Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Casey Anthony: Status Hearing Friday and Various Tidbits


Jose Baez has some new charges with the Florida Bar.

Casey Anthony's lead attorney, Jose Baez, was hit with another ethics complaint. This one is so severe, he could lose his ability to practice law if it proves to be true.

WFTV has confirmed someone, though it's not clear who, has filed a grievance against Jose Baez for allegedly misrepresenting facts to the court.

"If this is true, other than stealing or being accused of stealing a client's money, there is no more serious charge that a lawyer can face," Sheaffer said.
Sheaffer, who served as the vice chair of the Florida Bar Association's Grievance Committee says, on a scale of one to 10, as charges go, it's a ten. The grievance apparently comes from an accusation made by Casey's parents' former attorney, Brad Conway.

New Ethics Complaint Could Cost Casey's Lawyer
Updated late afternoon 2/2/2011

I hope everybody is ready for the status hearing Friday, at 1:30 PM. I'm wondering if it will be more than a status hearing and the judge might address Jose Baez' latest motion to delay discovery. I've been waiting for a response from Jeff Ashton and the silence is deafening! I sure would love to know what's going on!

It's been an exciting few days, although you would never guess by the amount of MSM content.

Friday we had a huge document dump full of interviews and controlled phone calls to Laura Buchanan. What's not yet available is Laura's second deposition where she finally admitted to tampering with documents.

Otherwise, most of the attention was on the Robyn Adams letters with the audio recordings of her interviews. We've had those letters for a while as well as the transcripts.

No mention was originally made about the Brad Conway sworn interview. Muzikman was nice enough to get it for us before MSM put it up.

We are still missing the "meat" on a number of interviews with people surrounding the Laura Buchanan situation. There's a first page and a last page for a bunch of them.

If you are like me, you're still resting up from reading all those juicy documents! Let's hope more get published soon.

Otherwise, see you in court Friday.


Prosecution discredits key Casey Anthony defense witness


FRG said...


Always sharp and on top of the news! Thank you so much!

Juicy, juicy, juicy stuff!

My head is still spinning from LB's transcripts and the other docs related to the tampering! LOL

Well, see you in court!

ritanita said...

And I want more!

Barrier Island Girl said...

WOW!!! I can't wait to find out more!

katfish said...

Ruh Roh Jose! You have been a bad boy and worse than that a BAD LAWYER! No wonder Casey trashed Brad Conway so bad in her letters....they have probably known for a while he could be a problem for their plans.

Sprocket said...

IF THIS REALLY IS Brad Conway making the accusations... I think, of anything we've heard so far these are the allegations that will sink Jose's career.

Now, what could Jose do as a second career choice if he loses his license to practice law? Bobble head commentator?

donchais said...

Knowing that it wasn't Conway, himself, who filed the complaint - which he should have reported to the court when it happened - one has to wonder who did.

A distinguished looking attorney from the SAO?

shari said...

Yikes, will it finally be "NO WAY, JOSE"????? You aren't gonna be representing anyone in a murder trial until you go back to school and learn proper legal ethics and procedure!