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Leonard Cohen's Neverending Drama With Kelley Lynch

Kelley Lynch and her public defender.
Photo Credit: Al Seib, Los Angeles Times

UPDATED April 17th, 2012
Singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen is suing his former manager, Kelley Lynch for harassment and making death threats. Lynch is on trial for making harassing phone calls and sending thousands of E-mails. This case totally escaped my radar because it's being tried by the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office and not the LA County District Attorney. Normally, this is not the type of case I would cover on T&T, but I only mention it because of my peripheral connection to it. Lynch was arrested on March 6th, 2012 by an agency outside of California. Unable to make the $25,000.00 bail, she's been in LA County custody since her arrest.

I first heard from Lynch sometime during my coverage of Phil Spector's murder trials. Not long after, I was included in a very long list of people that Ms. Lynch was E-mailing. She also started to leave comments on T&T. Puzzled as to why I was receiving these long E-mails, I did some research. In 2005, Cohen accused Lynch of misappropriating over five million dollars from his retirement fund leaving him with only $150,000.00. I do not know what she did with the money. In 2006, Cohen won a civil suit against Lynch and was awarded over $9 million dollars. I don't believe Cohen has ever recovered his stolen assets. From my understanding, it's one of the reasons he had to start touring so late in his career again.

Phil Spector produced Leonard Cohen's Death of a Ladies Man (and I hate to say it because I "love" Cohen's work) an absolutely awful album. In some of the early E-mails I have, Lynch claimed to have known Spector for 25 years and worked with him at the same time as one of the prosecution witnesses, Diane Ogden. For some reason only known in Lynch's mind, she connected to the Spector trial and started E-mailing anyone who ever had even a passing connection to Spector. Sources tell me at one point she was E-mailing the LA County DA's office over 100 times a day.

From the beginning, it was pretty clear to me from what I was reading in these E-mails that Lynch was either suffering from a mental illness or had a few screws loose upstairs. When I started getting up to 10 E-mails or more a day, I put a filter on my account for any E-mail address she used and let them go directly into a file labeled "NUTSO". I rarely read them and I never responded to them.

One of the many E-mail's I received from Lynch is dated July 7th, 2009. A total of 35 people were also included the mailing. Besides me, Lynch included Spector's defense attorneys Doron Weinberg, Dennis Riordan; several people in the LA Co. DA's office, including DDA Alan Jackson; employees at the Department of Justice as well as the California State Bar contact E-mail; several people at the LA City Attorney's office including Rocky Delgadillo (former City Attorney); several E-mail contacts for government agencies in the State of Colorado, where I believe Lynch resided for some time.

This single E-mail alone will give you an idea of what the majority of the E-mails contained. Many also included copies of supposed E-mails from others and sometimes excerpts from my T&T entries covering the Spector case. In the E-mail below Lynch is referring to another blogger besides myself. I've xx'd out the rest of the blog name to disassociate T&T from them. I've never communicated with Lynch at any time and I've never published any comments she tried to leave on T&T.

To the IRS Commissioner's Staff,

What's the most "glaring" comment on Blogxxxxxx's Blog (which is nothing other than evidence of an extortion attempt, coercion, collusion, bribery attempts, blackmail, wire fraud, etc.)?
"albeit from a distance and through intermediaries" - that relates to Leonard Cohen's helping me and this is evidence of how this man functions behind the scenes. Of course, my Mother thought he was "insane" and "nuts" when she recalled that he came into Boulder and filed a fraudulent restraining order against me. Then again, she knows him and sees right through him. Even my "ex-husband" could help. Why? He has destroyed Ray's life and inserted himself - from what I can tell - into the Phil Spector murder fiasco and Cohen's tax fraud that I was told is criminal. I told him I was told this and yet he and his "father" wanted me to make what I was also told would have been an illegal deal.

I think the IRS should be extremely interested in all of Blogoxxxxxx's communications with Cohen, Kory, Rice, and others - including the District Attorney of Los Angeles, Alan Jackson, and the Clarkson family.

