Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 2013 Never Forget

UPDATE 9/14: clarity, accuracy
Today I'm at the downtown Los Angeles Criminal Justice Center to see if the Joshua Woodward case will be transferred from Dept. 30 to a courtroom today.  I had heard a report that the case would be in Dept. 41 for prelim today, but the court's public information office tells me the case is still in Dept. 30 for pretrial possible prelim setting.

Woodward, a restaurateur who has in the past, opened locations in Miami, New York and Los Angeles is charged with four counts of attempted murder of his girlfriend's fetus.  Woodward was charged in October last year and is currently out on bond.

NY Daily News - Woodward Out on Bond

LA Times - Woodward Denies Poisoning Girlfriend