Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stephanie Lazarus Case: Sherri Rasmussen Family Civil Suit

Several of T&T readers have asked me about the Rasmussen family civil suit against Stephanie Lazarus and the LAPD.

Here is what I know so far:

The original suit was filed in July 2010 by the law firm of Taylor & Ring and is two-fold.  Stephanie Lazarus is being sued for the wrongful death of Sherri Rasmussen and the LAPD is being sued for violation of Sherri Rasmussen's civil rights.  The LAPD made a filing, basically saying that they are immune from these types of claims.  The court granted the motion to strike the complaint against the LAPD on the immunity argument.  The Rasmussen family appealed that ruling in January 2011.

Later today, oral arguments will be heard in the California Courts of Appeal on the immunity ruling. Sherri's parents, Nels and Lorretta Rasmussen are expected to attend.  I will be attending the hearing and will have a full update on T&T tonight or tomorrow.  The last time I was in this stately courtroom was at Phil Spector's appeal for his second degree murder conviction.

If I am able to obtain the briefs for both sides without too much cost, I will post them on my SCRIBD account.