Would the IRS Commissioner's Staff mind advising me why you are being copied in on these emails if you never found enough credence in my advisers assertions that Cohen exposed me to criminal tax fraud, used me as an unwitting pawn, etc. How about the evidence I've emailed you? The IRS is not going to file a case against someone who has penalties and interest in the vicinity of $30 million and probable problems in Canada, abandoned green card, numerous social security numbers, etc. I see that my "options" are more visits to jail (all of which demand investigating and can be construed as witness tampering and witness intimidation actually - and should), death, the nut house - no thanks. I was already "committed" because I mentioned the IRS and that made me "bi-polar." Of course, I called Agent Betzer from that nut house and my call to Steven Segal is what led the "nuts" to take me seriously. If I'm so useless to everyone as a witness then how come every single person I talk to thinks Cohen should have been arrested and Phil Spector has been set up? Blogoxxxxx'x probably knows that destruction of evidence is criminal so if he received "communications" from my former con-artist friends in Lost Angeles he should save that information. Boies Schiller was very clear with me about this.

Well, my Mother wants me to marry Bruce Cutler so I hope a future judge doesn't get too mad at her. She also wondered if the FBI Duty Agent I'm not arguing with is single. If I'm not "delusional" than I'm just obstinate. Why is Belark defending Lana Clarkson? I didn't call her gay but my emails and postings have been "tampered" with - including my "hints" to the FBI which were absolutely satirical and sarcastic because I think these people are positively nuts.

Does the IRS Commissioner's Staff think impersonating Bruce Cutler is a joke? How about if I impersonate a lawyer from the IRS? Is that a joke? What about the death threat to Nat McBride? Is that a joke? Belark, Gianelli, and possibly others have clearly set out to intimidate Rutger and, I believe, engaged in "witness retaliation." So have a number of "law enforcement officers."
Belark's article is wonderful and sober? Why? It is one long lie. Why hasn't my family interceded? My family thinks Boulder PD has targeted me; they are horrified; they believe Phil Spector was set up; cannot understand how Cohen has gotten away with his criminal conduct for so long; believe Cohen perjured himself in Phil Spector's murder trial; and are concerned for my welfare. Why hasn't Cohen been "arrested" for defrauding me of millions. I reported this to the District Attorney's office and they know there is evidence they can review - on public record with the Boulder Municipal Court. I know why - because he's there "witness" against Phil Spector and shows up in their legal documents even though he had to have changed the story he told the detectives I met.

The IRS Commissioner's Staff, or the Department of Justice, should definitely get in touch with Boulder PD to see why I've been reported. Also, because the District Attorney, Police Chief, Attorney General, and others refuse to explain why "Storbeck" rolled into Deneuve Construction perhaps that could be investigated as well.

Ann Diamond's not a sympathetic reporter but she sure sees through Cohen - as all the emails she wrote me (that I supplied to the IRS - with her full knowledge, awareness, understanding, and permission) clearly set forth. In fact, she thinks he's capable of murder from what I could tell.

The feds are onto me and the feds are being used in an intimidation attempt and to threaten me.
What does it mean that if I decide to privately and quietly straighten my life out ... they would leave me alone. That means, to me, that if I stop insisting that I was TOLD Cohen committed criminal tax fraud, and call Cohen for help, they will stop demanding that Boulder PD arrest me and they will stop lying to the FBI in Oakland. My Mother said they went to the FBI because I did. I went to the FBI about conduct that crosses state borders - and, in particular, official misconduct and law enforcement misconduct that crosses state borders. I went to the IRS (much to my eternal dismay) about Cohen and his tax fraud that I was told is criminal. Hey, I could pretty much be back to a normal life. Why? Are they going to rebuild my former house and undo all the damage they've done? Will Ray have a second childhood?

