Tuesday, August 7, 2012

LA County District Attorney Race: Debate Tonight

 Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey; 
Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson
Photo credits: Lacey- Mae Ryan, KPCC; votealanjackson.com

There will be a debate tonight in the race for LA County District Attorney.

Date: Today, August 7th, 2012
Where: Deaton Civic Auditorium
Address: 100 West 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA
When: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

I'll be attending the debate and will write a review within the next few days.

Full disclosure here.  I support DDA Alan Jackson for the District Attorney position.  I am not being paid by him or his campaign to blog about the race.  I have a personal connection to Jackson, whom I consider a friend.  Jackson was instrumental in getting Judge Fidler to apologize to me on the record in the first Phil Spector trial.

It was an interesting debate.  The candidates were asked about many of the same issues they talked about in previous debates, so I heard a lot of the same positions on issues.

There was one point in the debate where the gloves came off and the candidates started swinging at each other.

The moderator asked about the federal lawsuit that the Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA) that named Jackie Lacey, was brought up and discussed.  Jackie Lacey's interpretation of her "corrected" testimony was quite interesting.  Jackson told the crowd that what they need is a top prosecutor that when it comes to raising your hand and swearing an oath, you want (that person) to tell the truth.  Jackson also stated he would wipe the slate clean when it comes to the DA's office working with the ADDA.  He's not someone who believes in "union busting" which he told the crowd, "is illegal."

Right after that, Lacey questioned how Alan Jackson represented himself on the primary ballot as a "Gang Prosecutor."  Lacey accused Jackson of misleading the public with that description; that he really was the Deputy Head of Major Crimes; he wasn't a gang prosecutor.

This issue went back and forth for a bit.

.Jackson replied that Lacey could have challenged how he appeared on the ballot, but she didn't.  He brought up the fact that the last trial he tried was a murder-for-hire case (James Fayed) where a man hired three gang members to kill his wife.  That was a "gang trial."

Jackson also said something to the effect to Lacey, 'So, now I'm the administrator, and you're the prosecutor in the field?'

Both candidates have strengths and weaknesses, and at various times came across strong in their presentations.  It's going to be an interesting race.

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Anonymous said...

I understand the LA Times supported Lacey. I wish newspapers across the land would follow the lead of the Washington Post and not do endorsements of candidates, AND that we had a system where Sheriffs, DA's, Judges etc did not have to "run" for office.
-Wes J