Friday, August 2, 2013

Roger Rosen, Former Phil Spector Attorney's Law Career is Over

 Roger Rosen in 2007,
During the first Phil Spector murder trial.

UPDATE 8/16:
Rosen appeared in a Brooklyn federal courtroom on Wednesday and agreed to give up his law practice and return $22,500.00 in client fees.  Rosen made the deal to avoid prosecution on obstruction of justice charges. The New York Post reported:
Rosen asked the court to permit him to take a honeymoon abroad because he was married just five months ago.
August 2nd, 2013
Roger Rosen, who represented Phil Spector in his first murder trial in the death of Lana Clarkson, has agreed to never practice law again in order to avoid federal obstruction of justice charges.

The New York Daily News reports:
Brooklyn, N.Y., federal prosecutors agreed to defer indicting Roger Rosen for obstructing justice because he is seriously ill, according to documents filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.
Apparently, Rosen informed alleged drug dealers that his client was singing to the federal government.
In December 2010, when Rosen's then-client Henry Butler started singing to the feds about the drug operation, Rosen sent notes from Butler's talks with prosecutors to Rosemond and his brother Mario Rosemond and crew member Darron Lamont Bennett.
I recently saw Rosen in Judge Ohta's courtroom during a Michael Thomas Gargiulo hearing, but we didn't speak.

I'll never forget Rosen. Back in 2007, he made a complaint to Judge Fidler about my trial coverage.  Apparently, Spector and his new wife didn't like the fact that I was describing in detail the outfits that the trial bride was wearing to court. Rosen made his complaint immediately after Judge Fidler accused me of being the individual who spoke so loudly in court the jury heard me.  I received an apology from Judge Fidler the following week.


katfish said...

Smarmy Karmy coming Rosen's way....yep that's what happens when you mess with our Sprockey. :D

Anonymous said...

And the Karma Gods have spoken!!


luckylykken said...

Why do you dislike Rosen for defending his client?

Sprocket said...


Please show me where in my post above I specifically said I "disliked Rosen for defending his client."


ritanita said...

Katfish said it best, love it! Smarmy Karma!

Attorney/client privilege is sacrosanct. Anyone who would violate that is indeed smarmy.

PatC said...

Wow, he told the drug dealers that his client was ratting them out? What the heck was he thinking? Lining up his next clients? LOL BTW, I remember when the judge apologized to you, Sprocket. I did the happy dance. {grin}

Anonymous said...

I for one have no sympathy for him health wise or criminally. Although I understand completely he is a defense attorney and his duty to defend the worst of the worst there is no excuse for his condescending disgusting behavior toward any and all witnesses whether they be there against or for his client. I was surprised time and time again he was allowed to treat people ashe did during Spectors trial.