC's defense is okay right? I am so sick and tired of the defense.
Thank you so much for the great article!!!

ritanita said...

FRG, I never got your post at all! I'm sorry for that...

I got up early and found the response and Exhibits at CF News 13, Baez' favorite place to leak motins prior to them being filed with the court.

I'm going to be away most of the day, but I'm going to go over the entire set of documents when I get home and I hope to have something up tomorrow.

Feel free, FRG, and anyone else, to post your comments about the documents here until then!