I still think "Samuel" is connected to the Lost Angeles District Attorney of Jackson but can't say for certain. Sounds like Kory also - the "threat" perceived when someone stops by a law office unannounced with a "witness" - albeit naively. Nuff said. It's witness tampering with a minor and big time - because it evolved into a kidnapping. I've never claimed to send Bruce Cutler an email but he didn't send me one authorizing Belark, Gianelli, Blogoxxxxxx, et al., to speak on his behalf or communicate his views about me to me. Fortunately, they now know that Bruce Cutler and I agree - he's not representing me and I'm waiting for Phil Spector. What's so creepy about my possibly wanting to have sex with Bruce Cutler? I know lots of men that want to have sex with me.

Leonard Cohen may not have been the best father. His drug use was for depression. He drank too much. Time for the violin solo. He's not bragging though and he has admitted this to the world who he apparently views as his confessional while his "fans" are his "constituents." If I were an FBI profiler I would say he has delusions of grandeur.

Anyway, not certain what Belark was attempting to prove by posting everyone copied in on my emails - except that he knows who is copied in and understands this is deadly serious. Do you think Betsy Superfon (Note: I do not know who "Betsy Superfon" is. It's not me. Sprocket.) was trying to "help" me when she was negotiating with Cohen/Kory, on my behalf, without my knowledge, permission, awareness, or authorization? I don't. I think it's incredibly sinister. How about Peter/Jacob Falconey? Isn't it funny that he impersonated a federal agent and told me that the battlefield is Rutger's life? I guess he was trying to help me. Of course, I don't know him but Lindsey told Douglas Penick that he really came to my former house to find out what was going on with Cohen's tax fraud matter and I filed a field report with S&MPD about the fact that he was following me. He followed me on more than one occasion and was watching me. Fortunately, they haven't dragged the Gambinos into this yet. Every time someone can't refute a position they bring up John Gotti or the Gambinos from what I can tell. Bruce Cutler's office did not advise me that we were going to have a problem but I did receive a fax in response to the faxes I sent Mr. Cutler - documenting what I had been going through and including certain "evidence" with that.

Does the IRS really believe that Bruce Cutler doesn't know how to handle me? Anyway, do so or "shut up" is fairly fascinating. I hope Blogoxxxxxx doesn't get a restraining order (fraudulent, of course) against the IRS. I saw that Craig's List attempted to get one against the Attorney General and thought it shouldn't be too long before the "government" realizes just how unconstitutional these rotten shabby tactics are because it won't be able to move.

I think Bill Pavelic is reading my emails because I thought his response about the "Swedish woman" was really frightening - although it does remind me of my matter and the District Attorney's tactics. Of my God - they advised Bruce Cutler that I wanted to have sex with him. "Bait" comes to mind. I'm glad I left him a message giving him a head's up about this "ploy."

I'm not under the impression that Bruce Cutler still represents Phil Spector. He quit the trial and Phillip said the judge targeted him. I am under the impression that people with "motive" want to pierce attorney/client privilege between Phillip and Mr. Cutler and I saw this coming a million miles away and over a year ago. Talking to the police in Boulder is enough to turn into physical abuse (their part) and lies. I don't have a case and I understand that? They obviously haven't heard the last of Kelley Lynch. Now Bruce Cutler has betrayed me? That's why I said he will end up representing Cohen and Clarkson if these nuts keep it up.

Let me advise the IRS of something I witnessed: Leonard Cohen does not have competent legal counsel in Beverly Hills. Kory is insane, told me there is fraud on every entity, they were going after all the advisers, I have a cause of action against every single adviser of Cohen's, the holding periods were illegal, Superfon was communicating with him, they hold Greenberg and Westin primarily responsible, etc. He told the "waitress" that we were there about a "divorce" and discussing the tax consequences. Sound familiar? Do you know what 50% of Cohen's community property is worth? Probably not - he doesn't properly declare anything and disdains ordinary income taxes. Ken Cleveland told me not to even mention Robert Kory and also thought Anjani Thomas was involved with much of what happened to me.

They called my bluff and called Bruce Cutler? Oh no they did not. I actually thought that "call" would end up coming from the District Attorney of Lost Angeles but "Gianelli" beat them to the "punch line.." I see right through these people, I see right through their tactics, and I think they are idiots who underestimate everyone.

