Friday, July 26, 2013

Beth Karas Joins WILD ABOUT TRIAL: Web Streaming, Trial Coverage Web Site

Beth Karas

The announcement is official on the Wild About Trial web site, that Beth Karas has joined the team as their Senior Legal Analyst.   Wild About Trial provides news coverage and live web streaming of high profile trials. Beth will cover cases, write a column and do live video chats. You can read the official announcement, HERE.

Alison Triessl, who represented Lois Goodman against felony murder charges (the charges were later dropped), launched Wild About Trial in 2012. I briefly met Alison during the pretrial hearings in the Goodman case.  On November 8th last year, this is what Alison said about T&T's Goodman coverage: "I love your blog! ... So much detail."

I met Beth in 2007 on the second day of the first Phil Spector trial and she's been a friend ever since.  Over the years she's been an invaluable resource and has helped to guide me in more ways that I can count. I knew some time ago that Beth was looking to branch out into something new. When Beth was let go from CNN's In Session, she spread her wings and landed at Wild About Trial.  I've been waiting to announce her move to Wild About Trial for over a week now. I'm so happy that Beth landed a great gig where she will continue to do what she does best.

Beth's trial coverage is top notch. Maybe I'm biased, but I don't think there is anyone else on TV that comes close to Beth's no nonsense style of trial reporting. CNN's In Session's loss of Beth Karas is Wild About Trial's gain.

Beth Karas Facebook Page.


Lyn-OH said...

Love Beth! She is my favorite. Sure hope she gets more on-air time with Wild About Trial than she did with HLN.

Starbright said...

She gives very unbiased reporting, much like yourself. I am very happy that we will continue to see Beth's coverage and take on things. Watching trials and getting the back-stories, so educational and entertaining at the same time. Watching the legal system at work is amazing.

Unknown said...

this is great news! Love Beth!

PatC said...

Thanks for the "heads up" about Beth, she's long been a favorite of mine.

PatC said...

Thanks for the "heads up" about Beth. She's long been a favorite of mine.. a real classy lady.