Here's my position on my "legal background" - it is evidence that I have been targeted by law enforcement. It is evidence, to me, of witness tampering and worse. I hardly had a parking ticket prior to this bullshit - including the SWAT team. Maybe the IRS can figure out the Inglewood PD angle - particularly now that they are under investigation.

Cohen's views that we were lovers are evidence to me that the man is still obsessed with me and he is delusional. I wasn't his business manager and he won nothing. I have no intention of setting the judgment aside - I am using that as evidence of the lengths Cohen went to in order to cover up what I was told and believe is criminal conduct. Here are the issues raised by John Southard's extremely competent attorneys:

Civil Issues - relating to my being defrauded
Custody Matter

The rest of the insanity was a no brainer - particularly to the former Attorney General of New Jersey who absolutely ended up telling me to go get Bruce Cutler.

If I had known about this case, I would have scheduled my trip back east another time because it would have been interesting from a voyeuristic point of view to see the evidence against Lynch, not to mention see Cohen testify on the stand. My thoughts and prayers are with Leonard Cohen. I do hope Cohen is successful with the prosecution but I don't know if it will stop Lynch's behavior in the future if she is eventually released from custody.

UPDATE April 10th, 2012
The LA Times has a short update on the trial in their LA Now Blog. Apparently Cohen took the stand again on Monday, going into more detail about Lynch's harassment.

I do know that Lynch also left long rambling voice mail messages at the offices of John Taylor at Taylor & Ring, the Clarkson family attorney, that would use up all the available message time.

There were many others that told me they were harassed, but asked that their names not be mentioned in the off chance that Lynch would read T&T, see their name and start the E-mailing campaign again.

UPDATE APRIL 14th, 2012
Latest news from the Los Angeles Times is, Lynch was convicted an all eight charges. Her next court appearance is April 17th, 2012 when she is expected to be sentenced.

UPDATE APRIL 17th, 2012
Lynch was sentenced to 18 months behind bars. LA Times NOW has the details of the sentence.

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Anonymous said...

Betsy I am glad you picked up on this, it was mentioned in the LA Times this past Friday's edition. Maybe you know, this poor woman has been bouncing around between people's couches and homeless shelters thru-out the land for much of the last 3 years, ranting and raving and getting on the last nerve of anybody who had a blog or a newspaper site. Her own blogs were shut down continiously by the blog providers once people they always eventually did.

It DOES bother me that her obvious mental illness is NOT being addressed by her public defense, instead, a lame "she's tiny versus the giant Leonard Cohen, and she raises serious concerns in her emails.....sometimes". This is a defense? I mean

I too wonder.....what happened to the missing $5 million?? I could be crazy/happy on that for a very long time. Please keep us posted.
-Wes J.

Utah Chris said...

Wow - I've not laughed this hard for a few weeks. My favorite part is the NUTSO file reference. I Lynch gets the help she obviously needs from the criminal justice system. What I dislike the most is.... it involves my tax dollars at work.

TigressPen said...

What she write is more of a passive short story than an email. I, too, hope she gets the help I gather from her 'email' that she needs. You did the right thing by not answering any of her attempts at contact.

Sandy said...

The ramblings and ravings of a deluded, disenchanted and probably disenfranchised woman who is not even a good writer... sad, sad but worse is the almost-right accusations, because for some people it might be determined there is a margin of truth to what she's writing.

I had a 'friend' a long, long time ago who exhibited similar behaviors and who, upon a visit to my family home, tried to seduce my father and being unsuccessful and asked to leave, stole towels and soaps as if she was staying at the Hilton. She later wrote letters (this was long before e-mails, thank God!) to everyone she thought would be interested and we guess she finally ran out of stamps, paper or energy because they stopped. I never heard from or about her again, for which I was sincerely grateful. There is an awful cloud that hangs over one, waiting for the next assault. My deepest sympathies to Leonard Cohen who has been one of my music choices for a long time.

Anonymous said...

What was the verdict?

Sprocket said...

Guilty on all eight counts. Her next court appearance is April 17th, 2012. She may be sentenced on that date, I'm not positive. I'll call the court to find out.